Embroidery machines have evolved a lot since their inception. The machines of today are automatic, fast, reliable and able to sew out almost every artwork including images. With the right digitized file, any image can be embroidered in any required size. Absolute Digitizing excels in the art to turn photo into embroidery within no time. The cost to get it done professionally is lower than you think because it costs as low as $10.

Our prices are highly competitive and no we are not a freelancer group. We are an embroidery digitizing company in the USA actively working for more than 20 years. To date, we have digitized thousands of files for embroidery which include business logos, creative artwork, photos and more. Every task is unique for us and we strive to produce a high quality embroidery digitized file each time. Our success is solely based on hard work, dedication, flawless quality, competitive prices and our will to deliver the best.

You can count on us for a file with zero errors and lifetime validity. Our team of experts work on the latest tech and up to date licensed software. Unlike most other digitizers, we never use free embroidery digitizing software. It restricts the capability to instill finesse due to unavailability of most modern features. Quality is our main ingredient and we never compromise on it. If you have an image that needs digitizing, let us know.

Our website is equipped with modern communication tools. You can use the live chat option, fill out our contact form or send us a direct email. Our communication channels are directly linked with our expert digitizers. Therefore, you can talk without any hesitation and get a professional’s guidance and advice regarding your query. Let’s connect now.

How to Turn Photo into Embroidery

The embroidery machines of today are automatic and possess the ability to embroider with minimum human effort. Once a high quality embroidery digitized file is uploaded in the machine’s software, it starts embroidering the fabric right away. The finesse on fabric depends on the quality of the file, hence, embroidery digitizing plays a crucial role.

Embroidery digitizing is more than just creating a digital file. It holds vital information for the machines allowing them to adjust according to the artwork. It holds instructions and seemingly a map of all the needle points. The machine’s software follows the instructions it gets from the file and sews accordingly.

Thus, the embroidery digitizer directly shoulders a great responsibility. Digitizers are highly skilled professionals who work on specially designed software. They have the ability to turn photo into embroidery for fashion designers, business logos and commercial and home embroiderers. Most people ask if they can create a digitized file at home on their own. The answer is yes, but it is not an easy task.

Looking at the embroidery software on a computer screen makes it look like child’s play. But once you start using it, and get exposed to a plethora of tools and options, it gets intimidating. Every tool has a specific function and it is not necessary to use each of them all the time. Learning and familiarizing with the software can drive every beginner up the wall.

So, if you are planning to learn digitizing for the sake of a few designs, we do not recommend it. There are better and practically viable alternates available. Instead of enduring the agony and investing tons of money, hire the experts for as low as $10. Get your files within a budget.

turn photo into embroidery

Why Does Embroidery Digitizing Exist?

As already mentioned above, embroidery machines of today are able to run on auto pilot but they cannot make decisions. Camera clicks, internet downloads or scanned image files are alien stuff for the machines. Without the correct file format, the embroidery machines cannot sew. Thus, for a machine to be able to sew the artwork, it is essential to obtain a digitalized file.

Logo digitizing is also referred to as tracing because that is what the process looks like. Instead of creating a new sketch, digitizers use the customer’s artwork in the background and trace their creation over it. It saves the tedious task of recreating the artwork and eliminates the risk of creating a wrong pattern.

The practice to turn photo into embroidery exists since ages. Earlier, it was not only used to decorate but also to preserve information. Photos of kings and queens were embroidered to be placed around their castles. Even the flags bearing the nation’s emblems were embroidered as a sign of respect and superiority.

Archeologists have found embroidered clothing dating as back as 3000 BC. It is proven that man has used embroidery as a form of fashion and advertisement since a very long time. Obviously, there were no machines and computers back then. Embroidery was purely done by hand and it was a very expensive and time taking task.

Today, embroidery machines have enabled the process to become fast and affordable. Thanks to embroidery digitizing, the instructions are already set and the embroiderer does not have to worry about the design. Reading the instructions from the digitized file, multi head machines embroider dozens of fabrics at the same time.

Where To Look for To Turn Photo into Embroidery?

If you are looking to turn photo into embroidery, the best place to start is searching online. Using any search engine, you can find links to all the available embroidery digitizers in USA. Click on any link from the list displayed on your screen and you will reach their website.

The website of a professional digitizer will always have one or more ways to establish a communication. For instance, we at Absolute Digitizing have an email and a live chat module too. You can choose any method to speak to one of our expert embroidery digitizers. Do you have questions or need to pass on some information regarding your project? Let us know through the medium of your choice.

We are looking forward to assist you with your upcoming machine embroidery project. We will prepare a flawless file that you can use on your home machine or with a commercial embroiderer. Are you looking for a quick delivery? Our standard delivery time is fast enough but if you want your order in lesser time, let us know. We will ensure that it reaches you just when you expect it. Get a free quote now!