How to digitize artwork for embroidery? Before we move on to the answer, remember one thing that dedication, time, and patience is the pre-requisite. It is a fact that when you are going to acquire a new skill, then you have to start the work from scratch. Keep one thing in your mind that you will get the experience with the passage of time to achieve success.

Patience is the key to learn and practice new things. Logo digitizing process is not just about using the software. The concerned person should be aware of the machine, file formats, and software to improve his digitizing work.

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In the following blog, we will be looking at the different aspects of the digitizing process. We will be looking at the important things that you need to know along with sources of information to gather data:

How to Get Started?

When you are interested in doing something, then you can easily find out the ways to perform the task. You should have a passion for learning new thing to become an expert. You have to invest time and gather knowledge to get on the right track. In the beginning, you will face problems and failures but this is the part of the learning process.

Start With Free Design

If you are curious to kick start the task of digitizing artwork for embroidering, then start your practice today. You should download the free design from the online sources and do your practice. Remember that these designs will be of low quality. You should spend the appropriate time to learn the fundamentals. You should also learn about the problems that will come in your ways. If you ignore these things and try to digitize the artwork for embroidery after practicing 3 to 4 designs, then you have to face the problems. The problems include broken threads, needles, and wrinkled clothes.

Primary Things to Become an Expert Digitizer

Looking to become an expert digitizer? Keep the following things in your mind:

1-Technical Knowledge of Digitizing Embroidery

Digitizing for embroidery is an art that comes with the technicalities. You need to have the technical knowledge to execute the work properly. The information that you must know here is the deviancy and distortion you might face during the work. In addition to this, you have to keep the following things in mind:

-It is better to be familiar with the position of stitches.

-Should have knowledge of the types of stitches.

-Be acquainted with the direction of travel.

In addition to this, all the aforementioned three factors will help you to change the look and feel of your design. The proper technical knowledge of the process will help you to further polish your skills. By following all these things you will become an expert with the passage of time.

2-Information of Materials and Equipment

The individual who is planning to become a digitizer should have a basic understanding of the machine for better functionality. One should have a better knowledge of using threads, needles, and fabrics to get the desired results. Furthermore, you need to keep the following points in the mind:

-You should have knowledge of the thread tension and how this will affect your design.

-One should also learn how the garment is hooped. The person should know what kind of problems will rise due to over-tight or over-loose framing?

Once you get these answers, then you can easily do the digitising embroidery task without any problem.

3-Proper Understanding of Embroidery Digitizing Software

Next, the concerned person should have adequate knowledge of the embroidery digitizing software. The person should be familiar with the tools and features to do the work properly. The work includes the stitch type, creation of shapes, design sequence, starting and ending point. Moreover, you should also keep an eye on automatic settings like underlay, push and pull compensation and density. Moving on, the person should have proper skills in creating, editing, re-sequencing the element, and exporting the file in a suitable format depending on the machine.

Sources to Collect Information for Digitizing

When you are a beginner or in the learning phase, then you should collect adequate information on how to digitize artwork for embroidery? The above point discussed is very necessary to do the job right. Moreover, if you are planning to collect the information, then following are six points to have enough knowledge for starting the work:

1- You should analyze the design for better learning and should also look deep to know about the problems that are causing distortion. Furthermore, you should also know that how stitches setting will change the embroidery sew-out.

2- Practice is the key to ensure smooth working. The person will have to work and gather the experience.

3- You can collect knowledge from documents that include vendor-specific help files, educational books or e-books, and tutorial attached to the software. For more information, you can collect the information from the podcast, webinars, videos, and blogs, related to the working of embroidery machine and software usage.

4-One of the best way to get the proper learning and guidance is by getting in touch with the professionals. This is one of the effective ways to get an instant improvement in your work along with better learning.

Final Words

Custom Embroidery Digitizing without any doubt is a complex process for the beginners but time and practice will make the person professional. You must acquire adequate knowledge of the digitizing process to make an attractive design.

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