Appliques are one of the best ways for adding functionality and style to your embroidery. In comparison to traditional appliques, it is very easy and straightforward for recreating appliques in modern embroidery machines. It is a fact that appliques are simple to embroider but there are factors and conditions that you should consider while working. Just like embroidery technique, embroidery digitizing also form the backbone of applique embroidery. Wondering how to digitize applique design? Keep one thing clear in your mind that during applique digitizing, a digitizer should possess the proper experience to understand the requirement of sewing applique embroidery design.

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For your information, appliques are embroidered in good quantity so this makes applique digitizing very important. It is a common perception that digitizing applique is very easy but due to mistakes, things can get worse. In addition to this, the majority of the appliques are having low quality. Many of the digitizing company fail to add an attractive element that will separate your ordinary applique from the good one.

Still wondering how to do applique digitizing? In the following blog, we will be looking at the tips for applique digitizing:

Tips for Applique Digitizing

Digitizing applique designs for embroidery begin with importing the image file to the embroidery digitizing software. If your imported image is small, then you need to increase the size according to the work requirement. Next, you need time to trace the image. Remember that there is an applique tool in your computer software to do this task. To trace the image, you need to place the anchor points or nodes on the outlines of the design. Once you have close the nodes, edit them by dragging and adjusting it closer to actual outlines. When you will be doing this, you should zoom closely so that you can see the details and edit them accordingly.

Now, we will be looking at some of the answers to the questions regarding how to digitize applique design:

Essential Stitches in Applique Digitizing

One of the important aspects of the custom digitizing process is sewing the placement line. For your information, a run stitch represents the replacement line that differentiates the position of applique. Once the placement line is stitched, a stop is deliberately added to the machine. The reason behind this stop is to allow embroiderer to place the fabric inside the placement stitches.

Moving on, once the placement stitches are in place, a piece of fabric is placed inside them. The size and shape of this fabric should be near to the placement line. Remember that the color of the tacking stitches will be different from the placement stitches. The primary reason behind this is to create and enable the embroiderer to place the fabric.

Proceeding further to get information regarding how to digitize applique design, the third important stitch is bordering satin. This stitch holds a third important place after the placement and tacking stitches. You must know that the tacking stitches will provide you great stability whereas the satin stitches are decorative in nature. Keeping this in view, the purpose to use them is to make the edges of your fabric beautiful and bold. If you are looking to get enhanced aesthetic visual, then you can even change them to a blanket or motif stitches.

Digitizing Single Design Element in Appliques

Once your basic stitches are in place, now it’s time to digitize small details individually within the design. If you are having a simple design, then you can digitize the applique easily. But if you are having a design with small details, then you have to digitize it separately. Keep one thing clear in your mind that when you are paying attention to small details, then this will help you to get satisfactory results.

In the above photo, eye and peak of the bird are the design elements that need special attention. You have to first zoom the element that you want to digitize. Then you have to trace and edit the nodes for adjusting the edges of a particular design element. Now, you have added the stitches. Remember that normally, the enclosed area is stitched with a fill. For your information, with different shapes and sizes of these design element, you will get various tools in every software. These tools will make the digitization process easy and you will be aware of the process of how to digitize applique design with smaller details.

Large Designs Applique Digitizing

You may be aware of the fact that appliques are embroidered on T-shirts, athletic apparel, sweatshirts, and other apparel. In comparison to the traditional designs, these appliques cover a large area. So keeping this in view, there are some considerations that you should keep in your mind. In addition to this, the type of fabric is also part of a problem that will make the process more challenging. Keep the following two points in your mind so that you can have information about how to digitize applique design for large designs:

1-Always digitize from the center to edges of the design. The reason to do so is if there will be any wrinkle in the fabric, then this will move to the edges.  If you are not doing so, then wrinkles will accumulate in the middle and this will not look nice.

2-When you are working with large appliques, then you should digitize in small portions. You should complete the small component first in your design and then move further.

You should note down that if one or more letters are side by side, then there is a chance that their alignment will be distorted. This will be due to the pulling and stretching of the fabric. For tacking and completing the letters individually you need more time to get the best applique digitizing.

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