Cheap Commercial embroidery machines are the pre-requisite to start the work on a large scale.  You need to know the difference between embroidery machine and commercial embroidery machine.

1-The embroidery machine is not able to handle the heavy workload.

2-The commercial embroidery machine with various heads and multiple needles will fulfill a wide range of requirements. The primary features of every commercial embroidery machine are:

  • It is having a powerful motor.
  • Delivers a fast switching speed to complete the task soon.

As a result, your business will grow and you can create your own identity within less time.

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Different Types of Embroidery Machine

It is a known fact that the fashion industry has become highly competitive and it is still expanding. There is no possibility that a single machine can fulfill all the requirements of every designer. So, it is very essential to understand the fundamentals and tasks performed by the different machines.

Let’s have a look at two different types of embroidery machine:

Computerized Machine Embroidery

These are the expensive form of embroidery machines. But they still give you access to a wide range of utility. You can be as creative as you want while using these machines. Another great benefit of computerized machine embroidery is the ability to store creative designs for future usage as well. This feature provides great accessibility to all designers while working on their respective projects.

You just have to put your design into the machine after doing the final touches using embroidery digitizing software. You can transfer the design to a machine with the help of USB connectivity. Some machines are also having PC connectivity as well.

Free Motion Machine Embroidery

Free-motion machine embroidery will provide you complete control of various things. The control list includes the machine’s heading, sewing, and needle measure.  Moreover, the machine not only just gives you the ability to point where the needles stitch but you can also customize it according to your own need.

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you are planning to buy a commercial embroidery machine, then it is very important for you to understand that the primary element that you need to know about getting the best machine. Note that, even if you are having a team of professionals that will be running the business on your behalf, then still you need to have a good knowledge of the embroidery machine before you make an investment.

So, to help you out, below are the essential points that you need to consider before choosing a commercial embroidery machine:

Ease to Use

The convenience to use the commercial embroidery machine is one of the important features that you should look when buying it.  This element will decide how proficient your tasks will be and how successful you will be performing your job.  It is important to note that with a more grounded comprehension of the machine those machines are having a high price tag and they can turn out to be a greatly improved decision. But if you are looking for the best commercial embroidery machine especially for your home business, then ease of use should be on top of your priority list.

Embroidery Area and Hoop Size

The next important thing to consider is the hoop size of your machine. For your information, the hoop sizes range from 100 x 100 to 360 x 350. It is better to get an embroidery machine whose hoop measure fits well according to the project you are going to work. Note that, if you are working on a big project, then you need a great hoop. You need to discover the coveted hoop estimate before you are going to finish your business order.

Design Editing

The higher-end embroidery models will provide extra features like design altering. This will allow clients proper control and make changes in their projects before they can touch the machine. Note that the machine is having its own particular specific plan programming that will enable you to have control over the final product. Remember that this will enhance your expertise. Furthermore, it will also open up the door for the imaginative choices that you will not find in less expensive machines.

Throat Width

The next on the list is the throat width. This will suggest the separation between the needle and the body of the machine. It is important to note that if throat width is more, then it becomes less demanding for the machine to embroid the material. Remember that the machines with the smallest throat widths can be difficult for use.  Moreover,  the client has to continuously change the material to ensure proper working on the machine. Keeping all this in mind, pick the machine that is having an appropriate throat width for your needs.

Now, let’s have a look at the different types of commercial embroidery machine:

1-CAMFive EMB HT1501

  • This machine is having a speed of 1200 SPM.
  • The total number of needles is 12.
  • The embroidery area is 22 x 14 inches.
  • It comes with USB connectivity.
  • You will get 5 years warranty.

Additional features: This machine is having 100 million stitches of memory capacity. You can use it to embroiders on hats, jackets, t-shirts, and other items. It also comes with a design preview and motion test to get error-free embroidery.

Price Tag: $8400 along with shipping charges.

2-Janome MB-7 Embroidery Machine

  • It is having a speed of 800 SPM.
  • The embroidery area is 9.4 x 7.9 inches.
  • The total number of needles are 7.
  • It comes with 25 years of warranty.
  • You will get USB connectivity.

Additional Feature: It is having 50 built-in designs and ten fonts. It is also having a 6 LED Lights that will provide you the bright working area. It also comes with an accessory pack that includes three hoops.

Price Tag: $5500

3-MakeIT Products and Equipment Commercial Embroidery Machine

  • It is having a speed of 1200 SPM.
  • A total number of needles is 15.
  • It is having USB connectivity.
  • Comes with 5 years warranty.
  • The embroidery area is 20 x 14 inches.

Additional Features: This allows you to make the patches and 3d puff embroidery design. You can connect it directly with PC and it supports.DST file formats.

Price Tag: $5000

4-Janome MB-4S

  • It is best for small business.
  • The speed is 800 SPM.
  • It comes with 4 needles.
  • The embroidery area is 9.4 x 7.9 inches.
  • Comes with USB connectivity.
  • It is having a warranty of 25 years.

Additional Feature: It is having 4 LED lights that give you a bright working area. It is having 3MB memory capacity that will allow you to store up to 1,500,000 stitches or 100 designs. This will support you. JEF, .DST, .JEF. It is having automatic thread cutter with 4 hoops.

Price Tag: $4300

5-Compact Embroidery Machine Single Head, 15 Needles

  • The machine is having a compact design.
  • It is having an embroidery area up to 20” x 14”.
  • Comes with built-in lettering.
  • It is having a USB connectivity.
  • It is not easy to use and has a high price.

Price Tag: $9500

6- Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000

  • The speed is 1000 SPM.
  • It is having only 1 needle.
  • The embroidery area is 9.1 x 11.8 inches.
  • It is having a one-year warranty.
  • It comes with USB connectivity.

Additional Feature: It comes with the PC connectivity and it also acts like a sewing machine. The machine is having a full-color LCD touchscreen and 10 LED lamps for bright space.

Price Tag: $5000

7-Singer Futura XL-580

  • It is having 1 needle and a speed of 600 SPM.
  • The embroidery area is 18.5 x 11 inches.
  • It is having a USB connectivity.
  • 25 years warranty.

Additional Feature: It is also having a PC connectivity and it can also be used as a sewing machine. Furthermore, it also has 250 built-in designs along with 50 endless designs.

Price Tag: $1800


Hope now you are aware of different types of embroidery machine and their characteristics. Now, you can make your decision easier when you are going to buy a commercial embroidery machine.

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