Embroidery is the process of embellishing various materials including fabric by sewing designs using needle, thread and yarn. Sometimes, other materials like sequins, stones and metal strips are also used to enhance the decorative quotient. Brilliantly colored patterns together with intricate designs have always been able to infuse their own beauty onto the fabrics, adding to their worth and value.

Originated in the ancient times to meet primitive necessities, embroidery digitizing service has emerged today as one of the most sought-after modes of creating fashion statements. Surprisingly, embroidery has conquered both the worlds i.e. life of the common people and that of those belonging to the higher echelons of society.

Emerging Trend in Embroidered Fashion

Embroidered Watches

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Pic credits: http://luxurylaunches.com/hublot-trades-in-embellishments-for-embroidery-with-their-new-big-bang-broderie-sugar-skull-watch.php

From undulating colors to dials in bloom – the craftsmanship and ingenuity of watch painters has been considered as extraordinary. Unlike various horological enhancements like jeweled embellishment, enamel and paint, which have been in use for a long time, embroidery had appeared on the dial just 3 years ago. Multitude of challenges were there to be faced by the artisans – from making the dial watch withstand continuous exposure to UV lights without fading to making it adequately hard to resist minor bumps. Every embroidered watch dial is unique and every one of them represents a story related to the craft, the brand and the couture status.

Embroidered Jackets

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In the past few years, casual jackets have established themselves as a solid fashion quotient enhancer. This year, this trend is all about embroidered bomber jacket with energetic outlines contrasted against glossy fabrics. Embroidery digitizing services have made these jackets suitable for everything – from providing oriental to traditional floral looks. Whether it’s an office or evening outfit, the casual bomber jackets embroidered with multicolored and vibrant silhouettes are sure to make you stand out of the crowd.

Embroidered Jeans

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According to fashion trends, labels have started adoring embroidery of late. While renowned brands stick with flawless and conventional designs, the new-age designers using embroidery digitizing services are inclined to adopt more experimental and bold ideas. They’re striving to make something really special – from mixing jeans with fine embroidery work, jeans with detailed embroidered patterns to embellishing them with flowery designs. Self-taught designers with a penchant for embroidery digitizing are also making quite an appearance these days on the fashion scenario. From renowned clothing stores to famous music artists, their master craftsmanship can be found all over.

Embroidered Accessories

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Embroidered items have long enchanted the fashion world with their handmade and exquisite charm. Nowadays, embroidery enthusiasts are making new experiments with embroidery digitizing services to woo the fashion world once again. From creating doodles on phone cases, applying fine-embroidered sequins on felted hats to beaded Banjara bags that provide a cross-cultural appeal, a lot is up for grabs for fashion enthusiasts. Embroidery adds a completely different charm to whatever accessories it’s applied on. Last year, embroidered accessories had emerged as an exciting fashion choice. This year too, some of the brands have been able to hold their position among the most sought-after embroidered accessories.


Considering the ongoing trend of fashion, the scenario looks real exciting in 2016, especially when embroidery digitizing services have developed by leaps and bounds. This change in the domain of embroidery has made the entire process of mass production much easier. Today, embroidery machines are all over the market that can embroider various designs for the embroiderer. But as with all good things, crafting of a perfect embroidered piece demands a lot of concentration, determination and craftsmanship. Unfortunately, wearing embroidered things isn’t for everyone, till date. So, if you can’t afford embroidered things now, don’t get disappointed. Instead, head straight to the stores to find out your desired materials and give your best shot using an  affordable online embroidery digitizing service.