Gift giving is a great way to symbolize different human emotions which are hard to express. A gift given with warm feelings can express countless emotions. This beautiful gesture, irrespective of the gifted item’s cost or size, is sure to bring a smile on the face of your recipients. If you want to give your gift a personal touch, you should look no further than embroidered gifts. We bring you 10 amazing embroidered gift ideas that can be done easily, within your budget and on time with embroidery digitizing services.

Embroidered Gift Ideas

1.  Embroidered Jackets

Jackets can be worn in any season and on any occasion. Be it a corporate occasion or a sports event, or as office wear, school uniform or simply as an enhancer of your fashion quotient – jackets never let you down. Digitizing for embroidery allows you to make a jacket – everyone’s favorite clothing, personalized and gift them to your near and dear ones, thus winning hearts.


2.  Embroidered Gift Card

Gift cards are for every occasion and for recipients from every walk of life. Simple embroidery hoops can transform the elegance of a gift card from simple to outstanding. With embroidery digitizing services, you can dress up your gift cards almost within no time and make them stand out.


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3.  Embroidered Trendy Bag

Bags are always appealing to all, irrespective of the gender they’re gifted to. Digitizing for embroidery lets you give eye-catching personal touch to trendy bags. Whether it’s a sling bag, a shoulder bag, a travel bag or a laptop bag, you can easily create magic and let your gift match the latest trend of embroidered bags while acting as an accessory to your clothes as well.


4.  Embroidered Charms

Charms are a cherished gift for men and women alike. Be it a pendant, bracelet or necklace, embroidery digitizing services let you enhance your gift’s beauty quotient by adding embroidered charms. Though charms are not new in the market, they’re experiencing a resurgent popularity in the gift giving world these days due to various embroidery techniques that make them unique like never before.


5.  Embroidered Key Cover

Who wouldn’t love a beautiful personalized key cover as a gift? With simple embroidery, techniques you can give a key cover a personalized look. For instance, you can create a monogram with a single hoop matching the recipient’s name, which would be an ideal gift to flaunt. You can also create an attractive, slick embroidered eyelet for the keyhole.


6.  Embroidered Cap

From the inception of embroidery digitizing services, custom embroidered caps have been a popular item, having found their own place in the fashion world. Caps, in the true sense and much like jackets, can be worn throughout the year. Besides, they can be worn for every purpose – to cheering one’s favorite team or enhancing fashion quotient of an attire to use it as a promotional item. With embroidery, you can give caps a unique identity, which would be welcome gifts for your recipients.


7.  Embroidered Blankets

A blanket is perfect to keep someone cozy and warm throughout the year. When the temperature takes a dip, sipping tea/coffee with your preferred company would always remain incomplete without comfortable blankets. As we all know, personalized gifts are always preferred than gifts bought straight out of a showroom. With simple embroidery techniques, you can add beautiful personal touches to your gift blankets.


8.  Embroidered Wine Bottle Gift Bags

Wine can be a classy gift to give your loved ones. By giving it in a beautifully embroidered, hand-made gift bag, you can take the entire gift giving process a few notches higher. It’s ideal for a wine connoisseur, a new home owner, or the host of a party. For instance, with our embroidery digitizing service, you can create rich wine-colored designs on the gift bag. You can do the embellishment using various elements like bells, beads, craft shapes etc. thus giving your creativity a free run to design gifts that are unique and classy at the same time.


9.  Embroidered Hot Pot Holders

With a few materials easily available in craft stores, you can create an attractive heat resistant hot pot holder for your loved ones. To make it stand out, give it a personal touch with the help of embroidery digitizing services. Create your recipient’s name, favorite word or phrase with rich-colored embroidery threads to personalize it. Alternatively, you can also create designs of your favorite birds or animals with simple hoops to make the hot pot holder attractive.


10.  Embroidered Valentine Day Gifts

Leave an ever lasting impression on that special someone by creating your personalized valentine day gifts. When it comes to boyfriend, fiancé or husband, create beautiful embroidery designs on coffee mugs, boxer shorts etc while ideal gifts for her could be uniquely embroidered jewelry, spa robes, heart shaped cushion covers. So, bank on your imagination and let embroidery digitizing services complement it to impress your loved one.



Gifts are given for various purposes including to express love, apology, gratitude or sometimes just because giving/sharing is always more enjoyable when it’s done with no expectation of a return gesture. Unlike traditional and centuries old gifts, hand-made, embroidered gifts are nowadays considered unique because of the effort that has been put while making them. Embroidery digitizing services let you craft your unique gift with minimal time, effort and materials. So, make use of these ideas and let embroidery make your gifts stand out from the crowd.