You probably have heard about embroidery digitizing for dummies for the first time. If that is true, then this blog will certainly help you. Embroidery is not new to humans. It is being practiced since ages and archeologists have found embroidered clothing dating to 3000 BC. It is an art of decorating the clothes for various purposes.

Kings and queens have adorned embroidered clothes as a symbol of power and also to boast their taste in fashion. Similarly, embroidered linen and upholstery were widely used throughout their castles. The police and army personnel of that time used embroidery to distinguish themselves. Hence, we have a very old connection with it even to this date.

Embroidering in the past was a tedious task which required a lot of time and costed a fortune. The process was completely manual which required a highly skilled embroiderer to embroider each stitch by hand. It was a risky thing to do because even though a person spent a hefty amount to get embroidery. The chances of mistakes were great and many a time, the result was not as desired.

Therefore, embroidery was out of reach of the common man. But today the scenario has changed. With the advent of technology and machines, it is accessible to everyone. Embroidered clothing plays a huge role in modern fashion and advertising industry. It is no longer restricted to the elites only and anyone can get custom embroidery within no time.

A common example is the use of embroidery in caps, jackets and uniforms. Most businesses have embroidered their logo on staff uniforms. It not only serves as a medium of advertisement, but also presents them as organized with a sense of style.

What Is Embroidery Digitizing for Dummies?

If you are not completely familiar with the term digitizing for embroidery, you are not alone. A lot of people come to know about it when told by an embroiderer that they need a digitalized file. It is confusing indeed because the image file you possess is also a digital file. How can it be digitalized further?

This question is the basis of learning about embroidery digitizing for dummies. You see, embroidery machines are not like our home and office printers. The printers are simple machines with a straight forward mechanism. Give them a document, image or a picture and they print it on paper. Unfortunately, embroidery machines are not that simple and they perform in a completely different way.

These machines use needles, threads, fabric and other material to embroider a design. It makes their performance intricate and a challenge for the embroiderer and the customer. In order to make an embroidery machine perform in the desired way, it needs to be commanded. It requires a programmed file that can instruct it at every needle point.

Thus, the need for a digitalized file arises of the already digital file containing the design. Professionals known as embroidery digitizers perform the mind boggling task of converting a design to a digitized file. They perform the conversion using specially designed software furnishing them with the necessary tools. The process is exhausting, laborious and time taking.

A professional digitizer is a skilled person who has undergone years of training. Digitizing for the embroidery machines is an art and unfortunately it is not taught in schools. Therefore, digitizers learn it on their own and master the art after investing a lot of time and money.

Embroidery Digitizing for Dummies

How Do I Start Digitizing My Own Files for The Embroidery Machines?

If reading this far has motivated you to learn the art of embroidery digitizing for dummies. Then without a doubt you are a talented person with a deep interest in uplifting your skills. Embroidering by utilizing the machines makes the task easy and super efficient. Machines do not make mistakes and thus, you can be assured that the embroidery you get will be flawless.

However, there is a twist in the happy tale of digitizing. If you are thinking that digitizing the designs yourself is cheaper than hiring a professional, then you are highly mistaken. In fact, it is the complete opposite because digitizing yourself will cost you a small fortune. You need high end hardware, up to date software and top tier skills to digitize a file.

Lacking any one of the above results in failure and your motivation will come crashing down. Modern embroidery software are capable of digitizing any design with accuracy. Therefore, they are quite extensive computer apps and cannot run on outdated PCs. If your PC is not the latest, upgrade it.

Buying a new one can cost you a couple hundreds of dollars and then comes the software. A licensed version is what you need to digitize like a pro. Free version will have limited usability because most advanced features are locked. Purchasing a license is not cheap either and can cost you a small fortune to unlock all the features.

Remember that digitizing software does not run on auto pilot. Owning one does not mean that you upload a file and it converts into a digitized version. You will have to learn every function and tool through practice. There is no defined time how long it takes to become a digitizer. Most people digitized their first file after a couple of months.

The Practical Approach to Embroidery Digitizing for Dummies

Since investing so much money and time for a couple of designs is not practically profitable. The best thing to do is hire a professional digitizer. Now you must be thinking that a professional will ask a service fee so high it will dent your wallet. On the contrary, hiring a digitizer is cheaper than you think.

The professionals at Absolute Digitizing can give you a left chest embroidered file for as low as $10. It may seem like a joke but the truth is, the embroidery digitizing services are really affordable. That is why most professional embroiderers, designers and custom Apparel makers outsource digitizing. Compared to the cost involved in setting up one digitizing station. Hiring a digitizer is like paying peanuts.

A common belief is that when you pay low, you end up with a flawed service. With us, that is not the case because we are a professional company. Our professional experience spans over twenty years. Our mission is to make embroidery digitizing for dummies accessible to all. Therefore, our prices are highly competitive and fits in everyone’s budget.

Our policy regarding quality is unshakable and that is why we have special department to find mistakes. The QA staff works in a way that every mistake, if it happens, gets highlighted before it reaches you. In case of any discrepancy, the file is resent for amendments and rechecked. There is no way a mistake can leave our facility without being removed.

Our list of happy customers keeps growing every day and now you can be a part of it too. We will be more than happy to be of assistance and provide you a file to cherish for a lifetime. Get a quote now and amaze you with our services.