With changing weather comes a great range of outerwear that people can find ultimate comfort in. Outerwear come in different forms, designs and prints and the most popular form of outwear is jackets. They come in different forms too, for both boys and girls. From formal coats to leather bomber jackets and topcoats, there are over 25 different options of jackets available for people who are preparing for the colder months ahead.

Practically, there would be no fashion-friendly individual who doesn’t have a jacket in their wardrobe. It’s almost everyone’s favourite that not only looks good, but also saves from extreme cold.

All Time Favourite Embroidery Jackets

Embroidery Coat

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While these techniques may seem old, both embroidery and lace are still very much in fashion this year. Beautiful and intricate designs created on a coat with the help of embroidery digitizing gain high praise from everyone. Adding an exquisite embroidery design to a transparent gown with a jacket is one of the most hit ideas for this season.

Embroidered Wool Military Jacket

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Even though lacy and transparent clothing may represent girlishness and femininity, it is important for women to stay warn during winters. In such a scenario, embroidered wool military jackets act as a great option. These jackets make you week comfy and warm, while maintaining the elegant look that you may really want to have.

Colorful Tufts Fur Coat

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Colorful tufts are always in fashion, no matter whether the merchandise has a little bit or lots of it. The candy shades on real or faux fur looks really good and it is believed that they’ll stay in fashion this year. A mashup of different colors also looks nice on tufts fur coat with thick sleeves and large collars.

Versatile Denim Jacket

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Denim jackets have always been a hit since their appearance in the late 1980s. There are so many ways to carry a denim jacket that people who don’t own one yet would crave for going on a shopping spree immediately. There are different types of denim jackets – each available to match an outfit. Apart from being an easy-to-wear item, people don’t have to worry about washing them again and over again.

Super Warm Long Winter Coats

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Super long coats are one of the best options to keep your body warm during winters. But the best thing about this form of jacket is that it comes in different materials, be it leather or faux fur. Another great thing about long coats is its length and how it suits people who live in different regions with colder climates. Some of these long coats are also embellished with exquisite embroidery, which makes it a must have in your wardrobe.

Turtleneck Sweater

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Turtleneck became a hit as soon as it was launched, however, its charm faded away a few years later. But the good news is that the turtleneck is back again! A turtleneck sweater keeps you warm and cozy during winters and you can comfortably wear it for any casual occasion. For best looks, pair up a turtleneck sweater with oversized coat or blazer, which is collarless.


The best thing about winters is that it gives you every the opportunity to wear stylish and trendy clothes that you could not even think of wearing during the summer heat. There is fashion linked to each layer that you wear during winters that helps create our own fashion statement. Even though it may seem hard to believe, people can actually wear layers of clothes in winters and still look cute and stylish. There are several ensembles that you can opt in to look killer even when the temperature becomes too cold to bear.