Embroidery digitizing is one of the most popular processes followed by many businesses these days. It is an advanced process with the help of which you can convert an intricate artwork into a digitized file and then get it stitched on a piece of cloth. You need to hire a professional digitizer who is well versed with the tricks and techniques of embroidery digitizing in order to get a design stitched properly on the material of your choice.

Embroidery Digitizing Sampke

If you are planning to hire a professional embroidery digitizer, you should have some knowledge of the process. Here is what you need to know about embroidery digitizing.

  • What does the process of embroidery digitizing refer to?

The process of digitizing is quite simple as it transforms artwork into stitch files, which can be processed by a machine. These artworks can be used to decorate apparels and other materials with the help of software and machines.

Yes, it is possible to convert all kinds of images and artworks into digitized files. Whether it’s a simple image or an intricate one, a single colored or a multicolored one, an image can be digitized following the process of embroidery digitization. However, it is important to analyze each type of artwork. A professional should observe a design thoroughly and determine whether or not it needs to be edited for embroidery purposes. Almost all designs need to be worked upon to a certain extent. For instance, you may need to remove the outlines or resize extremely small texts before the actual embroidery digitization process starts.

  • What is the usual pricing for embroidery digitizing?

The price for such digitizing services varies to a great extent from company to company. However, the price is usually determined per thousand stitches. There are companies that offer such services at really low rates that may make the process affordable.

  • Should you outsource embroidery digitizing projects?

It takes a lot of effort and time to learn the tricks and techniques of embroidery designs. Even if you are provided with an advanced software, you will need an expert to get the design stitched properly. Therefore, if you are getting competitive rates, you should consider outsourcing your digitizing projects.

Embroidery Design Techniques

These are all that you need to know about embroidery digitization in order to make an informed decision.