We have reiterated the importance of  embroidery digitizing for machine embroidery businesses. Embroidery digitizing is at the core of such businesses and that is what makes these services so important. Despite the importance of digitizing, most small to medium scale businesses are unable to hire in-house digitizers. This is for some obvious constraints like cost, space, and training. Consequently, such businesses must outsource embroidery digitizing. This is where an embroidery digitizing service comes into play.

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If an embroiderer is not well-versed in digitizing themselves, there are basically three ways they can opt. First, they can hire an in-house digitizer. Second, they can hire a remote digitizer. Lastly, they can outsource to digitizing services. Let us see that how these alternatives compare to each other and why the last option caters for most businesses’ needs.

Why Outsource To An Embroidery Digitizing Service?

outsourcing embroidery digitizing

It is instrumental to understand that no one method is equally good for all types of businesses. Different circumstances substantiate different choices. Most importantly, always consider the value an individual or a company will bring to your business. Conceptualize that how an individual or a company will fit into your existing way of doing things. Will it affect your productivity? Will the changes affect the quality of your work? How will you communicate? Irrespective of what choice you make, there are always going to be trade-offs involved. Simply put, you can’t get everything simultaneously.

A choice might ensure you better quality and control, but it is going to cost you a lot. Another option might get you reasonable quality at a reasonable price, but late deliveries might prove to be a bottleneck for your productivity. Critically think about these and make a choice that balances different variables in the best way possible.

With all these “ifs” and “buts” involved, let us see how formerly mentioned digitizing methods generally compare to each other.

Outsourcing Embroidery Digitizing Service Vs. In-house Embroidery Digitizer:

outsourcing to embroidery digitizing service

Hiring an in-house digitizer is apparently the safest option, in terms of quality and control. At least, that is what common perception is built around. While this may be true, the primary factor which constraints the widespread adoption is the cost involved with hiring a full-time digitizer.

Most embroiderers, in the first place, do not have enough volume of work to keep a digitizer engaged for a full-time job. Simply put, if one doesn’t have enough volume of work, it means that they are paying for time for which an employee is not actually working. Therefore, the in-house option doesn’t work well for small-scale embroiderers. In case of a service, you don’t have to worry about the volume of work. You can place your orders for any number of designs and will pay for them only.

Even if you have huge volumes of work, there is still a good enough reason as to why an in-house digitizer is not the most cost-effective solution. If you are based in a first world country, the cost of hiring a full-time digitizer is way too much as compared to remotely outsourcing it. Digitizing services generally hire digitizers from the third world countries. Thus, they are able to provide their services at a much lower cost. It must be made clear that hiring from third world countries doesn’t mean lower quality.  The salaries in such countries are much lower. Therefore, hiring a very good digitizer in such a country costs only a portion of what it would cost to hire an average digitizer in a first world country.

Lastly, many businesses find it convenient to outsource to an external agency or an individual. Apart from the cost factor, outsourcing is also done for operational purposes. If a business manages to find an external partner, they don’t have to care about quality and delivery issues on a day to day basis. It must not be inferred that hiring an in-house digitizer is always a bad option as compared to getting the services of an embroidery digitizing service. As mentioned earlier, there are circumstances which position the former better as compared to the latter.

Embroidery Digitizer Vs. Embroidery Digitizing Service:

embroidery digitizer

By now, you might have understood that why outsourcing digitized designs is suitable for most embroiderers.  There are two major options for outsourcing Cheap Digitizing Price Services. As told before, these are individual professional embroidery digitizers or Cheap digitizing companies. Let us evaluate how these both compare to each other and which one is apparently a better solution.

Freelance digitizers, working remotely, are easy to find these days. In both these options, one must test a good number of service providers to evaluate their quality and work ethic. Obviously, as opposed to in-house digitizers, communication is one area which can prove to be an impediment in the case of remote working. Nevertheless, in today’s age and time, ensuring quality communication, even remotely, is not very difficult.

The biggest problem while working with remote digitizers is the reliability with respect to the delivery of digitized designs. If there is a delayed delivery on the part of the remote digitizer, it will also adversely impact the reputation of your business. A digitizer might fall sick, or have to take emergency vacations or is simply too caught up with work to deliver your order on time. There are little backup options an embroiderer can resort to in such instances. On the other hand, an embroidery digitizing service has a large number of employees and can manage such situations easily, even at the eleventh hour. Unavailability of one or more employees generally doesn’t affect delivery times.

Another aspect that gives digitizing services an edge, is the wide array of skill-set available to them. While working with an individual embroidery digitizer, the embroiderer is limited to the skill set of that embroidery digitizer. If that embroidery digitizer is not good enough with certain areas of digitization, the embroiderer is forced to accept the compromised quality. Digitizing services, on the contrary, have a pool of talent to choose from. If one employee is not skilled and experienced enough to digitize a particular design, it can be digitized by another digitizer who supposedly has a better grip on it. Consequently,  digitizing services are able to consistently deliver high-quality custom embroidery digitizing.

Our Embroidery Digitizing Service:

embroidery digitizing service

We, at Absolute Digitizing, deliver great digitizing services at low cost with stern adherence to high-quality standards. For an unbelievably low price of $1/ 1000 stitches, our professional team of digitizers quickly and precisely digitize machine embroidery designs. All digitized designs are delivered in less than 24 hrs. Our cheap digitizing service has it all: its cost-effective, quick and trusted.

Unlike most digitizing services, consistently delivering quality digitized designs is our utmost priority. Once we receive a design, it is only assigned to a digitizer, who is most suitable to aptly digitize it.  Once the order is prepared, it is again reviewed by our quality assurance team to ensure compliance with the quality standards. Still, after submission, you can ask for free edits until you are completely satisfied.

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