Our today’s informational blog post is about Coloreel instant dyeing printer technology. If you are a part of the textile or embroidery community then you should know about this wonderful new advancement.

Coloreel is a Swedish Instant thread dyeing technology which is reshaping the world of embroidery. It is making the ordinary and slow process of thread dyeing fast and extraordinary. However, it isn’t just about having a rainbow at your fingertips. It is much more than that. Coloreel’s technology is enhancing the quality of design while making the embroidery process more efficient. The coolest part is that it’s eco-friendly process. The Coloreel printer dyes the thread directly which means zero water wastage and no subsequent water pollution.

Additionally, utilizing a single reel of thread and needle leads to reduced thread waste, reduced chemical usage and decreased microfiber pollution.

Whether it’s intricate design, beautiful gradient or stunning effect, nothing is out of reach with Coloreel. Their technology is like having a printer that can instantly dye embroidery thread, offering unlimited color possibilities for each design.

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Coloreel eco friendly

What Makes Coloreel Special?

Coloreel’s innovative technology is based upon the simple idea of “Instant Thread Coloring”. This revolutionary system allows the application to color the thread in real-time as it is being stitched. Rather than relying on pre-colored thread, Coloreel allows for the creation of numerous shades and color blends directly on the embroidery machine. This eliminates the need for stocked colored thread, streamlining production processes and increasing the efficiency of work.

The Coloreel Dyeing Process:

Coloreel Dyeing Process

How to use Coloreel Effectively for Embroidery?

After brief introduction to Coloreel, now let’s go through a step-by-step guideline of how to use it effectively.

  • The first prerequisite is to download and install Coloreel on your computer.
  • Once installed , now you can access the Coloreel Design library. Choose from the available designs or create your own.
  • At this point, you will experience the variety and fun of Coloreel! You can select any color you want for your design. It can also help you with smooth color transition and other effects.
  • When your design and color choice is complete, then save the file.
  • Upload the design file into your embroidery machine and the Coloreel Studio file into the Coloreel unit.
  • Coloreel begins with a single white thread, which is made from recycled polyester thread.
  • This white thread is then dyed instantly, right when it’s needed. This is done using a process that’s similar to how a printer works.
  • With this process, you can create any color you can think of. This means you can have a wide range of colors and intricate patterns from just one thread.
  • Now, press the start the process and watch as it embroiders your design. 

The Benefits of Coloreel

The amazing benefits of Coloreel would need a blog of its own. But, here are some of the most important ones:

  • Fast Production Speed: Increase productivity by minimizing trimmings and lock stitches, resulting in faster and cost-effective production. Setup times are reduced significantly as there’s no need for frequent thread changes.
  • Automation Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate Coloreel’s technology with your existing embroidery machinery, regardless of the brand, thanks to open file formats and modern APIs. This allows for enhanced creative flexibility and streamlined operations.
  • Precise Color Matching: Access millions of colors instantly and achieve precise color matching using RGB, HEX, Lab, and Pantone color systems. Utilize swatch and texture libraries for intricate designs, or experiment with gradients and other color effects.
  • Drastic Reduction in Water Consumption: Reduce water consumption by 97% and eliminate wastewater entirely.
  • 30 days Free Trial: The Coloreel software comes with a free 30 days trial, allowing you to create unlimited number of designs.
  • Easy to use interface: Coloreel Digitizing software allows you to digitize designs in just a few easy clicks.

Disadvantages of Coloreel

Coloreel comes with its fair share of drawbacks. Let’s go through some of them.  

  • Cost: Coloreel unit’s price is quite high as compared to its counterparts. The initial investment is hefty for small businesses and an individual embroiderer.
  • Maintenance: Coloreel is a high maintenance technology. It requires regular maintenance and the consumables like cartridges also need to be changed regularly.    
  • Learning Curve: Users may experience the learning curve of this new technology challenging. Integrating Coloreel’s modern AI technology into the traditional machine embroidery flow could be challenging. It requires training your machine operator staff, reworking on your production timeline and much more. It would require time, resources and patience.
  • Availability: Depending on your location, the availability of Coloreel products and after-sales service may be limited. This could raise concerns for users.

What Comes in the Coloreel Package?

The Coloreel Package includes the following Components:

  • Coloreel ITCU: It is called the heart of the system for a reason. This is the main unit which is responsible for instant thread coloring.
  • Coloreel Studio: It is known as the brain of Coloreel system. Coloreel Studio acts as the software interface through which users select embroidery designs and choose thread colors, functioning as the brain of the system where creative decisions are made.
  • Consumables: It refers to the materials utilized by the system for dyeing the thread, essential elements akin to the fuel that sustains its operation. A wide range of consumables such as recycled yarn and printing inks are available for the operation and maintenance of Coloreel.

Collectively, these components constitute the Coloreel package, offering all the necessary tools to effortlessly craft vibrant and intricate embroidery designs.

Coloreel‘s Price

The cost of Coloreel may vary depending on the retailer. The current (March 2024) eBay listed price is $31,400.00.

coloreel price at ebay

What Embroidery Machines are Compatible with Coloreel?

Coloreel is compatible with any modern single- head or multi-head embroidery machine.

How to Maintain the Coloreel Machine?

These are the simple ways to maintain your Coloreel machine:

  • Follow the Maintenance Schedule: Comply with Coloreel’s provided maintenance schedule, which includes routine checks and cleaning procedures to uphold the unit’s optimal condition.
  • Replace Ink Cartridges: Replace the ink cartridges in your Coloreel unit according to the instructions outlined in the operator’s manual.
  • Replace Waste Tank: Follow the instructions in the operator’s manual to replace the waste tank of your Coloreel unit as needed.
  • Maintain Temperature and Humidity: Maintain suitable temperature and humidity levels around the Coloreel unit to ensure its proper operation. This can be achieved by controlling the environment surrounding the unit.
  • Regular Cleaning: Perform regular cleaning of the unit to prevent dust or debris from impacting its performance.
  • Professional Servicing: For advanced maintenance tasks, consider having the unit serviced by a technician trained by Coloreel.


Coloreel is holding our hand and taking us into the future of Embroidery machines. The integration of AI into the embroidery machine business was a long awaited and Coloreel has turned this vision into a reality. It is redefining the whole embroidery process and changing it for good. By making it efficient, smarter and sustainable. It’s high time we, as machine embroidery enthusiasts, embrace the change. The initial substantial investment is worth the money, and we wholeheartedly recommend it.

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Embroidery Digitizing FAQs

  • What distinguishes Coloreel from conventional thread coloring methods used in machine embroidery?
  • Coloreel introduces on-demand coloration, removing the necessity for pre-dyed threads and providing boundless color options.
  • What is the price of Coloreel?
  • The price of Coloreel may vary depending on the retailer. As per available data, it ranges from $22,146.03 to $31,400.00. It’s advisable to verify the latest prices from official Coloreel sources or authorized retailers.
  •  Which embroidery machines are compatible with Coloreel?
  • Coloreel is compatible with any modern single-head or multi-head embroidery machine.
  • What components are included in the Coloreel package?
  • The Coloreel package includes the Coloreel ITCU (Instant Thread Coloring Unit), Coloreel Studio software, and various consumables such as recycled yarn and printing inks.
  • How does the Coloreel dyeing process work?
  • The Coloreel unit starts with a single white thread, which is instantly dyed when needed using a process similar to how a printer works. This allows for unlimited color possibilities from just one thread.
  • What are the best Embroidery digitizing services available?
  • Absolute Digitizing is the best digitizing service with unbeatable prices and best quality.