Finding a quality embroidery digitizing service for your artwork or logo is the trickiest part of the work. However, once you find a decent company, the remaining puzzle pieces start falling into their right place. Most of the embroiderers nowadays outsource their digitizing for embroidery as it saves time and effort.

This saved time could be in turn invested into other aspects of the business like production and marketing.

Why is it equally important to choose a competent digitizing service? Design is the soul of the fabric. A perfectly digitized design will appear proportionate on the garment. The perfect embroidery will make it appear flawless. So, apart from trial and error, what could be the safe way of reaching the best embroidery digitizer in the market?

Here, we have jotted down few things for you to keep in mind while looking for an embroidery digitizing service.

1. The business owner should be well versed in digitizing:

Before outsourcing your logos for digitizing, you need to have the basic knowledge of the following:
The digitizing software, type of stitches, how they should run on a particular apparel, stitch count and other necessary details. This knowledge will help you in bringing out the best from your digitizing for embroidery service provider.

Most embroiderers receive a digitizing software compact disk (CD) when they buy commercial embroidery machines. Only a few try to give it a read. However, you can only produce the best work if you have knowledge of the digitizing software.

You should first equip yourself with proper understanding of the digitizing process to produce the best results. You might face a situation where you have to edit an already digitized design in a hurry. The knowledge of operating a software would help you in this scenario.

This specialized skill will assist you in those late night shifts or rush jobs with outsourced work blunders. A little learning of the software will never hurt, rather it will empower you during decision making.

2. Quality:

The first and foremost indicator of an expert digitizer is the quality of his/her digitized designs. How well the design runs on a garment, how he/she adopts the design according to the nature of the apparel. The technique used to digitize a design for a hat will be different from the one used for a flat garment like a t-shirt. The stitch runs smoothly, it doesn’t break and the most important part is that it should be accurate reflection of the artwork.

The digitized design should be a perfect copy of your given artwork. Therefore, you should never compromise on the quality as design is the heart of your product. Saving money by hiring cheap embroidery digitizing service would cost you greater loss during production. Finally, you will end up losing your customers in the long run.

If your selection is centered on cheap digitizing price, then it is bound to create problems. You might end up spending your own time correcting errors and flaws of the digitized design. You might waste a couple of days getting it fixed by that cheap digitizing company. Eventually, this will delay the output of your embroidered goods and will compromise your repute and relationship with your client.

So the rule of the thumb is: Always go for a quality embroidery digitizing service provider. You can try some free embroidery designs from a new company before starting business with them. Or get your own company’s logo digitizing firstly to check their quality of work.

3. Language Barrier:

While outsourcing, you have to communicate a lot with the embroidery digitizing service company you have chosen. Right from the start of the process of sending a job till getting it embroidered. So the final result of sew-out is definitely based on this communication.

If the digitizer is unable to understand the message properly, then most of your job requirements will be lost in translation. It would waste your time, energy and resources.

Therefore, always look for a digitizer who understands your language and communicates back in the same language properly. The digitizing companies that just follow an automated system of account sign-ups/logins that do not correspond thoroughly with you are a total NO.

Choosing a digitizing company that properly communicates with you in your language would save you a lot of hassle. The results would be worth the expense.

4. Punctuality:

Embroidery Digitizing is a time-driven business. The results should be impeccable and must be delivered on time. Turnaround Time, here, is everything. If the digitizer is not able to meet deadlines and send your jobs back on designated time, then it will be a huge disaster for your business. Always value their adherence with turnaround time and punctuality.

If embroidery digitizing service provider is not able to keep up with the deadlines then forget about working with them. No matter how cheap the cost is, it will not be worth the effort. The delivery time is crucial to the success of your business.

5. How to find all these qualities:

You would come across many freelance digitizers as well as Embroidery Digitizing Service online. They would claim all these qualities and that too with amazingly unbelievable rates. How could you verify these tall claims?

First of all, ask for customer reviews and experience. The reviews are easy to find at freelance sites and digitizing companies also publish their reviews.

Some reviews can be verified on their Facebook pages, Google reviews which are usually from genuine customers.

You can also try running their free sample work and check the result. Or you may request them for a free trial of small but tricky job like tiny letter words logo. Quality Digitizing of small letters should always be considered while giving a trial job. Most amateur digitizers are not good at this stuff.

It will help in experiencing the actual quality of the digitized designs. If the designs are not digitized properly, then you will face a lot of issues. Crappy designs result in stitch breaks, unnecessary color changes, increased stitch count, uneven lettering and an increased machine running time. Finally, the decision would become simple.

We hope that our suggestions will help you in finding the right embroidery digitizing service provider. Follow our blog for more expert advice.