Jacket back digitizing can be a tough job for a digitizer. However, it all depends upon the skills and expertise as some digitizers are able to handle the most complex designs with ease. Jacket back digitizing can become difficult also because every Jacket fabric has its own properties. Jackets are mostly made up of sturdy and tightly woven fabric. Their backs provide a wide and smooth surface to embroider a design. One can have the conservative league designs embroidered or designer styles in a variety of bold and bright colors. With a huge variety of jacket styles available, there are no limits to embroidery digitizing on a jacket. For businesses, embroidering their logos and taglines on the jackets of their staff can be a good approach towards branding.

Wide Back is Perfect for Large Display

When aiming for embroidery on apparel, the location matters tremendously. For instance, the front pocket has limited space. Embroidering for pocket means the digitizer will have to make a pattern small enough to fit in the available space. However, with ample space available on the Jacket back, a large design can be embroidered. The popular ‘billboard’ design is a possibility and works well with companies that want a full display of their message. It is worth mentioning here, the maximum embroidery size depends on the hoop size available with the embroiderer. Since the mega hoop available is about 15″ approximately, we recommend jacket back digitizing in maximum of 12” or 13”.

Every digitizer aims to deliver awesome designs in the first attempt. However, in some cases due to tight deadlines, digitizers can end up overlooking some elements. These elements can include eliminating unnecessary trims, managing the correct distribution of colors or adjusting push and pull compensation and putting improper density. While these elements may not be a huge concern to a freshman, it can cause a myriad of disturbances on the production floor. These errors can not only end up wasting time and materials but also irritate the customer who would never return for more embroidery jobs. This is why, below are some points to look out for when starting to digitize.



Every order is of utmost importance. Starting without actually knowing how to handle a design, is a clear indication of the work of a novice. A design, no matter how simple it may seem still has some complicated curves that require attention to details. What may look amazing on a computer screen cannot always work well on the machine bed. If the digitized file contains flaws, the design will definitely be ruined during production.


We say that practice is the key to success especially with the underlay. An expert digitizer will always know how to handle it and make your design stitch beautifully. It is the very thing that can highlight the work of an amateur or an expert. When the embroidery process begins, the underlay is attached to the fabric to create a reliable base for the rest of the stitches. Without proper underlay stitches, the production staff will not be able to give the fabulous result that is desired.


Ever heard about the push and pull compensation? I’m sure everyone related to the world of embroidery, whether physical or virtual has heard of it. It can be an amateur’s worst nightmare and an expert’s playground. It is all about putting the stitches just right. When tweaking the settings, always bear in mind the type of fabric used by the customer. Every fabric has its own properties and its own ability to withstand force. This is what determines the push and pull compensation during jacket back digitizing or any other type of digitizing for embroidery.


Inappropriate density is one more sign of an inexperienced person performing the task. If it is too much, you’ll have threads and needles breaking on the production floor. If density is too low, you will be able to see the fabric from underneath. Clearly, it will be an  undesirable sight and it means you’ve lost a customer permanently. You will need to understand how your design interacts with the fabric. Without proper knowledge about it, you can only ‘wish’ for a perfect outcome.

Stitch Direction

To make your designs look appealing, give your stitches a different direction too. But this can only be done when you have enough experience to manage a variety of stitch directions in one design. Besides the beautiful look, it can also help loosen the tension being exerted on the fabric.

Stitch Type

Jacket back digitizing is about big designs. As there is ample space to work upon, do not get carried away by using satin stitches only. Use all the necessary types of stitches like run stitch, fill stitch, zig zag stitch and contour stitch according to every element of the design. Using the wrong type will result in destroying the look and tone of a design just because you as a digitizer didn’t pay attention.

Quality Testing

No matter how easy the design looks, you must never take it for granted. It will only take a few minutes of your time to re-check your work but, will save a lot of time and money for your customer. Before sending your work as final and complete, revise the design yourself. Anything that might have been skipped would be revealed immediately. You have only one opportunity to impress the customer with your skills before it is too late.

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