A logo is more than a mere pretty picture. It caters to a specific goal – establishing your company as a recognizable brand. Not everyone is a graphic designer but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to transform your business logo perfectly into spectacular custom embroidery. Your design has to be digitized, prior to the transformation, where problems like loss of elements crop up. If you want to transform your idea into embroidery, simply follow the tips given below.


Transform your JPG to DST

Provide better quality:

Sometimes when you provide your embroiderer a low-resolution graphic, enlargement becomes unavoidable to bring it up to size for embroidery digitizing. Enlargement can lead to pixilation where the delicate details fade away and the edges become uneven. To ensure the appearance of the embroidery is exactly like your design, give the embroiderer your best-resolution graphic.

Better Quality

Avoid light colored lines:

Fine lines in light colors like white, yellow etc never provide you with the desired precise look after its embroidery. That’s because thin stitches that are used to embroider the delicate lines leave negative spaces, giving the lines a dotted look. Darken the fine details to ensure their prominence in embroidery.

Keep it simple:

Though you can select the color of your logo from a variety of options, it’s advisable to go for one or two colors. Ideally, your logo should provide equal effect when seen in both versions – in full color and in black-and-white. For some company logos, black embroidery becomes cost-effective than the colored version as you can easily add color to it, when needed.

Keep it simple

Use bigger fonts:

Keep your font sizes at least 1/4inch for easier and proper readability when these are being prepared for embroidery digitizing. Your embroidery should be clearly readable from an arm’s length. Though you can get your logo embroidered in smaller text by using finer and expensive fabric and thread, it’s not advisable. Avoid using thin lines as they may cause insufficient prominence after being embroidered.

Use bigger font

Eliminate gradients:

Stay away from gradients as much as possible. Use of overlapping threads of different colors can lead to loss of clarity for your design. If you really need your logo to be multicolored, ensure good contrast of colors instead of using similar shades.

Best places to use your logo


Provide your employees with outfits like jackets, shirts and other apparels that feature your logo and brand colors. It makes your employees easily identifiable by the customers and strengthens your branding at the same time. Ask your employees to wear outfits with your logo prominently embossed on them leveraging embroidery digitizing to trade shows and events, which will help promote your brand beyond your office.

Logo on apparels

Business card:

In today’s business world, everything we perform is digital – from sending mails to networking. Business card is something that the digital world won’t completely replace in the near future. So, ensure you’ve got one with your logo, contact information and tagline displayed on it. It’s often better to have a business card than having none at all.

Logo on Bussiness card

Mugs and Water bottles:

With the increasing health consciousness, everybody is trying to stay hydrated today and coffee has become the highest consumed official beverage. Splurge a little extra on your marketing and branding effort to have some water bottles and mugs with your logo printed on them and then distribute them as giveaways or thank-you notes in your expo booth or trade shows.

Logo on mug


Caps have been a style statement across the world for long. You can find a nice option for branding in caps. Use digitizing to get your logo embroidered on caps, which can then be distributed in various trade shows or events. Caps provide a prolonged branding effect as they can be worn all year round.

Logo on cap


After every event, we can see numerous cheap totes left in hotel rooms or at the venues. But if we replace it with insulated bags or high-quality totes with your logo on them, hardly anyone will allow it to be left. You can use embroidery digitizing to make the totes stand out from their printed counterparts, thus making the most of this corporate branding option.

Logo on totes

A logo is synonymous with the brand and identity of your company and helps immensely to build a robust public perception about your offerings. This small design or symbol is the visual version of your company’s vision and mission statement. It’s probably one of the biggest branding investments of your business. So, take your time, hire a skilled and dedicated designer to optimize and digitize your graphics for logo digitizing and then have them embroidered on your select items to get the word out about your business and offerings.