Pictures are everywhere and we use them for different purposes. We all use photographs and they are available on our mobile, laptop, desktop, and other digital devices. Similarly, embroidery is one of the tasks that also need a specific format to convert the image into an embroidery file. You must know that the common images are PNG, JPG, JPEG, and many more. But when it comes to embroidery digitizing, you need specific formats such as DST, PES, EMB, and much more.

You might have to come across the conversions like PNG to DST, EPS to DST, and different other types of conversion. You must note that for the conversion digitizing software is being used and some even use online converter tools to achieve their targeted file.  JPG is a common image format that is often interchangeably used with JPEG. Assuming that you must have come across it before, we will not go into its details. Instead, we will see how to convert JPG to DST format. Sounds simple and familiar? Conversion from one file format to another; must be an easy-peasy thing to do.

Now, that we have told you that converting to DST from JPG is not a quick fix, there is a need to have a look at the alternatives. If you are looking for alternatives, merely mentioning them will do no good and therefore, we will discuss them in detail. But before moving on to that, let us start from the basics. Let us see what exactly a DST file is and why is there a need for JPG to DST conversion in the first place.

What Exactly Is A DST Format?

JPG to DST Conversion for embroidery

A DST file, in the context of machine embroidery, is a format that is readable by many embroidery machines across the world. The introduction was by Tajima, a leading embroidery machine manufacturer, a few years back. This should also explain why JPG to DST conversion becomes so important.

Modern computerized embroidery machines are extremely efficient and smart. The majority of operations are either entirely or semi-automated. As opposed to traditional hand embroidery where each stitch has to be carefully crafted, the manual effort has almost vanished. Instead, you can replace them quickly, and smartly with the help of efficient computers.

The question here is how does a machine know where to put stitches in a specific pattern to embroider a particular design. There must be a controlling mechanism to keep things in check. Well, this is where DST formats come into play. Embroidery machines, on their own, cannot understand and depict a design from the image. In order to embroider a design, a design must be in DST or a similar machine native format.

Standard Formats – Things To Know!

Let’s have a look at the details of standard image formats like JPG, PNG, and EPS that are being converted into DST files. The conversion does not happen only in the previously mentioned formats. In this blog, we are only going to discuss it. 

For the conversion of the standard file into an embroidery file, you can consider doing JPG to DST converter online or using an EPS to DST converter online for the work. Let’s see the details of each format:


It is an image file that contains the image data in a compressed form. The ratio of compression is 10:1 which makes it very much compact but it retains a lot of image details. Remember that this format is a popular one for sharing photos and various images. The sharing of images happens on the internet between the PC and mobile users. 

The best part about using this format is that you can store thousands of images in a small minimum amount of memory. These images are mostly used for the purpose of editing and printing. If you want to edit the images when needed, you can use CorelDraw. However, if you want to convert JPG into any embroidery file like DST, you can use a JPG to DST converter for the purpose of quick conversion. 

JPG to DST online


It is a vector file that professionals use for the purpose of best quality image printing. Typically image setters and PostScript printers use EPS to create a large number of detailed images like large posters, billboard advertising, and eye-catching marketing items. EPS also has bitmap data that retains individual coding on size and color. This refers to the fact the image maintains its resolution irrespective of its size. Moreover, graphic designers and illustrators use it in tools like Adobe Illustrator. For converting EPS files into DST, you can go for EPS to DST converter online. 

Moving on, this file is a modern format like PDFs and it has good compatibility with all the software and system. You can also use it for professional printers for large-scale jobs. Note that a computer-controlled engraving machine also helps you in finding the EPS data easy to render. It is also a perfect file for the use of billboard images as the image data is present in a vector file which retains the resolution irrespective of its size. 


The acronym is Portable Network Graphic and it is a raster file that is widely used by the web designer. It is able to handle graphics with semi-transparent or transparent backgrounds. Note that it is not patented and you can open the file with the help of image editing software without the requirement for licensing. 

Moreover, the file uses the .png extension and it is able to handle 16 million colors that make them different from various files. You can use these files for the logos with a transparent background. Other than that you can also use it for online graphics and charts. 

How Does JPG to DST Conversion Take Place?

Unlike a simplified conversion process, DST file preparation happens from scratch. What makes it even more difficult is that not everyone can do it. For using files commercially and professionally, professionals do the job.

The technique of the process is known as embroidery digitizing or embroidery punching. Here, we import the design into an embroidery digitizing software from JPG or any other image format. The professional, known as an embroidery digitizer, then manually places stitches, demarcates the stitch path, and defines various parameters in the software for a particular design. This is how a digitized format of a design preparation happens. The prepared file is a digitized version of the JPG image.

So, by now you must have assimilated that this conversion, not only requires a specialized computer program but also an experienced and skilled embroidery digitizer to execute the job professionally. This takes us to our next question. What options does one have for getting JPG to DST conversion?

Options For Getting Conversion:

There are few good options available but each one of them is suitable for a particular set of people. Since most people are after a free and quick solution, let us go through that first. Honestly speaking, it is almost impossible to get a design digitized absolutely free.

There are two basic costs involved; the cost of digitizing software and that of getting the services of an embroidery digitizer. Even if a software company allows you to download digitizing software for free (for trial), the operation will be happening by someone experienced.

One possible ‘free’ solution is auto-digitizing. Various digitizing software comes with this feature where one apparently doesn’t require the services of the digitizer. The software can convert an image from JPG to DST. Unfortunately, the results are generally pathetic and are unsuitable for the use of commercial embroidery. Still, the costs of embroidery digitizing software are there which generally cost thousands of dollars. Even if you manage to find free auto-digitizing software, there are few chances of getting an acceptable quality.

The best option is to go with an embroidery digitizing service, depending on how much you are willing to pay. The costs with this option are nothing for the quality that you are likely to get. It only costs a few bucks to convert a JPG design into a digitized format. It is the most economical approach to get the best quality results during the conversion process. 

Getting Quality JPG To DST Conversion Cheap:

logo embroidery digitizing

One of the best solutions for getting a cheap conversion is that you can search for the company online. You can use a search engine like Google, Bing, or any other. Just do your research and you will come across different companies. After that, you can pick the one which matches your budget. Ensure that the company has a good previous experience. Lastly, you need to ensure that the delivery of work is on time. 

We are a professional embroidery digitizing service who have been around for the past 15 years. We have an in-house team of seasoned and skilled embroidery digitizers, who make it possible for you to get JPG to DST conversion done quickly and at an affordable rate.

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