There is no doubt that minor details play an important role in digitizing embroidery designs. The minor details help us to distinguish great embroidery digitizing from the ordinary one. There is no secret that for making quality embroidery designs, you need expertise and correct supplies during the production process. For your information, a stitch file is the brain of the embroidery machine. If the stitch is not placed in the right position, then you will not be able to get satisfactory results.

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Important Techniques for Making Embroidery Designs

Note that it is not easy to get quality digitized designs. In this process, the expert has to keep various technical aspects in their mind. Due to the complexity, there is a chance that you might have to see minor errors in the designs. But if you really care about your artwork and the quality, then you need to keep the following three tips in your mind:

1-Layering Is A Must

You must know that layering is a technique that will add depth to your embroidery designs. An embroidered design looks great when it uses the depth of the thread and gives a new dimension to your designs. It is a fact that embroidery is the only method that can provide you the third dimension to make your apparel attractive.

If you will look at the artwork, you will instantly know the difference and how the designs look better as compared to others. Moreover, the other methods that include screen printing and Direct to Garment printing will create this 3-D effect. But this will be just an illusion and you can easily identify it.  You need to understand that there is no way that you can replace the natural third dimension offered by embroidery digitizing.

Note that the effects are unique and it is will be a worse decision to miss this opportunity. An expert digitizer will never miss the opportunity and will get the benefit of this technique for enhancing the look of apparel. In layering, for making embroidery designs, you always need to digitize elements that go into or present in the background. This will assist you in layering the front details afterward and allow you to create a holistic 3-D design. This will also enable the overlapping of front and backward elements. Remember that this overlapping will conveniently provide the 3-D look to your design.

Layering is the only way to add a third dimension to your design. There are some other ways to get the same results but layering is the best option to choose from. This technique also saves your time and effort in comparison to shading or drawing.

2-Optimize Stitch Density

The next important parameter to keep in mind for making embroidery design is the Stitch density. The majority of the digitizers don’t pay much attention to it and add default values in the embroidery digitizing software. But remember that this parameter is directly going to affect various other things that include the usage of stabilizer and wearer’s comfort.

In an ideal case, the stitch count should not be more or less than the requirement. Note that proper knowledge about correct stitch density can’t be learned overnight. You have to make different adjustments for different types of fabrics. It is best to pay more attention to stitch count during digitizing for making embroidery designs. The minor differences in the stitch count will not affect the overall looks of your design. It is not easy to distinguish between two designs; one that is having optimized stitch density and other having more stitches than the requirement. The quality of the digitizing is determined by the production efficiency and by the comfort of the wearer.

Remember that in the majority of cases, the digitized designs have to be worn. If the stitch density is too high, then this will not provide the wearer a pleasant experience. For supporting heavy stitching, you need more amount of stabilizer. The lighter stitching will offer a comfortable wearing experience and it also improves the durability of designs.

3-Handling of Text

Having clear and clean lettering in digitizing is also very important for making embroidery designs. For an average customer, this will be very important in comparison to other elements in a design. You need to understand that a minor glitch in lettering will be very visible. Due to this, the lettering should be clean and crisp.

You need to understand that an embroidered business name will be important for the customers. A novice digitizer will not be able to understand the importance. They are just treating the text like a logo or design. But this is much more important for doing things in the right way. You don’t have to do much effort for better designs. If you are using pre-digitized letters, then you should stop and make the necessary fixes. You should clean up the curves and kerns. In short, it is better to fix the mistakes before you get yourself in trouble.


These were the three important things that you should keep in your mind when making embroidery designs. By paying proper attention, you can get satisfactory results and will make your job easy. To get high quality digitizing of embroidery designs, you should get in touch with Absolute Digitizing. Our team of competent cheap digitizing embroidery services will work properly on your designs by keeping all your requirements in their minds. We are working with an aim to provide the affordability and quality services under one roof to our valuable customers. Just share your designs and we will make it for you. You will get the best services within an affordable price range. The price is $1/1000 stitches.

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