Digitizing files for the embroidery machines from a professional is very much affordable than you think. Absolute Digitizing offers high quality 10 dollar digitizing for most left chest and cap designs. A custom design or a business logo fits perfectly on the left chest of a shirt, T-shirt or a jacket as well as on the cap. If you are in need of digitizing for embroidery, you have reached the right place.

Most people ask what is embroidery digitizing? It is a common question nowadays because custom machine embroidery is getting popular in the USA. In a nutshell, embroidery digitizing is the process of converting an artwork in a sequence of instructions. The embroidery machine can easily interpret the instructions and sew out the exact design.

It is essential to have a digitized file for every design or business logo when aiming for embroidery. The reason you need it is because these machines cannot read an image file. They are not the replacement of home or office printers which can read and print an image instantaneously.

The embroidery machine was never designed to read an image because it simply cannot happen. Every design is different from the other. Even if two designs look the same, when digitizing for embroidery they have different requirements. The size, colors, fabric and much more matters during digitizing and it can change the process entirely.

This is the main reason each design undergoes the complete digitalization process. But once the file is created, it can be used for a lifetime. There is no need to have a new one unless there is a change in the design or size. In that case the old file is no longer usable and applying changes to it is rarely feasible.

How to get 10 Dollar Digitizing

It does not matter if you are digitizing the artwork yourself or you are hiring an expert. Knowing the process makes it easy for you when delegating the task. Embroidery digitizing is a skill that needs to be learned before you can actually do it. Unfortunately, it is not something that is taught in schools so anyone wishing to digitize must learn on their own.

Professional digitizers have spent years of training before they can work on projects. We have a team of experts having at least a decade of experience. It enables us to create flawless embroidery digitized files in the least possible time. But it does not mean that we are unaffordable. We are the pioneers of 10 dollar digitizing so working with us benefits you in every way.

To create a file for the embroidery machines, it is essential to have a modern PC. Working on a high end machine allows smooth digitizing and enables to utilize many advanced features. Secondly, one must possess a licensed version of the software because free embroidery digitizing software has limited features. You will need to use advanced features during the conversion process which is not possible with the free version.

If you are a beginner who is passionate to learn digitalizing artwork, we suggest to start with a free version. There are many different software available to use and some of them are very hard to master. Instead of going for the licensed version right from the start where you end up spending a lot of money. Test a few of them for free and decide which one suits your requirements.

10 dollar digitizing

Always Digitize with The Fabric in Mind

After you have downloaded an embroidery digitizing software on the PC, now is the time to run it. You will see a blank canvas on the screen as soon as the software starts. Import the image to digitize and it should appear on the canvas. We suggest to choose a simple image to practice upon because it provides more room to work without hindrances.

Remember, before you do anything else, it is always best to apply the underlay settings right from the start. Always keep the fabric in mind and if it needs a stabilizer, make sure you have set it. Making changes afterwards can cause conflict with your work. Make sure you understand the push and pull compensation of the fabric too. Some fabrics are delicate and it is the digitizer’s job to be careful during the 10 dollar digitizing service.

One more important tip, always digitize the outlines of the artwork. It provides more stability to the fabric under the needle. There are no set rules for stitch types. It is the digitizer’s own decision to analyze the artwork and decide how to give the best results. Avoid making long jumps between needle points to eliminate thread waste and loose hanging.

Most people get carried away and do not leave any space between needle points. This practice should also be avoided because it results in needle break. Too much thread in one place will make it hard for the needle to penetrate. Due to the high speed, it strikes the fabric and encounters resistance causing it to break. Good digitizing is only possible when the digitizer is aware of the outcome of his actions. But to reach the level where one can predict the result without actually sewing, requires knowledge and practice.

Finding The Perfect 10 Dollar Digitizing for Your Embroidery Projects

Whether you own an embroidery machine yourself or you will have it taken to a commercial embroiderer. It is not necessary to push yourself to digitize the artwork on your own. Most people are experts with design and machines but are not comfortable with digitizing. It is nothing to be worried about because the expert digitizers at Absolute Digitizing can handle the task for you.

If you are not sure where to find us, the internet will guide you. Searching for 10 dollar digitizing in any search engine will give you the link to our website. Click on it and you will land on our website. You can connect with us via our live chat or send us an email. Mention your requirements and will gladly prepare a file that fulfills everything you asked for.

Share your artwork to digitize now and request a free quote. We encourage our customers to get a free quote before placing the order. It helps clarify the requirements and enables us to answer your questions. Let’s get started on digitizing your artwork or business logo digitizing now while you concentrate on more important tasks.