If you are a machine embroiderer, you must have known the importance of embroidery digitizing. Not only it makes up an instrumental part of your business, digitizing also accounts for one of your major expenditures. The quality of your work is directly affected by the work of your embroidery digitizing service. Despite the unarguable importance, you do want to keep your digitizing cost in check. At the same time, you don’t want a compromised quality. Hence, the real challenge lies in finding a cheap digitizing embroidery solution that also manages to keep up with your standards of quality.

Finding Cheap Digitizing Solution

finding cheap digitizing solution

It, as you would know, is easier said than being done. Finding a reasonably good quality for a cheap digitizing fee requires doing a tradeoff between the two. You want great work but at the same time, you don’t want to spend way too much. Often times, it is about determining what matters to you more, and to what extent. In other words, define limit thresholds for both price and quality and take things forward from there.

Let me dwell on this a little more so it becomes easier to assimilate for everybody. “Cheap” or “Expensive” are relative terms. To every machine embroidery owner, it carries a different meaning. What might be very expensive for you as a home based machine embroiderer, might be a nominal expense for a commercial embroiderer in town. Therefore, first define what is expensive to you. Decide pricing that you will look up to as cheap.

Similarly, define what good or bad quality means to you. As compared to pricing, defining standards here are relatively precarious. It is because unlike pricing there are no direct quantitative measures for it. The degree of objectivity is rather acute. For this reason, many embroiderers have a hard time distinguishing between the skill level embroidery digitizers from their work. Let us look into this in more detail.

Getting High Quality For Cheap Digitizing

high quality and cheap embroidery digitizing

Most seasoned embroiderers only trust their naked eye for determining the work of embroidery digitizer. It is relatively easy to mark a single digitized design good or bad. This mostly means either acceptable or unacceptable. It fails to encapsulate the level of skill set. Unfortunately, when you are comparing different service providers this polarized yardstick of extremes don’t work.

Whenever you are up to choosing a particular solution, you will have to compare work of different services and digitizers. You should know what discriminates a good embroidery digitized design from bad, ugly and the excellent one. Merely trusting your eyes while going through dozens of digitized designs is not a good enough approach.

Due to these complexities, we have already published a full-length post on the subject.
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Evaluating Cheap Digitizing Embroidery Solutions

evaluating cheap embroidery digitizing

At this point, you are adequately equipped to peek into different options and see which one has to offer cheapest services. Of course, we will go through pros and cons of all different options that you can take. While going through following options, look out for a method that best suits your business size and resources.

Hiring an in-house digitizer

Hiring an in-house digitizer at your embroidery is apparently the ‘safest’ option. Since you can scrutinize a candidate thoroughly, odds are high that you will find someone with a reasonable good skill set.  This means getting great work on a regular basis. You don’t have to surf online every now and then to get great work done.

The immediate downside of hiring an employee is higher cost. You must have a sufficiently large volume of work to keep your digitizer engaged. Otherwise, you are paying for time for which he is not working. Secondly, you should have adequate space at your embroidery shop to accommodate a digitizer. Lastly, this option is an expensive option. Though it ensures you reasonable quality, hiring an in-house digitizer is not a cheap digitizing solution.

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Freelance Embroidery Digitizer

Another way is to find an embroidery digitizer through online freelance websites and communities. Quite bluntly, this method is generally quite inefficient if you want to work with someone on the long-term basis. The range varies from medium to high end of the price scale. From the price perspective, it not a very cheap digitizing service.

It is not that freelance embroidery digitizers are not skilled enough. The inefficiency is derived from the way they generally work. Mostly they work on gig basis. This not only alleviates the price but also hinders their availability at all times. Even if you manage to outsource to an embroidery digitizer with a great skill set and reasonable pricing, there is no guarantee that they will be available when you need them.

Embroidery Digitizing Services

The biggest disadvantage with aforementioned two methods is limited skill set. An individual can be very good at one aspect of the craft, but also very weak with other areas. Embroidery digitizing services, on the other hand, have many professional digitizers. If a design cannot be exquisitely digitized by one individual, they can pass it on to another expert who has a better experience of dealing with similar designs.

Multiple digitizers at one working space ensure better quality work. Similarly, there are no issues of availability as we saw with freelance embroidery digitizers. Furthermore, prices are also quite reasonable. They deal with large volumes of digitized designs, with a large team of professional embroidery digitizers, which stashes the price significantly. Moreover, many digitizing services operate in areas where it is relatively inexpensive to operate a business. This gives them the price edge and consequently, they are able to offer their services at a lower price.

These services, therefore, are well positioned to offer a cheap digitizing embroidery solution with an equally good quality.

Cheap Digitizing Embroidery Service:

cheap digitizing service with quality

As we have seen, service providers are in a position to offer a great price with quality results. Still, you have to make a comparison between them and find the one that best fits your criterion. Not all of them are equal. Therefore, you must try few of them before finalizing a service provider for long-term collaboration.

Well, when it’s about the comparison, our cheap digitizing service is hard to beat. For an unbeatable price of $1/1000 stitches, you can now get digitized designs in just a day. All the work is done by our experienced and skillful team of embroidery digitizers who leave no stone unturned to meet our customer expectations. If that is not enough, we have got you covered with unlimited edits once the order has been submitted. See detailed embroidery digitizing pricing or get a quote now!