Embroidery machine is a partner to the business owner and its value cannot be less emphasized. The groundbreaking innovations in machine embroidery over the span of last few decades have wholly revolutionized the industry. Let us deal with the trouble that comes with it.

Praises aside, embroidery machines have shown the way to a dilemma that is rampant with technological advancements. There are innumerable options and features to deal with, which is great in the first place, but it also becomes overwhelming in some instances. Convenience comes with a price, even if it’s a small one. Profuse options with profuse information, with no definite conclusions, leaves layers of confusions and questions. The repercussions of this dilemma can be long-lasting and ultimately devastating for any business.

In the sight of financial investment that goes into buying such equipment, testing is not an option here. An embroidery machine costs thousands of dollars. Even a home-based single head machine typically costs $2,000-$7,000. This is a significant investment for someone who is just starting out. Moreover, it is not about the price only. The technical limitations of a particular machine will also impact operations of the business in long run. The only way out is researching your needs and finding out a machine that is best suited.

Below is a quick list of things you should consider while buying an embroidery machine. Make sure that the machine is well-suited for your specific business needs. Without further ado, let us have a quick look:

Scope Of Machine:

The first thing you have to figure out is the scope of your embroidery machine. This benchmarks your minimum needs and hence, provides the starting ground for the buying process. In case you decide to go with a home-based machine, you definitely would not want to spend thousands of extra bucks on features that you will eventually not end up using. Similarly, a commercial business model requires a bigger and a better version.

Domestic embroidery machines

Apart from the immediate use, you should also take into account your probable future plans. Look for an embroidery machine that has the flexibility to cater for your future business needs as well. For instance, if you are starting with embroidering, you might as well need sewing capability along the way. Make sure that your embroidery machine does serve well for such affiliated needs.

Manufacturer’s Reputation:

manufacturer reputation

As mentioned before, testing out the product is not an option. Research is the only tool you have at your hands. Ensure that you capitalize on this sole option convincingly. Look out for user reviews on machine embroidery forums. All name brands are more or less good with their products. When you are done with researching the manufacturer, look out for an great local dealer. A great dealer will not only deliver the product as promised but will also excel in providing the support.

Field Width:

field width

Field width is the distance between the needle and body of the embroidery machine. This also represents the largest width you can sew-out. In other words, it is the largest size of design you can work with. The more the field width, the larger the designs you can offer to your future customers. It increases your capability as an embroider. This feature is of more significance to commercial embroiders as compared to the home based ones.


Don’t just go after the machine’s immediate features. Also, inspect additional accessories thoroughly. The embroidering process is of an integrated nature. All fragments have to be on-spot for producing the desired results. Hoops are an integral part of the whole process. Check the number of hoops and their sizes that your manufacturer has to offer with a particular model. They will dictate the size of designs. Moreover, also see the maneuverability of hoops inside the machine.

Ask your dealer about the sizes and prices of additional hoops. You might not need them now, but you probably will. Don’t just settle for what you need right now but alongside, anticipate and plan for the near future needs.

Guides and Training:

Embroidery machine manufacturers often provide training classes and manuals to make their customers adept with product’s features. They are especially useful for novice embroidery start-ups. Many manufacturers have their blogs set up to educate their customers about different challenges they are likely to encounter.

training session

Costs for the equipment include training and support part. So, to be sure, just double-check this with your dealer. Inquire and check about the programs they run in this regard.

Automatic Threading:

automatic threading on embroidery machines

This is another feature that has contributed towards making life much easier for the embroiders. Automatic threading makes it possible to restart the process after a thread break. If you are tired or your vision is not at the very best, this feature is an absolute life saver. It re-threads the machine on its own, making the process smooth, easy and seamless.

Sewing Unit:

sewing unit

Most embroidery machines that are surfaced today have this inbuilt sewing ability. It is good to have an equipment with additional features which can be utilized when needed. Moreover, equipment that has this dual ability to embroider as well as sew, has diverse features and they also perform better in the long run. In addition to this, if your primary sewing facility is out of order or is scheduled for a routine service, it is good to have an alternative side-by.

Accessories Compatibility:

embroidery machine accessories

Additional accessories like hoops, clamps, presser feets and quilting tables are often added to the embroidery machine. They enhance the equipment’s innate ability. Accessory manufacturers are eager to fill in the gaps that actual manufacturers leave. You should look forward to benefiting from these accessories too. For this reason, you should always check compatibility of the equipment with different accessories.


It is a really smart feature that is going to increase the efficiency of your work. The camera enables you to view the backside of the embroidered surface. You can see the items that have come out of the hoop and realign them to save the garment. Another pretty smart use of the camera is to align the items straight, even if the garment is in a crooked hoop. You don’t have to re-hoop the fabric all over again. Both features contribute towards inducing efficiency to your operations.

Number of Needles:

multiple needle embroidery unit

More the number of needles a machine has, the better it is for the embroider. Especially, if you have to deal with logos and complex designs involving different colors, multiple needles become inevitable. In this case, 4 or 5 needles are sufficient but this should only be seen as a minimum. More needles mean that you will always have more colors available, and thus, it saves time spent on swapping threads.

Customer Support:

Even the best embroidery machine won’t do that great if you don’t know how to make use of its cutting-edge features. So, support from the manufacturer becomes a necessity, especially if you are a beginner. Embroidery is a complex process for someone who is just starting out, involving various technical variables like thread and stabilizer tension.  So, you will always be needing support for running your business flawlessly. Before making a purchase confirm that your manufacturer has specially dedicated staff for technical support and service to the customers.

These are some of the things that you should thoroughly check before arriving at the final decision. While making the decision, go for features that can help you grow into a better and bigger machine embroidery business.

Even after buying the embroidery machine, you will be needing help here and there to meet your customer expectations. A very important aspect of the process is embroidery digitizing. Look for a great embroidery digitizing services who have a concrete reputation of delivering quality digitized files with a quick turn around time. For help with your digitization related issues, reach us and connect.

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