Digitizing for single and multi-head machines is similar but not identical. When you are going to digitize for multi-head machines, then you will be facing various challenges. There can be two problems irrespective of the fact either machine is having two heads or 30. The two scenarios can be:

– If the problem is evident on all sewing heads, then the issue will be related to digitizing.

– If the problem is visible on one head, then there is a chance of a mechanical issue.

There are many other questions as well that are asked like why this design is not sewing properly on my machine? Are you embroidering using single-head or multi-head machine? Here we are not going to shift the responsibility from the programmer but being aware of the scenario helps to provide a better solution.

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Some Common Observations

Following are some of the common observations:

– If all the heads or the embroidery machine is in good condition, then there will be no issue whether there is single head or more. But in reality, moving the mass of multi-head machine’s pantograph gives rise to some considerations for the digitizer. Note this because some machines are better as compared to others.

– The quality of embroidery is related to the precision of the pantograph movement along with the relationship between all moving components on the embroidery machine. An expert programmer will be aware of this fact and will adjust the design to match the characteristics of a specific machine. One of the important adjustment made by the embroidery digitsing service will be adding little more pull compensation to the design targeted for the multi-head equipment. Remember that multi-head machine require to swing more mass when moving the pantograph. This is essential to compensate for slightly wider columns in areas having tight registration. According to expert’s advice, in order to get the best embroidery designs, it is important to adjust the design even if you are using two exact same multi-head models on the same production floor and running the same digitized embroidery design.

– Poor digitizing will affect the working of both single-head machine and multi-head machine. But when we are working on the multi-head machine, then problems are amplified with the number of heads.

Single Head Embroidery Machine

Problems Due to Poor Digitizing

Let’s discuss the four problems due to poor digitizing when creating digitized embroidery designs. Before we move one, remember that if the problem is with one head, then it will be mechanical issue and if a problem exists in all heads, then the problem will be related to digitizing as discussed above.

Read ahead:

1- Thread Breakage

One of the primary problem caused due to poor digitizing is the thread breakage. When digitizing is really poor, this situation happens. Moreover, when the design is overly dense and stitches are packed too tight, thread breakage happens.

2- Trims

You need to analyze the problem. There can be two situations as listed below:

– The problem can be stitch tie off that leads to pull out, when thread comes out of the needle during the trim process.

– The thread may break at the point of trim.

Digitizers use various methods to tie off thread before and after a trim sequence. If you are experiencing that you are getting pull outs instead of thread breakage, then it is better to discuss the tie-off methods with your programmer.

This problem can also occur when you start sewing the design again in a new location. In this situation, you should look to the tie-in.

birds nest embroidery3- Tension

There are few symptoms that will be visible on both multi-head and single-head embroidery machine but are rare due to the mistake of poor digitizing. The symptoms include:

– The appearance of white thread on top of the design

Bird-nesting (This happens when embroidery machine stops abruptly).

Both the problems are related to the tension, and poor digitizing will make the condition worse. Digitizing alone is not the reason behind this problem.

4- Registration

Registration problem happens when the border be it bean, satin, walk, or other stitches do not register with an area that is supposed to be trapped. Most of the time, this problem is related to the digitizing but again remember the two conditions. If the problem is happening on one head, then you need to look for the things like bent needles, poor tension, or spoiled thread. If the problem is happening on all heads, then the programmer should edit the design.

Digitizing for single-head and multi-head embroidery machine is similar but there are some tricks that expert programmer use to get high quality designs. This does not mean that designs digitized for single-head will not work for multi-head or vice versa. The point here is, if you want to optimize your production environment, then you should discuss with a programmer about the exact equipment mix and inquire about the way to improve quality and efficiency of design at the same time.

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