Embroidery machines today have automation to create patterns on cloth of various kind while using a variety of threads. These machines are of different brands and so have a language of their own to read a digitized file. In order to communicate with them, digitizers need to convert JPG to EXP for embroidery or other machine file formats accordingly.

Modern embroidery machines are extremely fast and efficient. Almost all of their operations are automated making them an important part of the modern world. They also have a computerized system allowing a medium of communication with their operators. By uploading standard JPG design files in the machine’s computer, an error would notify the operator about an unknown file format.

Embroidery machines accept a different file format rather than the very commonly known JPG, PNG or BMP image file extensions used in computers. One may ask why bother about the difference at all? Why don’t the manufacturers add the functionality in their modern machines to accept normal computer file formats? Let us answer it in a precise manner.

What is EXP file and why is it important Convert JPG to EXP for Embroidery?

Embroidery machines are manufactured by many different companies each having their advantages and purpose. Bernina and Melco are two popular brand names in the industry and their machines require EXP format files. We all are well aware of the JPG image format files so it’s not important to discuss about it, but it is important to note that an embroiderer must have a design or logo in PNG, JPEG, BMP, PDF or any other image format.


Every embroiderer has to fulfill the universal job of having their customers’ files converted to their machine friendly format. For a layman, conversion of a file from one format to another seems simple, so where’s the problem? Unfortunately, the process here is not that easy and simple as per routine. Your Melco or Bernina machines cannot read standard JPG image files, it’s alien stuff to them. This is the main reason why you need to convert JPG to EXP for embroidery.

Embroidery machines are made to apply stitches on cloth but how does it know where to start and what to follow? This is where the EXP file comes into play because it is designed for the very purpose of controlling the stitching patterning system. Melco and Bernina machines specifically use EXP file formats for embroidery.

Melco is a commercial embroidery machine whereas Bernina is a non-commercial / home embroidery brand. In certain situations you need to have defined thread colors in Bernina. It consists of three files because only one can’t hold the complete requirements.

  • EXP – The machine design format
  • INF – Colors of thread
  • BMP – The bitmap graphic image

How to Get JPG to EXP Conversion?

While we use the word conversion a lot that is not the actual case here. In reality, it’s all about creating the entire sewing process of the design provided in any image format. It is a universally known process called Embroidery DigitizingThe task is not as easy as you think. Owing to the time consuming process and technical expertise, embroiderers tend to purchase the services of a digitizer.

Convert JPG to EXP for Embroidery

Some commonly searched queries by embroiderers:

  • Free Convert JPG to EXP for Embroidery  – allow me to pop the happy thoughts bubble here as there is no free digitization whatsoever. There is no software available yet which can automatically convert these files for free.
  • Do it yourself – If you are thinking to avoid any kind of costs, the sad part is that there is no free stuff out there. Ultimately you’ll need a licensed embroidery digitizing software because the trial versions have so limited functionalities that chances to get a professional design are very slim.
  • Hire a Professional Digitizer – When you’ve tried all free options to no avail and still need to spend money, why bother doing it yourself? Why not hire a professional embroidery digitizing company. The hype about professional services costing beyond affordability is totally untrue. One should never believe such rumors without trying it personally. Absolute Digitizing can convert jpg to exp for embroidery for as low as $1/1000 stitches with 100% guaranteed top quality work. What more can you ask for?

Lets take a deeper dive into the options discussed above to clarify even more.

Free File Conversion

The internet provides many possibilities, software engineers all over the world are working tirelessly on Artificial Intelligence (AI) aimed to reduce human dependency. If you Google ‘convert jpg to exp for embroidery free’, many links will appear in the results. They look promising and eventually fool everyone to believe their files will convert for free. Unfortunately the sites claiming to provide free conversion are in fact link farms which shamelessly bombard their visitors with a plethora of ads. After struggling with all the unwelcomed stuff thrown at you (when you least expect it), your downloaded file hasn’t changed a bit and especially not converted to EXP format.

Auto Digitizing Software

Automation is the need of the hour, we are comfortable to know that machines are working in a pre-defined pattern and do not require human input in every step. The idea of automation is alluring but reliance on self-generated designs is not a good thing. Even the most modern airplanes require pilots to operate. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in machine embroidery business is just like aviation industry, you have the auto pilot mode but you cannot risk taking off or landing on it. Many Embroidery Digitization Software come with a built-in option to design automatically. You may try it as you wish but be ready for unprofessional results.

Auto Digitizing

Do It Yourself Or Outsource The Designs

No design is too simple, it requires proper skills to digitize so that machines would understand how to embroider them neatly. You can even do it yourself if you have proper knowledge of the digitising software and enough time. A better option is to outsource embroidery digitization to a professional team at an affordable price. Professionals are well aware of what every machine needs to sew a great looking pattern. They provide you with well-defined ready to embroider  files.

Professional Embroidery Digitizing Services

We are a leading name in the embroidery digitizing industry. At Absolute Digitizing you get error-free machine ready EXP files for Melco and Bernina machines. We professionally convert JPG to EXP for embroidery within 12 to 24 hours for only $1/1000 stitches. We look forward to do business with you and win your heart through our professionalism. You can contact us for a free quote for your project.