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Finding the best embroidery digitizer is of utmost importance. A good embroidery digitizer helps keep the production flowing, no matter whether you are a champion in your field or are busy setting up your new business and drafting the logistics of the new business. In fact, for startups, it is always a better idea to have an access to a good professional.

You can start by identifying the area that you will specialize in. It could be editing, lettering, production or digitizing. No matter what field you select, you will always find a client who wants you to design a logo. Accordingly, you can choose a digitizer to start your work.

There are a number of professionals offering embroidery digitization available in the market. Start by identifying and selecting the one that matches your requirement the best.

Who is a good digitizer?

Embroidery Design for Digitizing

In order to find the best, it is important to know what a digitizer actually is. An embroidery digitizer is a skilled individual who is able to transform an image or text into stitches. The embroidery digitizer is capable of creating an image in a format that can be read by an embroidery machine.

You can easily opt to use the services of your embroiderer for digitizing purposes. However, problem arises when you want to place a repeat order, but use a different shop every time. In such cases, the ownership of the design becomes an issue. Therefore, it is best to contact a good embroidery digitizer to save on the lead time and pricing.

He is someone who works in a cooperative manner and knows the embroidery process by heart. He or she knows what it takes to make a design look its best and what type of embroidery suits on what type of fabric.

How to find a good embroidery digitizer?

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There are certain qualities that digitizers possess and something that you must look for in them while finalizing the deal. For example, there are certain traits that you can use to identify whether the concerned person is good at his job or not when you provide an artwork to him or her.

He must begin by analyzing the artwork and by checking whether it requires any modifications. Not all logos that were initially intended for print media work well for embroidery purposes. Therefore, some corrections might be required. In addition to the size, he is also required to enlarge the text and eliminate the outline.

When shown a design, an embroidery digitizer will first ask about the type on fabric on which the design needs to be embroidered. Next, he or she will ask about the format, size and modifications about the design that you want him or her to make while embroidering the design. For example, before providing the embroidery digitizing services and proceeding with the actual work, he may ask you to make some improvements in the design. He or she may recommend changes in the size of the text or a change in the format or style of the design.

Questions you must ask before Embroidery digitization

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There are certain questions that you might ask the person you are hiring for digitization to figure out whether he or she is suitable for the job or not.

You can start by asking about the digitizing software that the candidate is familiar with. Sierra’s Embroidery Office 9 is a standard software used by the industry. In case the candidate is not aware of this Windows-based software, it could mean that they will take time getting used to the whole process of digitization.

In addition to the software, you can ask him about his total experience in the embroidery business, the time that he has spent digitizing designs so far and whether he has ever operated a commercial embroidery equipment physically.

His answers will give you an idea whether the person in question is good for the business or not. In addition, you can guess whether the person can work on machines or catch up speed with time.

Once you are confident about the knowledge he has about embroidery digitization, you can go specific and ask questions about his unique and artistic style. For example, you can ask whether he can make vector art or design unique pattern, handle photos or bitmap image or embroider niche designs like animals, cars or architecture.

Embroidery production facts a digitizer must know

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It is important to make sure that the embroidery digitizer knows a majority of things, if not all, about production. This will ensure that there are minimal changes related to the color and other trims during embroidering. In addition, you should make sure that the he sews out the designs before sending them out to you.

This is a common problem with a lot of digitizers, especially graphic artists, who think that they can digitize since they can create any form of graphic with the help of software. But in reality, they have little or no knowledge about the entire sewing process, the underlay, density or push and pull comps.

A good embroidery digitizer, therefore, must know what embroidery digitization is all about and all processes involved in it. In addition, he must have an idea about whether an artwork can be converted into an embroidered design or if all artwork can be converted into embroidery friendly files.

A real professional analyzes the design in detail and figures out whether it needs any editing or not to be able to be converted into a design. Ideally, almost all designs need to be worked upon to some extent, to make it suitable for the purpose of digitization.

Effect of a good digitizer on business

Once you have discovered a good embroidery digitizer, make sure that you start trusting the person and the decision he makes. Let him know your expectations and give him a chance to perform.

A good and professional embroidery digitizer helps to satisfy the customer and hence, makes your business grow. This is why it is important to have two or more good digitizers at your disposal to fulfil the client requirements and provide them with the best products and services.

A professional digitizer can easily handle any type of embroidery design. Digitization of different designs requires extensive skills and time. Therefore, he must be aware of the stitch patterns and the fabric that must be used to create an embroidered design. A well-digitized design is appreciated by all and helps bring in more business.

In addition to the above points, a good digitizer can satisfy the customer and also help expand the customer base. The one who understands the design, the fabric, the shades and the tone is able to create an exquisite design that produces a great satisfaction among the customers.

Hiring trusted and dedicated embroidery digitizers helps expand and widen the customer base and in turn, the business. We have got you covered if you want to know more about embroidery digitizing and embroidery digitizers. You can target online clients and organizations with the help of excellent digitizing in embroidery.