Embroidery and sewing machines perfectly blend modern technology with their timeless charm. But what makes some Brother embroidery machines stand out amongst many other options? There are simply some key features that you should keep in mind before investing in an embroidery machine for high-quality output.  In the article below, we have listed the best Brother machines currently on the market and what makes them the best suited for you.

The creative embroidery digitizing team at Absolute Digitizing recommends these machines, so you must skim through them!

Calling out to everyone looking for a Brother embroidery machine, explore our curated selection of top-notch options in the market tailored to your needs. Add to the cart, upgrade your machines, and improve your crafting experience!

1.     Brother Luminaire Innov–is XP3

Best for: Home & Small business owners

Usage: Sewing, embroidery, and quilting

Key features:

  • Compatible with the Artspira Mobile application.
  • 408 x 272 mm embroidery area, which is the largest offered by Brother.
  • A 10-inch touch screen.
  • It comes with the advanced StitchVision technology.
  • More than 1500 built-in designs and 685 decorative stitches.

If you are on the lookout for an embroidery machine to get the best results, then we can’y recommend the Brother Luminaire Innov-is XP3 enough as it is the best. It is one of the top-notch embroidery machines, packed with the best features in the market, allowing users to experiment the most. The XP3 will allow you to create designs on a professional level and even take care of your sewing needs. You can also do quilting, how cool is that!

One of its features is the StichVision technology, allowing you to preview the designs through clever light projection. This way, you will know how precise the adjustments needed for color accuracy are and how to position them in the right place.

The machine is ideal for business owners and professional embroider because they can get efficient results through the Luminaire Innov-is XP3. It boasts the biggest embroidery frame, enabling you to maximize your usage.


  • High-speed embroideries
  • It provides ample space for large designs
  • Packed with advanced built-in technology


  • Heavy on the wallet (but worth it, especially because of the list of features and advanced technology it offers)

2.    Brother Innov-is NV2700 Machine

Best for: Home Embroiderers (All-rounder machine)

Usage: Sewing, Embroidery and Quilting

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with Artspira mobile application
  • It comes with 13 fonts and 258 built-in patterns
  • 4.9” colour touchscreen
  • It comes with a walking foot
  • 260 x 160mm embroidery area

For people searching for an all-rounder machine, the Innov-is NV2700 is the perfect one to purchase! This embroidery machine allows you to take your sewing, quilting, and embroidery to an advanced level.

The Innov-is NV2700 allows you to personalize by adding monogramming patterns and unique designs and even play around with the 13 fonts and 140 built-in frame patterns to add messages to gifts, clothes, and more items. The machine is reliable and powerful, ideal for confident embroiders or sewists ready to make their digital art stand out even more.


●        An all-rounder machine ideal for professionals

  • Advanced technology and upgraded features
  • Hassle-free experience for beginners and experts


  • It comes with a limited embroidery area, which may be limited for big projects.

3.     Brother Innov-is Stellaire XJ2

Best for: Expert Home Users 

Key features:

  • 360 x 240mm large embroidery area
  • It is compatible with Artspira mobile app
  • 889 built-in embroidery designs with 101 Disney designs
  • 10.1” HD touchscreen display
  • 285mm workspace to sew and quilt
  • 1050 spm embroidery speed

Bringing you another embroidery machine with high-quality outputs, the Innov-is Stellaire XJ2 is a durable and sturdy machine that is perfect for you. This machine can be used for multiple projects, and that too with ease. The Stellaire XJ2 is packed with some of the top sewing features, such as 16 buttonholes and 760 utility and fancy stitches. It also comes with a My Custom Stitch feature for personalized designs for all users. The machine has advanced stitching technology, and an extensive library to streamline the production process, allowing professionals and business owners to create intricate and high-quality designs quickly. The machine is ideal to enhance the productivity of a business.

Create next-level embroidery using the pivot function, ICAPS auto fabric thickness detection, the locksmith key, an advanced presser foot control, laser line sewing guidelines, and more.


  • Packed with advanced features for experts
  • Comprehensive solution for embroidery, sewing, and quilting
  • Built-in designs to unleash your creative side


  • The needles can break due to rigorous work

4.    Brother PR680W 6-needle Embroidery Machine

Best for: People looking to start their own business 

Usage: Embroidery

Key features:

  • It is compatible with the Artspira Mobile application.
  • 200 x 300mm embroidery area
  • It comes with a built-in high-quality LCD
  • 50 by default lettering fronts and 673 built-in embroidery designs
  • It comes with a needle threader and trimmer
  • Automatic color change abilities
  • Large crosshair LED needle drop precision pointer

If you love doing embroidery as a hobby and want to turn it into a business, then the PR680W can turn your dream into reality. With the capacity to achieve 1000 stitches per minute, this machine will promptly go through designs in different sizes for all your projects very easily. Having access to the large LED screen allows users to view different designs and make adjustments before the machine begins working. This way, you can get the perfect way to finish projects efficiently. Users who need a little inspiration can choose from numerous embroidery designs. Overall, this machine is an ideal investment to change your hobby into a business!


  • User-friendly interface, perfect for beginners and professionals
  • Large embroidery area to assist you in creating intricate patterns
  • It features six needles, facilitating efficient changes in color without manual thread changes.


  • The color range is quite limited in comparison to Brother Luminaire Innov-is XP3.

5.    Brother PR1055X Embroidery Machine

Best for: Creative people and business owners who need options

Usage: Embroidery

Key Features:

  • It is compatible with Artspira mobile application
  • 360 x 200 mm embroidery area
  • It comes with a built-in camera for previewing and positioning
  • It has 37 built-in fonts and 606 by-default designs
  • 10.1” LCD touch screen

Are you a small business owner or someone who loves embroidery as a hobby and wants to upgrade to something more precise and quick? Then, the PR1055X is the perfect option! Get a chance to unleash your creative side while working with modern technology. It has up to 10 needles for multi-colored design and efficient layouts. The built-in camera allows you to check if nothing is out of place, and the design is placed wherever you want it to be.

It also comes with a design library, editing features, and fonts, allowing you to get inspiration or experiment. You can also edit the designs through the MyDesign Centre, a built-in technology that gives you a helping hand. The PR1055X is perfect for small business owners. It allows businesses to flourish with various designs. It’s ideal for creative individuals, helping them bring their designs to life.


  • Built-in designs and precision technology
  • The machine accommodates a spacious design area
  • 10-needle configuration for seamless color changes


  • Price tag might be higher, especially because it is limited to embroidery and doesn’t offer more options. 

What to Consider When Choosing Sewing and Embroidery Machines?

You need to consider several things when buying a sewing and embroidery machine. Here’s what you need to remember:

●       Cost and the Worth:

An embroidery machine’s price tag is higher than a sewing machine’s, so you might want the most value for your money. It’s important to choose a machine that will last you for long and serve the purpose it is designed for. It’s best to invest in the best embroidery machine you can afford. An entry-level machine might not be a wise choice, so getting something with better features and a modern touch would be a good idea.

●       Embroidery Hoop Sizes and Field

Many embroidery machines can only work on a small area and are very limited when it comes to embroidering. Some lower-priced machines have a lower embroidery field of about 4 inches square. If your work is professional, you might want something more than 4 inches square. When it comes to embroidery hoops, you should know that different machines come with varying hoops in multiple sizes. You can even purchase them separately to use with these machines. It’s best to opt for a machine with numerous embroidery hoop options.

●       Connectivity and Designing Options

Different sewing and embroidery machines have numerous design choices. Some may have more, while others may have less. Some have pretty designs, while some have more valuable designs. You should choose a machine that offers you multiple embroidery designs you like and would use. However, you can download or even purchase additional designs from Cool Embroidery Designs. Some machines make embroidery through computer designs, allowing users to make digital art a reality through USB and computer connections. Embroider artwork on clothes, napkins, table mats, and other items. When purchasing an embroidery machine, prioritize those that have connectivity options.

●       Display

The display of embroidery machines can vary significantly; some feature a small, unclear window, while others offer a clear preview of the design to be embroidered on the fabric. This way, you can see the design’s color and preciseness.

Bottom Line

Now that you know which machines we trust with our business, we recommend you get the one best suited to your needs to achieve precision and perfection for your items. So, whether you’re a passionate embroiderer or someone in business, these machines are the perfect way to achieve whatever you want in terms of designs. Create your designs or take inspiration from the built-in ones and get beautiful outputs.