Are you aware of the importance of a logo in your business? If no, then this might be the thing stopping you from recognition. A logo is an identity for your business or brand. You might have seen various brands placing their logo on their products. Some companies place a logo on their staff uniform as well. The primary purpose behind this is marketing. Furthermore, a logo will help you in creating brand awareness because people will recognize your brand after seeing your logo. To get one for your business, you need to contact a digitizer who will be digitizing your artwork. In the next step, you will transfer it to the embroiderer, so that the design can be placed on a product. To get this done, you need to get in touch with a company that provides services regarding digitizing logo in Colorado.

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Importance of Digitizing

Let’s have a look at the importance of digitizing. You have to bring the embroiderer and digitizer under one roof for this job. They both will work together to provide you the best quality results.

Why don’t embroiderers just utilize the design and start the work? This is one of the frequently asked questions. Well, the answer is that the embroidery machine read-only specific formats. The design file should be created in a specific format so that it can be read by the machine for further processing.

In addition to this, the artwork file you have in your standard PC is JPG, PNG, JPEG, and many others. Unfortunately, the embroidery machines will not recognize thee formats. The machine will accept formats like EXP, DST, PES, and more.

To digitize a logo, you need to send a standard file to a digitizer. The digitizer will convert the standard file into a format that will be readable by the embroidery machine. To get this done, you need to contact a professional company for the service of the digitizing logo in Colorado.

Steps in Logo Digitizing Process

Now, we will be looking at the different steps involved in the logo digitizing. Remember that this is not an easy process to do. The professionals have to keep various technical aspects in mind while working.

1-Understand Requirements of Clients

Without understanding the requirement of your client, you will not be able to do the task right. Before you start work, it is very important to properly understand the client’s requirements. You should be familiar with their expectations of your customers.

2-Hire Expert Digitizer

You should hire an expert digitizer for the job. We use the embroidery digitizing to convert the logo, image, or any other artwork into a stitch file. After this, the embroidery machine will sew it. To perform this job, you need a certain skill set. Without any delay, hire professionals to get service for the digitizing logo in Colorado.

3-Order of Stitches

The next important thing is the order of stitches. Once your artwork is ready, then the embroidery digitizer will look at the order of stitches from start to end. This is called “traveling”.

4-Selection of Stitch Class

Now, there will be a selection of stitch classes. The expert will figure out the ideal stitch class for each part of the logo to get perfect sew-out. For your information, there are three types of stitches that include running stitch, satin stitch, and fill stitch.

The expert also needs to keep an eye on the trajectory of the needle stitch, stitch density according to the logo. Other things to look include a number of underlying stitch embroidery, stabilizer (backing material), thread colors, and much more.

5-Push and Pull Setting

Push or Pull setting is very important. To convert a logo for embroidery, it is important to either push or pulls the stitches on your logo design. Keep below points in your mind:

  • The penetration point of the stitch is the exact point where needle presses into the fabric. This links the upper thread with the bobbin thread. Due to the interaction of the two threads, a pulling effect is generated.
  • Contrarily, the push portion is located on the opposite sides of points of penetration. If necessary, then this section is reduced by bringing it closer. This practice is known as push compensation. Remember that the scale of the application relies on the amount and type of underlay being utilized.

6.Customer Satisfaction

Maintain a high quality during the process is very essential. Once you convert the logo into a machine format via the embroidery digitalizing process, then you have to do a comprehensive review. You need to counter check the details.  Send a file to the client for approval after checking it properly.

No Compromise on Quality

Quality should never be compromised while working because it is essential for winning the customer’s trust. For service regarding digitizing logo in Colorado or anywhere around the world, hire an experienced company for the job. In addition to this, you should get quotations from two or three companies and then make your final decision.


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