Are you looking for the cheapest solution to digitize your embroidery designs? If your answer is yes, then you have reached the right place because we at Absolute Digitizing offer 1 dollar digitizing i.e US $1 per 1000 stitches for custom digitsing embroidery and Patterns. It means that 90% of your logos can be done in only $10.

Embroidery is one of the most effective ways to customize your apparel whilst making it attractive. It has been around for centuries, but since the advent of computers, it has evolved and become digital making it very convenient. With the help of an embroidery machine, one can easily stitch design within minutes that would have otherwise required days when sewn by hand. Embroidery machines today are fast, efficient and very helpful for bulk production. But there is a catch to all this sweet and speedy process. Embroidery Machines do not recognize human language and run on digital codes.

When you need to embroider a design on any embroidery machine, it is necessary to have the design converted to a suitable machine file. One of the most popularly used formats is DST. If you need help in understanding embroidery machine file formats, you can read our blog in detail. These types of files are also called embroidery files as they can be used for stitching with the machines.

1 Dollar Digitizing For Longevity

We don’t doubt your skills with the classic hand embroidery, but when you want to achieve more in less time you need a machine to work for you. The solution you seek lies in embroidery digitizing which can enable you to get even more creative with designs and patterns. Digitizers are skilled professionals but no less than magicians who can help you give life to your ideas.

Once a design is digitized, it becomes immortal. You can use it on the machine even after many years and make use of it diversely. Use the design on a T-shirt, drapes, portrait, wall hangings or any other thing you find suitable. There are no limitations and there is no expiry so a single file can be used a thousand times without affecting quality.

Professional digitizers keep their tools up to date because it allows them to provide the best quality. They use the latest technology and the most updated software to work on designs. It helps them to make error free files that contain all the colors you requested and can also run on a variety of embroidery machines. The design gets all the attention to details it needs for the perfect sew out on fabric.

1 Dollar DigitizingDigitizing a design yourself is also possible, but why trouble yourself when you can get 1 dollar digitizing with in 2 to 24 hours turnaround time. Thanks to the internet, today the process of ordering online is the most convenient and quick. The moment you send designs to the digitizer, he gets to see them and plan its execution. Without proper planning, even the simplest design can be a disaster.

3 Reasons You Need to hire a Professional Digitizing Service

Here are the top three reasons why you should opt to hand over the designs to a professional embroidery digitizer rather than bothering yourself with them:

Save Money

One of the biggest factors that concern people looking for custom embroidery digitising services is the cost of a professional digitizer. Why would you trouble yourself when you can get 1 dollar digitizing done by professionals who are into digitizing and vector art business since 1999. Obviously, their skills are far better than a person who just started to digitize. Even the smallest mistake can cause chaos during production.

Save Time

Now that you have your logo, design or artwork you want to embroider, send it for digitizing. Professional digitizing Services such as ours are very quick and experts on their job. You can get the perfectly converted files within a couple of hours only. Now that you have got professionals working on your designs, you have the time to take care of other important tasks such as buying supplies for embroidery. The files will be handed back to you electronically before you get back to office so you get to kill two birds with one stone.

Increased Productivity

Now that your designs are digitized, you can start embroidering on hundreds of fabrics or apparel. If you have a home embroidery machine, you can decorate your room with matching interior. Replicate the design on your drapes, cushions, table cloth and on many more items you desire to see them on. There are no boundaries to get creative and your file is intact even after being used a hundred times.

If you have ordered digitizing for commercial purposes, you are free to contact an embroiderer who works on commercial grade projects. They have multi head machines which can sew out a design on multiple number of garments at once. It saves both time and money because with a multi-head machine you get more work done in a jiffy.


Absolute Digitizing Offers 1 Dollar Digitizing

We are a digitizing agency with decades of experience because we are in business for more than 2 decades. Our team consists of expert digitizers who are highly skilled and professional to the core. We have a special trait that most others do not possess and that is giving attention to the minute details. It is true that a great design can be ruined if the digitizer working on it is careless.

The reason for our success is our special emphasis on quality. Owing to the growing demand for embroidery digitising, we felt obliged to offer 1 dollar digitizing which is $1 per 1000 stitches digitizing. It means that you can get most of your left chest and cap designs with in $10 and there is no one in the industry to match this price, taking care of the quality of digitizing at the same time. It helps our customers get prized work done at an extremely affordable price. If you have any special requirements for digitizing your logos, get a free quote and pass on the instructions so we can amaze you with our pricing and professionalism simultaneously. We look forward to doing business with you.