The process of digitizing for embroidery needs proper knowledge and skills to get satisfactory results. It is important to note that the modern digitizing software are detailed and they are very easy to use. But still, there are some technicalities that can be understood only by the expert. There are many things involved even when you are going to work on the simplest artwork. It is important to note that every function needs to be assigned properly if you want to avoid the mistakes. Sometimes, in a hurry to get the designs, a slight misstep can create a problem for you in the production. To avoid all the problems, you should avail the US digitizing services from an expert company.

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The process of embroidery digitizing is not an easy process. There are various things that you need to know to complete the job. Remember that to complete the entire process, you need to use various software. Every software comes with a different type of tools and functionalities. You need to pick one according to your needs. You must know that there are different types of  free embroidery digitizing software as well as paid software like Melco Design Shop, Wilcom, Pulse and many more.

All pieces of the software mentioned above are best to perform the job but they are having a slight variation in settings. Note that novice digitizers are not having enough experience to understand all the functionalities and they will definitely make mistakes when applying the new settings. Due to this, you will not get the desired designs according to your need and they are also not aware of how to resolve the errors.

Problems or errors are inevitable. Digitizing errors can be of four types. But if you want to get rid of this problem, then you should get the US digitizing from the expert company. But before you try to find the professionals, you still need to be aware of the problem they may face when you are not getting the services from the professionals:

1-Proper Setting is Must

Every software is having a setting panel where you can make changes to the design elements. The elements to consider will be underlay settings to stitch density and everything that comes in between. Remember that with a slight change in the setting, there will be a huge impact on the design quality. So, it is essential to do the setting right to complete the job properly.

US Digitizing 2

By making changes in some setting for self-learning can be a good practice but you don’t need to do an experiment on the client’s task. You should make changes only if you are aware of the end results.

2-Inappropriate Use of Tools

To make you understand this point, let’s consider the underlay settings. Note that commercial-grade embroidery digitizing software comes with a built-in setting that will allow you to ‘auto apply’ underlay stitches. For your information, the underlay comes in various types. Each of them is having their own subset of settings.

Moving on, in case of top density settings, you can add custom values for a common walk stitch underlay. Setting the stitch count is similar to adjusting the density. The only difference will be that smaller the number, the closer will be the needle points. However, in the case of density, the condition is the opposite. When you are reducing numbers in density, then the needle points are pushed further away and stitch counts are reduced.

Note that getting the underlay stitch points very close can cause a thread to break during production. It can make the fabric clustered causing the needle to penetrate with force. If any extra force is applied, then your needles can break. If these types of mistakes are happening, then this can be very costly for the embroiderer. Furthermore, it is a fact that when deadlines are coming close so, there is no time for a test run. In this situation, mistakes can happen easily but when you are hiring the experts for US digitizing services, then you don’t have to worry about this problem.

3-Wrong Use of Auto Tools

Auto tools are great as they help in saving a lot of time for embroidery digitizers. But if you are unnecessarily using the tools, then you are going to ruin your designs. You must know that software is not able to judge the intricacies of design. It can mix up the dimensions and when you are not using the tool with great care, then you will not get desirable results. So, the decision of using the tools is totally dependent on the digitizer working on the designs.

US Digitizing 3

Have a look at the above photo, the cat on the left is the work of automatic digitizing while the cat on right is a work by a human. You can easily notice the difference in quality and decide if using autopilot is really worth it or not. Some novice digitizers may use auto tools a lot but when you are availing the US digitizing services from expert, they will use the auto tools only when they needed it most.

4-Wrong Placement of Stitches

A minor mistake in the placement of stitches can ruin your designs without any doubt. If you are taking a wrong start, then note that your entire process will proceed in the wrong way. In this way, embroiderer will waste the money and digitizer will also lose his reputation.

It is important to note that embroidery digitizing is a proper profession and there is no shortcut for making money. To get rid of bad experiences, embroiderers should carefully choose digitizer for best US digitizing services by the competent companies in the area.


Hope now you are aware of the mistakes that may occur during the task. If you are in search of the best, then Absolute Digitizing is the right place to visit. You will get the best US digitizing services from the team of competent digitizers with an affordable price tag and on-time delivery.

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