Personalize your world with embroidery from bespoke towels and linen to ball caps, baby blankets, dresses and staff uniforms. Embroidery is the perfect way to make every ordinary fabric, personalized and chic. Today, machine embroidery and digitizing are among the most demanded services for fashion and advertisement. But for someone who is new to these services may ask how much does embroidery digitizing cost?

The broader question that arises for someone who has never had a business logo digitized is, what is embroidery digitizing? Most customers are introduced to it by an embroiderer or when they purchase a home machine for embroidery. Although modern machines are equipped with lots of functions and technology embroidery nor stitching can be done without human input. Hence, embroidery digitizing is also a manual task that requiring the services a highly skilled professional.

Digitizing for embroidery is a sophisticated task. It is a skill acquired through hard work and dedication because it is not something you learn in school. If anyone aspires to be a digitizer, the road is rough with plenty of potholes. Professional digitizers have practiced for years on dummy projects until they became qualified enough to work on real files.

Therefore, embroidery digitizing is not something you get for free either from a human or software. Prices vary for each file because of many different factors. Absolute Digitizing is a professional agency providing the services for more than 20 years. Although every project is different, our team of expert digitizers handle them with professionalism. You can expect only the best from us because we are experienced enough to handle the intricacies.

How Much Does Embroidery Digitizing Cost and Why?

To understand how much does embroidery digitizing cost, it is important to know what makes it cost worthy. Why can we not get it for free just like many digitalized files available on the internet? There are several factors that come into play and affect the cost of the service and the embroidered merchandise.

  • Number of elements in a logo or image
  • Quantity of thread colors needed
  • Number of stitches required to complete the logo or image

Embroidery machines have a software of their own allowing the embroiderer to control the stitching process. But it does not enable the machine or the embroiderer to upload a simple image file and start stitching. It is designed to accept a digitized file and read instructions from it to complete the embroidery process. Therefore, you cannot rule out the need for a digitized file whenever machine embroidery comes into play.

The process of digitizing for embroidery takes place within a specifically designed software. To ensure accuracy of the digitized files, professional digitizers around the world and at Absolute Digitizing use only licensed software. It allows the digitizer to program the design, then save it in a file and upload in the machine’s software.

Digitizing the design ensures that whenever the file is used for the purpose of stitching, its quality never wavers. The size, number of stitches and even the colors remain the same. Thus, use the same file for embroidering caps, shirts or even towels and jackets. Hence, you may use for every fabric unless a change is required in colors or the size. In case a change becomes necessary, get a new file digitized according to the new requirements.

How Much Does Embroidery Digitizing Cost

How Much Does Embroidery Digitizing Cost?

Embroidery digitizing is a one time fee. Once the file is created, it can be used for future jobs. Absolute Digitizing is well known for its high quality embroidery digitized files and very competitive prices. Usually, a digitalized left chest file costs as low as $10. The completed file is emailed to the customer after passing a rigorous quality check.

Customers are often unaware that they can order directly from a digitizing company. They agree to the embroiderer’s demand of digitizing the design for an added cost. The amount billed to the customer is more than double the price paid by the embroiderer to a digitizer company. Yes, it is true that embroiderers outsource your files to digitizing agencies.

If you are curious to know how much does an embroiderer charge for a left chest digitizing? It can be anywhere between $50 – $100 depending upon the design. Furthermore, they get it digitized from us for as low as $10. When customers order digitizing directly from us, it costs only a fraction of the price charged by embroiderers.

It is a myth that digitizers pay extra attention to details when working for embroiderers. There is no truth in that because we have a strict policy regarding quality. We never compromise on it nor do we categorize our customers. It does not matter if you need one file or a dozen. Every file is worked upon with perfection by an expert professional only.

Another myth revolves around the delivery time. There is no truth in keeping customers waiting and prioritizing embroiderers. We are working professionally for more than 20 years and we have a well defined mechanism to avoid delays. Every order is fulfilled within the least possible time and rush orders are delivered super fast.

How do I Place My Order?

We have a very simple order placement process on our website. You have a choice to use our live chat module or send an email. Either way, one of our experts will attend to it. If you have any question to ask, do not hesitate. We welcome your inquiries and answer them within minutes.

You might be wondering how much does embroidery digitizing cost regarding your design. It is natural to be curios. Request a free quote about it and discuss anything you feel necessary. Remember, you are not talking to a robot nor an outsourced virtual assistant. Your inquiries are handled by our inhouse digitizing team.

Our website is equipped with all the necessary information and tools to assist you when placing your order. Read our FAQs page for details on our policies and the software we use. You can also find information on how much does embroidery digitizing cost? Let’s connect now and discuss your upcoming embroidery project. We are eager to amaze you with our work and prove that we are the best in the industry.