To get logo digitized for embroidery, a digitizer should have a strong grip on lettering concepts. Logo for a business is very important as it acts as their identity within the market. It is a common observation that some large brands all over the world are having their logos on their products. Furthermore, you will see that a logo is having a company or an abbreviation so lettering become essential for the professionals. Remember that it is important for the expert to pay attention even to the small details to get a great quality logo as an end product.

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As per the above discussion, it is important for the logo digitizer to keep all complexities and finer details in mind. In the following blog, we will be looking at the four different options for introducing and editing letters. We will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each option to get logo digitized for embroidery.

Embroidery Digitizing of Letters

If quality is on top in your priority list, then this point is very important for you. When we are talking about the logo digitizing, the custom letter digitizing is an option that spurs satisfactory results. In the case of logos, the custom digitizing is having a prominent role.

For best results to get log digitized for embroidery, you should start from the scratch through original artwork. You have to digitize each letter individually. Let’s make it clear that good quality is not all about a great look. The custom job on the logo will ensure that it runs smoothly and quickly during production. Remember that you have to adjust the stitching parameters like underlay and stitch density according to specific fabric and design.

Contrarily, the keyboard fonts or any above-mentioned methods rarely latches on custom digitizing. It is difficult that they match the quality ensured by customized lettering. With all this in mind, from a commercial point of view, it is a fact that quality is not only the thing to look for. You have to keep constraints like money and time in mind as well.

Due to these constraints, below are the three methods that will act as a relief for the digitizer:

1-True Type Fonts

This is a novel method. It is important to note that the professional embroidery digitizing software comes with True type font generator. This will convert your true fonts into stitches. Remember that in some of the cases, the techniques provide better results but in the case of logos, this method is not good. Using this method to get logo digitized for embroidery, you have to do more editing for adjusting the direction, stitch angle and count. Furthermore, you might have to do modification in other parameters like underlay and pull compensation, stitch density in some of the cases.

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So, it is a fact that you have to do substantial efforts to get the best results. Even after taking care of all the things, errors can occur.

Keyboard Fonts

This is one of the quick and easy methods to perform lettering in embroidery digitizing software. It is important to note that for the logos you should take special care. To get logo digitized for embroidery, you can’t force a keyboard font because this will affect your quality. You should use this font only if it will work naturally according to your requirements.

In this method, you have to put letters just like you do on the text editor. The only difference here will be the font style. You should pick a font style from a wide range of font styles that comes with the software program. Moreover, once you type the letters, you have to adjust the embroidery digitizing parameters later. The parameters include stitch type, density, and direction. Next, you have to save the file in native format. Run it and see if any error occurs. If any error occurs, then fix them and now convert to stitch format.

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Moving on, you should start to single-out fonts that are your favorite. This will help you to reduce the time. In a standard manner, you have to guess which font will work for a particular style of design. After this, you will run the design to see if it works for you or not. Additionally, if it is a new font, then you will have to make drastic changes. But if you are aware of the font, then you can get rid of the cumbersome process. Note down that it is not possible to perfectly digitize every letter. In this case, you need to custom digitize a particular letter. You should not let small effort come in way of you and a good logo.

Utilizing Alphabets

This option is best for logos having little text. This shows that the alphabets are not a good option for text logos. Every alphabet will be in a distinct design. Using them in one logo or design need merging distinct designs or alphabets. The benefits of using alphabets are that you will get various decorative and themed alphabets.

This will allow the embroidery digitizer to get logo digitized for embroidery with fancy designs. Note down that the flames, angles, and different animals clinging to letter is an example of how alphabets provide great variety with less effort. For your information, keyboard fonts and alphabets are used in combination during embroidery digitizing logos. The reason behind this is the identical manner of adding the letters but there is a difference of editing the letters. Keyboard fonts are easy to edit in any software. But in the case of alphabets, there are some limitations with editing stitch parameters.


Hope the above tips will help you to do lettering in a more professional way. If you are not having the skills for custom embroidery digitising, then you don’t have to worry about anything. You can connect with Absolute Digitizing to get professional logo digitizing service with a price tag of $1/1000 stitches along with a quick one-day around time.

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