Machine embroidery has come a long way since it was first introduced in the 1800’s. These machines were mostly manual and had limited capability. With the progress of technology, today we have machines with automatic functions. Thanks to the availability of skillful embroidery file digitizing professionals, most of the time machines work unattended.

That is correct! Most modern machines have advanced software integrated into their system allowing them to obtain instructions from embroidery digitized files. These files are programmed to guide the entire stitching process and even intimate the embroiderer for thread color changes. Digitizers have made it easy for embroiderers to stitch the image on fabric with ease.

On a broader perspective, digitizers for embroidery have enabled the entire process affordable for the common person. Today, customizing fabric with the help of embroidery is no more limited to the kings and queens. In fact, even small and medium businesses avail the facility and have their staff wear logo embroidered uniform.

Earlier, when embroidery was done only by hand, it was much expensive and time taking. Due to the high price, only the elites afforded it and it was also highly unreliable. One could easily notice a difference in quality among two fabrics embroidered with the same image. Machines eliminate unreliability because they do not make mistakes and always work in the same pattern.

Commercial embroiderers have multi head embroidery machines allowing them to stitch dozens of fabrics at the same time. Since the source of information is the same for all the needles i.e., embroidery digitized file, the quality never wavers. Therefore, if you are thinking to embroider your business logo on staff’s shirts, do not hesitate to order bulk embroidery.

Embroidery File Digitizing – The Soul of Machine Embroidery

Embroidering a design is not an easy task. There are too many factors at play which make it a challenge. Although modern embroidery machines are capable of doing almost everything, but they cannot digitize. In fact, there is no software that can digitize an image without human input. If you have read or come across any website, software or app claiming to digitize in autopilot, avoid it.

Embroidery file digitizing is the only process enabling the machines to sew the desired image. They read instructions from the file and copy the exact pattern used by the digitizer when making the file. This is why you must always choose a skilled and experienced digitizer for digitizing your image. Remember that even a single mistake in the file can ruin the entire sew out.

We are the ultimate choice of commercial embroiderers and hobbyists because of many reasons. We are professionally digitizing for embroidery in the last 20 years. Absolute Digitizing is home to many skillful embroidery digitizers making us the most experienced team in the country. Besides that, our prices are highly competitive and you get a left chest digitized file for as low as $10.

A common myth that often confuses people is that the process of making embroidery files is overrated. The software’s interface looks easy and anyone can make a file because it is only tracing an image. Truth be told, it is the very thought that has caused a lot of customers to suffer losses. After uploading an erratic file in the embroidery machine, they end up wasting time, money and materials.

Embroidery File Digitizing

Embroidery File Digitizing Is a Lot More Than Tracing

Have you watched an embroidery digitizing video or seen a digitizer at work? Surely, neither the software seems intimidating nor the digitizer’s work looks confusing. It appears easy and gives the impression that after a few attempts, anyone can create a fabulous file. The term ‘looks can be deceiving’ perfectly fits here because it is not at all as easy as it looks.

Professional digitizers spend years of training on sample files. After countless mistakes and constant practice, they learn the art and are able to work for customers. The software although, looks easy, is an ocean of tools and their combinations. Every option provided in it has a purpose and when combined with each other, creates a new effect. During the making of the file, there are countless combinations involved to obtain the required sew out.

A digitizer not only learns the software but they also obtain massive knowledge about machines, fabrics and materials. Every design is unique and it requires different materials to sew. Furthermore, it will be embroidered on a different fabric than the one they digitized for in the previous file. So, the same combinations cannot be applied to every file. Each design puts their skills and knowledge to the test and only an experienced professional manages it flawlessly.

In most cases, digitizers are more knowledgeable than their customers. For instance, a customer runs a restaurant and wants his staff uniformed embroidered. Surely, they have no idea about embroidery machines, digitizing process and the necessary materials to use for the sew out. When they approach the digitizer, it is his job to provide an error free file without scaring the customer. Thus, using his intuition, skill and experience, completes digitizing the design without a single error.

Finding The Right Professional for High Quality Files

Thankfully we have the internet within easy reach and it certainly solves a lot of our problems. You can simply search for embroidery file digitizing from your phone or PC. A list of all the available embroidery digitizers will appear on your device’s screen. From the list, you can click on the link to Absolute Digitizing and reach our website.

Our website has all the modern methods of communication making it easy for you to communicate with us. Use the live chat module for quick communication or send us an email. If you have any questions regarding our service, price or delivery, request a free quote on your design. We will answer everything in our capacity with correct information so that you have no problem in making a decision.

Our customer support staff is not outsourced and it is handled from within our office. Therefore, you get the correct and timely response to your query. If you are in a rush and want to get your file urgent, let us know. We will make special arrangements to get the file digitized and it will be in your inbox when you need it. Let’s connect now and discuss your next embroidery project. You will get the experience of a lifetime.