Custom embroidered apparel is gaining popularity in the US and more people ask for the best embroidery digitizing shop? If you want high quality embroidered files for your designs, there is no need to go to a shop physically. The service can be obtained online without waiting for long and not putting a dent in your wallet.

Absolute Digitizing is more than a shop, in fact it is a company offering professional digitization services for 20 years. It houses the best team of embroidery digitizers in the country and provides immaculate services at very competitive price. Customers get their designs digitized within the least possible time for as low as $10.

It does not matter if you want a design with lots of elements or simply a business logo digitizing. Our team of experts are proficient in digitizing for embroidery and they handle tasks very well. When ordering with us, your designs are in safe hands because we never compromise on quality and privacy. You can read about it on our FAQs page.

In order to bring out the best in a design, we use licensed professional software and not free embroidery digitizing software unlike the various service providers out there. Our PCs are also the latest machines enabling us to deliver the files in shortest possible time. If it arouses your curiosity, we use Wilcom Embroidery Studio Elements 3 for embroidery digitizing purposes.

Are you looking for a reliable team to fulfill your digitizing needs? You need to look no further because you have reached the best company in America. Do not worry about the cost because it will never exceed your budget. Before you go any further, request a free quote now. If you do not see our email, please check your junk/spam folder.

Finding The Best Embroidery Digitizing Shop Around Me

Living in the age of the internet we understand its importance. This is why our website has the modern facilities to facilitate you from ordering from the comfort of your home. You do not have to come to us, rather, send us an email or use our live chat. Any questions or inquiries are catered by our in-house team of experts.

It is correct, we have not outsourced our customer support department. When using the live chat, you get connected with a digitizing expert within the facility. Ask anything about our services or your order and it will get replied in the most professional manner. The customer support department operates 24/7 and you can connect with us any time that suits you.

If it is your first time ordering an embroidered file, using a search engine search for embroidery digitizing shop. A link to our website will appear on the screen and clicking on it will direct you to us. Once you have landed on our website, you can use our live chat without a problem. But if you are busy and do not have time to chat, send us an email.

Remember that digitizing embroidery and embroidering fabrics are two different things. Embroiderers are people who own commercial embroidery machines and they do not make embroidery digitized files. However, they sometimes offer the service at around $50 – $100 per file depending on the design. This is too much to pay for a file.

Save your hard earned money and order directly from a professional digitizer available at Absolute Digitizing. You get the file at a fraction of the price from us that is quoted to you by an embroiderer. The reason? He outsources the file to digitizers and keeps the middleman commission to himself.

Embroidery Digitizing Shop

How Badly Do I Need Embroidery Digitization?

This question is not new to us because we have answered it to most of our new customers. People who are new to the world of machine embroidery ask this question too often. To answer the question in short, without an embroidery digitized file, an embroidery machine cannot work. These machines are not like printers and they cannot read image files.

Embroidery machines require special kind of file that meets their requirements in every aspect. To move about the fabric and sew a design, they need a file which guides it through the process. The digitalized file contains the instructions for the embroidery machine to follow and sew out the required design.

Embroidery digitizer is the person at the embroidery digitizing shop who actually creates the files. In order to work professionally, he has practiced for years. The digitizing process looks easy if you watch a digitizer at work. But try doing it yourself and you will realize it is not an easy task at all. One small mistake and the file is done for.

Every design embroidered on a shirt, t-shirt, cap, jacket or any other piece of clothing is digitized first. The file is then uploaded in the machine which gathers the instructions from it. The file acts like a treasure map. It consists of every needle point, speed and the areas to make pauses. It even tells the machine when to change the stitch type and when to skip an element.

There is one thing that also needs mentioning here. Unlike PCs, every maker of embroidery machine has developed a software of their own. This is why you will need a different file type every time you choose a new embroiderer. Always ask the embroiderers for the file type before ordering.

What If There Is No Embroidery Digitizing Shop Near Me?

Having no embroidery digitizing shop near your locality is not a problem anymore. You do not have to go to a digitizer to get your designs digitized. You only need internet to go online and order from our website. Send the design in an email or upload it through the option available in the live chat.

As soon as the design reaches us, we will send you a free quote containing all the necessary information. Once your order reaches us, sit back and relax or you can look after the chores if you like. Our experts will have already started working on the design and it will reach your inbox very soon.

Now you have got the design digitized professionally without going to any shop for digitizing. The file is downloadable and it can be taken to any embroiderer of your choice without a hassle. Enjoy the professionally digitized flawless file and wear your design on your apparel with pride.

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