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We have multiple teams working on every file received to us. The digitizers go through the customer’s requirements in depth. During the digitizing process, they ensure that every requirement is met. Once the file gets digitized, it is forwarded to the QA department for tests. If it passes our strict quality test, it is marked complete and sent to the customer. 

We prepare files for a lifetime. It means, you can keep the file for future use too. There are no expiry dates nor time limited passwords for accessibility. Once a file reaches you, it becomes your property and we do not claim any right to it. You can read our strict policy on customer rights in our privacy policy and FAQ pages. 

If you need an urgent delivery, feel free to inform us about it. We will ensure that it reaches you within the time of your need. And you do not need to worry about the quality of the file. It does not matter if the order is a rush or normal, quality is never compromised. 

Why Do We Really Need Embroidery Artwork Digitizing? 

If you have not asked yourself the question. Why do I need to obtain embroidery artwork digitizing even though I have a digital file of the artwork already? Sooner or later, you are going to wonder upon it. This question is almost the first one asked by every person new to the world of machine embroidery. We never blamed them nor do we blame you. Hopefully, you will find the answer here as we try to solve the mystery for you. 

There is no denying to the fact that you hired a graphic designer to have your business logo created. The designer used a software to create it for you and sent you a digital file of it. A logo file is mostly a JPG, PNG or in a SVG format. You probably have been using it without any problem on your letterhead and in many other places too. It never bothered you and you never felt the need for a new file format ever. 

Now that you’ve decided to get the business logo embroidered, you are asked to get a new digital file. We understand your frustration and the confusion also. The fact that you need a new file format is because of the embroidery machines. Unlike the printers and other home or office use machines, which decipher the image and present the desired result. Embroidery machines are not that smart. They cannot work with any file that is not exactly or similar to the DST file format. 

Although machines have a friendly user interface built in them, they are stubborn from the inside. In order to control or communicate with them, you can only do so in their own language. And in the case of embroidery machines, it is very much different. 

Embroidery Artwork Digitizing

What Actually Is a File Readable by The Embroidery Machine Made Up Of? 

In a nutshell, an embroidery digitized file is a collection of commands for the machine to follow. You might be surprised to know that the machine will actually blindly follow the file. Hence, the digitizer has to be very careful when programming the file. To the common person it seems as if the digitizer is only tracing the design within a special software. 

Actually, there is a lot more than meets the eye. The software is in fact recording the moves carried out by the digitizer. It is following each path carefully and taking notes of each act. Throughout the tracing, the digitizer is leaving various marks such as needle points, speed, tension, stop points and more. It all gets programmed and once the embroidery artwork digitizing is complete, the file is ready for the machines. 

The humans see the beautiful layout of the threads, the machine will see a lot more than that. It will see the file as a treasure map and will start following the instructions. The quality of the sew out depends on the instructions recognized by the machine. If the digitizer did not focus on the push and pull compensation and other important aspects of digitizing. The machine can tear the fabric apart. 

This is why we say that digitizing is an art. It is a skill that is not commonly available in every software user. Digitizers are a rare breed and their journey to perfection is not smooth either. Unfortunately, they have to undergo a tough training that too without proper guidance. 

Many professional embroidery digitizers have mastered their skill on their own. They have practiced endlessly and learnt from their mistakes. Even today, there is not enough online training material as in the case of many other industries. 

Can I Do Embroidery Artwork Digitizing at Home? 

Certainly! If you are thinking to digitize your own artwork from the comfort of your home, you can do it. We do not doubt your learning skills. If you read our previous blogs, you can find a lot of helpful material. Who knows you might turn out to be the best ever. But if you are thinking to digitize only for one or a few designs then you should consider the following. 

Embroidery artwork digitizing is done within a software. There are no free online tools nor are there any mobile apps for it. Therefore, you will need a modern PC for it because the outdated ones are barely able to run the software. Purchasing a PC will easily cost you hundreds of dollars so, you must have a good budget for it. 

After procuring the PC, you need the digitizing software. There are many versions available today each serving the same purpose. But they have different interface which attracts a variety of users. You can choose the one that is according to your taste and suits your purpose. But still, you will need to spend more money in order to obtain their license. The free embroidery digitizing software are either time limited or have locked most important features. 

After purchasing the hardware and the software, you are required to learn to digitize. There is no auto mode so you will have to do everything. Learning to digitize is the hardest part and most people give up after a few attempts. They end up wasting a lot of time and money in the process. Therefore, we encourage to adopt the practical approach. Hire a professional for as low as $10 and get you files digitized in no time.