Planning to initiate an advertising campaign involving giveaways? Make them long lasting and beautiful with digitizing logos for embroidery. Handing out small gifts to your customers increases their loyalty and as a reward, you get more business. Being a small business should not stop you from branding for your business.

Businesses without a proper advertising plan cannot survive in today’s highly competitive environment. Never before has been a logo more important. People are used to recognize images more than remembering long names. Therefore, your logo can play a great role in promoting your brand and you should focus a lot on it.

Take the first step by getting your staff to wear the logo. Make sure to place it on all visible areas such as the left chest, on the cap. If your staff uniform also includes a jacket then the back of it must include the logo. When they wear your business logo, they are distinguished among the crowd making it easy for customers to spot them.

Now your staff has become a walking and talking advertisement of your brand. The moment they step outside of the workplace, they carry your brand logo across the city with them. People who are unaware of your business come to realize of its existence. Thus, people in the vicinity have a higher chance of becoming your customers.

If your business serves online deliveries, sending an embroidered gift is even better. A simple keychain for example would mean a lot to the customer. It is a purposeful item and once they get it, it becomes a part of their daily life. Hanging beside them all day will keep reminding of your business and they become your regular customers. A small step towards branding will reward you beyond expectations.

Why Is Digitizing Logos For Embroidery A Necessity?

The question has become universal and customers who are new to machine embroidery ask it a lot. Actually, the term digitizing is what confuses them because they already have a digital logo file. Probably a PNG, SVG or an AI file which they have already used for printing. It always works for printing but why does the term digitizing logos for embroidery exist?

Embroidery machines are a different breed and they work in an entirely diverse fashion. They are meant to produce physical products using digital technology. Using needles, threads and fabric, they produce items used for fashion, advertisement and branding. Modern embroidery machines are equipped with a software of their own and it helps the embroiderers control them.

The software installed in these machines are not the regularly used software such as Windows, iOS or Android. In fact, every manufacturer produces their own version and installs them in the machines making them unique. The embroidery digitizing software accepts a unique kind of file format which is specifically programmed keeping the model and make in mind.

Some of the most popular embroidery machine brands are Tajima, Toyota, Brother, Melco, Ricoma and more. While they all serve the same purpose, but each of them require a different file type. For instance if you need to embroider your logo on two different machines, you require two different file formats.

It creates a problem for the customers and to tackle the issue, most modern machine models accept the DST format. So, if you have your logo in the DST file format, your local embroiderers will be happy to serve you. To the human eye, the file looks like a threaded version of the logo. To the machines, it is a programmed file guiding it through the entire process highlighting the needle points.

digitizing logos for embroidery

Do You Make The DST File Using Online Tools?

It is evident that to make a computer readable file, you have to use a software. A common myth, embroidery files are a conversion of an image file. The word conversion is used in the industry so much. It has become normal for embroiderers to tell their customers to get their file converted.

It creates an impact on the customers that the file can get converted like PNG to JPG. It is a no brainer and any average computer user can do it on their own. In some cases, if the file is proving to be a nuisance, it is converted using an online free tool.

To make such simple conversions you do not need to hire a professional digitizer. But when digitizing logos for embroidery, the conversion is not so simple. Actually it is not even a conversion because a file get programmed entirely from scratch. The process takes place within a specifically designed software with a plethora of commands and tools.

You can find a variety of embroidery digitizing software online but they all need to be downloaded. You cannot run them online and there are no embroidery digitizing apps. Therefore, you need to run them on your PC or a laptop. It no longer matters about the OS of your PC or laptop because there are suitable versions available.

Downloading the software is free but to run it after installation requires a license key. You get it after paying a certain amount and then use it. To date, there are no online websites or conversion tools that will enable you to digitize for embroidery machines. The conversion process is laborious and hectic. You cannot do it in the first attempt. In fact, professional digitizers have spent many years in training.

Is Digitizing Logos For Embroidery Expensive?

When you realize that digitizing logos for embroidery is not an automated process. The question about the cost comes to mind. Do not expect a professional digitizer to spend hours on programming a file and give to you for no cost. If anyone says so or any website claims to digitize for free, avoid it. They are trying to lure you in some kind of a trap.

However, the cost to get your file worked upon by a professional is a huge factor in making a decision. Unless you have the required amount, you cannot hire a digitizer. Interestingly, getting your logo digitized from Absolute Digitizing costs a lot less than your expectations. You can get a left chest digitized logo file for as low as $10.

Yes, it’s true that our prices are highly competitive and what else puts you at an advantage is the quality. Files digitized by us are of the best quality because that is what keeps us ahead of competition. We are in the digitizing business for more than 20 years. So far, we have digitized thousands of files and our experience today benefits our customers.

Hiring our professional digitizers is not expensive at all and we have a large team for your assistance. We even have an in-house customer support team. You can connect with us via the live chat or send us an email. In either case, one of our expert digitizers will answer to your questions. We are available 24/7.

We encourage our customers to request a free quote before placing the order. It helps clear the price and delivery time so that you can plan the embroidery accordingly. While we digitize, you can spend your time on more important things. Once done, the file is emailed to you.