Digitizing Embroidery? The answer to this question can vary according to what type of person you are? Are you a beginner? Are you an expert? Depending on the level of information you required, answers can vary. In this blog, we will be looking at the following elements for your better understanding:

– Some of the FAQs questions

– Three things to become a proficient digitizer

– Sources of information that will help you in digitized embroidery

Here’s the simple definition of digitizing embroidery: “It is the tracing of artwork with stitches by using software to create an embroidery file”.

In digitizing, we transform the existing artwork or logo into an embroidery file. The file is created to run it on an embroidery machine. This is achieved by applying the stitches to the artwork with the help of embroidery software.

In simple words, you can say it is a process, in which you tell your embroidery machine to craft a design through a series of commands received via digitizing software. This may sound very simple explanation but in reality, digitizing embroidery is more than you see with your naked eyes.

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Digitizing is all about learning the physical attributes of machine embroidery. In this process, you understand how to utilize the software for achieving the desired results. Furthermore, selecting the right stitch directions and type is the point where learning curves comes in.

Embroidery Digitizing FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Now you are familiar with digitizing embroidery. Let’s move ahead to get answers for some FAQs:

Do You Need Artistic Skill to Digitize?

If this is your first question, then the answer is “No”.

Remember one thing, if you know the basic rules, then it is just like tracing things with stitches. You don’t need to be creative or an artist for this job. However, if you are creative and work on an embroidery machine with passion, then you can digitize better than others.

Time Needed to Become a Digitizer?

There is no defined time limit! If you are really looking to get a better answer, then let’s tweak this question. You may inquire, “How much time is required to learn digitizing embroidery?”

It is a basic rule, when you invest your time, energy, and stay dedicated toward a thing, you learn it better. Same is the case with custom embroidery digitising. If you are ready to learn it with your heart and mind, then you will get positive results indeed. You need to learn the following different elements:

– Three basic stitch type: (Satin, Fill, and Running).

– Push and Pull compensation.

– The density of the stitches.

No need to panic if you are not familiar with these terminologies. Digitizing, just like painting is a work that needs patience and proper guidance. Investing time in practicing and taking proper guidance will be valuable for you in the end.

Where to Kick start the Work?

The digitizing software is your starting point. If you are having the software, then you should move further and take a lesson either online or in person. If you don’t have the software, then you should buy one or get a free embroidery digitizing software to test out.

Embroidery DigitisingThree Important Things to Become a Proficient Digitizer

Planning to become a proficient digitizer? You need to properly understand the importance of below-listed things:

Knowledge of Materials and Equipment

The concerned person should have basic knowledge of the embroidery machine along with its functionality. The person should be aware, how to get the desired results using various needles, threads, and fabrics? One should know about the thread tension and how it will affect the design? He should learn how tight a garment be hooped? Why over-tight or over-loose framing can create problems? Having answers to the above questions will make work easy for you.

Technical Knowledge of Digitizing Embroidery

One should learn about types of stitches that embroidery machine is capable of. One should know about the measurements in embroidery and distortions that might occur during work. Additionally, one should be familiar with the position of stitches, the direction of travel, along with the type of stitches that will change the look and feel of the design.

Understanding of Digitizing Software

One should have a thorough knowledge of the software he is selecting for the work. He should know about all the tools in it and how to play with them. The work includes the creation of shapes, stitch type, starting and ending point, design sequence, automatic settings like pull compensation and underlay. One should be capable of editing, creating, re-sequencing the element, and export file in a suitable format depending on the machine.

Embroidery DIgitizing ForumSources to Gather Information regarding Digitizing

You definitely need to have the proper information for learning and doing the work. Following are the six points that will provide you enough knowledge to start the work:

– You have to work for gathering your own experience. Practice will make you perfect.

– You have to analyze the design for learning and see what causes the distortion and how stitch setting will change the embroidery sew-out?

– Documents like vendor-specific help files, tutorials attached to software, educational books or e-books provide knowledge. You can also take help from webinars, podcast, blogs, and videos regarding software usage and embroidery machine working.

– Don’t stop yourself from experimentation. Try new things and this will expand your knowledge.

– Collect knowledge from an online community. There are forums on web, platforms, and groups on social media where people share their experiences and work regarding digitizing embroidery.

– Get training from professionals for quick learning and improvement in work.

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