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Digitizing? What comes in your mind when you listen to this word? The majority of people think that the digitizing for embroidery is done using a machine. Most people think that a person has to just give a set of instructions to the machine according to the work but actually that’s not the case. Digitizing is more than just using a machine to do your work. The proper knowledge of the machine feature and handling of the fabrics in a machine is also essential. Moreover, you also need to have the knowledge of the software that you will use to create a digitized logo to embroider it on the fabric using the embroidery machine.


If we look at the bigger picture, then embroidery digitizing can be compared to the painting on canvas. The only difference which lies in the digitizing process is that here you will be using the software instead of a brush in painting to get your logo on the fabrics. But remember one thing that just like the painting, embroidery digitizing also requires time and proper skills to do the digitizing job. You can’t learn everything in days or even months. It is important to do practice for years and get knowledge of the software, machine handling, and the solutions to the problems you might face while working.

You may have various questions in your mind as listed below:

-Why do you need digitizing embroidery services?

-What kind of tools are required?

– From where do you get digitizing embroidery services?

Now, we will be looking at the answers of all the afore-mentioned questions to make your understanding better:

Why Do You Need Digitizing Embroidery Services?

There is no doubt that everyone is looking for high-quality work. To achieve this task, you need to avail of professional digitizing services. The expert will do the job by keeping all your requirements in their mind so that customers get the satisfactory end result. There are many digitizing embroidery services on the internet that will do the required task for you. However, the only problem here is to find the best professional agency to get the work done right.

You should do some research or ask people in your business niche to get knowledge of an experienced company. Note that the quality work comes with a reasonable price tag depending on the requirement of your job. If you are having a simple project, then you might have to pay less. But if you are doing a complex project, then you have to pay a good amount of money in order to get the best quality work.

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Tools That Are Needed for Digitizing Embroidery

As discussed earlier, digitizing is not a simple process because it also involves the use of computers, digitizing tablets, digitizing software and even an embroidery machine to complete the task. We will be discussing these tools below:

Specialized Software

Before you place the design in the machine you have to create the logo or design according to your requirement. The artwork for the embroidery sew outs should be converted into a vector format also known as Native Embroidery digitizing formats. For your information, the input image or logo is mostly in raster format so you need to convert that raster into vector images. You can do this by using specialized software like Wilcom or Pulse.

There are many digitizing software in the market used by professionals. The software is having different levels that include beginners, intermediate, advanced, and expert. The expert will use particular tools to complete the work. Some of the popular embroidery digitizing software is Embrilliance Stitch Artist, Brother PE-Design, Melco Design Shop V10 and many more. You can get this software for PC and Mac.

Embroidery Machine

This is the pre-requisite for executing any digitizing embroidery job. You have prepared your design but now you have to install the design in the embroidery machine. There are many different types of machines available in the market depending on the need.

With all this information, remember that you should have the proper knowledge and experience to do the digitizing task. You should be aware of the machine, software working, problem handling that you might encounter while working. If you are planning to become a digitizer, then you have to invest your time and money in buying the right kind of software. After this, you have to practice for years to get that fine quality sew-out. But if you think that you are not a perfect fit for this job, then you should hire professionals for the job.

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Final Words

Hope now you have all your answers regarding the digitizing embroidery. The crux of the matter is that adequate knowledge of the machine and software is essential. In addition to this, you also need years of experience as the key requirements for the digitizing process.

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You can get the design or logo in various formats like EMB, PXF, EXP, DST, EMT, TAP, SEW, JEF, HUS, PES, CND, DSB, DSZ, KSM, T01, T03, T04, T05, T09, PEC, PCS, PCD, PCQ, and CSD. Furthermore, the machine that supports the above formats is Tajima, SWF, Happy, Barudan, Melco, Toyota, ZSK, Brother, Janome, PFAFF and much more.

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