Whether you just bought an embroidery machine or you are a seasoned embroiderer, you need digitized embroidery designs to work. If you are just stepping in the world of machine embroidery, understanding embroidery digitizing is crucial for success. Not only do you need to know how it gets done, but knowing where to get high quality embroidery digitized can be a lifesaver.

Have you have ever heard that embroidery machines are automatic and they can sew on their own? You have heard right about the machine part, but the design process is not automated. Creating embroidery design files requires manual efforts and it is a skill that involves extensive learning and continuous practice.

Most beginners in digitizing for embroidery are people who have purchased an embroidery machine and realized they need digitized files. Naturally, everyone’s first thought is to digitalize the files on their own. If you are one of the people who have just unboxed a machine for embroidery you need files for it.

Practically there are only two ways to get the digitized files for an embroidery machine. The first way is to learn the skill of digitizing yourself. The second and practical way is to contact a service provider who can do it for you. Obviously, for most people, hiring a professional seems intimidating due to the insanely high price.

Truth be told, embroidery digitizing services are one of the most affordable services on the planet. For instance, at Absolute Digitizing you get a left chest embroidery file for as low as $10. Getting professional services for embroidery is affordable but knowing how to digitize is also important. It helps understand the possibilities with your design.

Always Make Digitized Embroidery Designs with The Garment in Mind

Logo digitizing is not easy as it looks. The digitizer, a person who makes files for the embroidery machines is constantly engaged in making decisions. There are numerous ways to perform the same task but what actually matters the most is avoiding mistakes. You always need an error free file to embroider or else lose time, money and resources.

Digitizing design files for embroidery machines is the art of converting images into a sequence of instructions. These instructions guide the machine throughout the needle path enabling it to sew the exact design on fabric. Embroidery digitized files are not something you can download from the internet. They are specifically created when ordered by a customer or if he/she is a digitizer who makes on their own.

Digitizers with years of experience create the best files as they are aware of all the requirements. Simply taking a look at the design enables them to figure out the purpose even when not elaborated by customer. Knowing the purpose is important for the digitizer because it helps him understand the fabric.

Every fabric has different properties and reacts differently under the needle. Thin fabrics tear apart easily thus an underlay is applied during sew out. Thick fabric such as denim can do without an underlay but it also depends upon the design. In any case, the settings get applied right in the beginning to avoid inconvenience during production.

If you are learning to digitize, remember that always keep the fabric in mind when making the file. Some important settings are applied right in the start while some can be managed in between. Do not forget to manage the push and pull of a fabric, a common mistake among novice digitizers.

Digitized Embroidery Designs

How To Manually Make Digitized Embroidery Designs

One thing is clear that there is no automatic way to produce files for the embroidery machines. You either have to do it on your own or hire a professional. If you have decided to make the files yourself, you need to have a proper PC and a digitizing software. During the practice phase, a free embroidery digitizing software is the best choice.

You can download a free software online i.e., a trial version of Hatch by Wilcom, embrid or any other. There are many embroidery software that you can choose from but the ones mentioned here are mostly used by professionals. Remember that to use them completely you will need to purchase a licensed version. Free versions often have locked advanced features. When taking the first step into the world of digitizing, a free version can work very well.

Once you have the PC and the software ready to work, start practicing the basics first. Choose a simple image so that you do not get confused right from in the beginning. When people choose images that require a lot of work, they get fed up quickly and give up on digitizing. Remember to keep your journey simple so that your practice sessions do not become laborious and exhausting.

Before you do anything else, just apply the underlay settings and manage the push and pull compensation. Now start with the boundaries first and then move inside the design. Plan your path keeping the machine and the fabric in your mind. When digitizing, you are creating a map that will be followed by the machine in exactly the same way. Avoid lengthy jumps or clustering as they will cause problems during sew out.

Practical Solutions to Get Embroidering Without Delay

Embroidery digitizing practice is fun while you are learning something new. But it soon looses its charm when your chores and social activities are hindered. Certainly, not everyone can sit in front of a PC for months or maybe years. You have the machine and embroidery to do which is also a time taking process. Ease up on your tasks and let the professionals digitize the designs for you.

There is no need to go anywhere, to a shop or an office to get digitized embroidery designs. Order your files from Absolute Digitizing online by sending us an email or use the live chat. One of our experts will connect with you and get to work on the design. You never have to worry about the cost because our prices are very competitive.

Always request a free quote on the design so that you are aware of the time when it becomes available. The digitalized file will reach your inbox within the specified time and you can save yourself from the trouble. In the meantime, you can focus on more important tasks that require your attention. Once the file reaches your inbox, download and keep in a safe place. There is no expiry date of a digitized file and it can be used whenever needed.

Let’s connect now and get working on your next embroidery project right away. We make files for every embroidery machine present on the planet. It does not matter which machine model you own. Tell us about it and we will provide a high quality file that matches your machine requirements perfectly.