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Embroidery digitizing is a sophisticated task that requires a certain level of skill to achieve desired results. Every design is unique and with it comes a completely different set of challenges. To make a high-quality file from even the most intricate designs, the digitizer relies on his experience. Since there is no rule of thumb in embroidery digitizing, every digitizer produces a unique file.

Professional embroidery digitizers understand that each logo serves a purpose to the business owner. Today, embroidered logos are not merely a fashion accessory, but they serve advertisement purposes too. Staff that is engaged in all kinds of public dealing wear their company logo on their shirts or jackets. It not only distinguishes them from the crowd, but also represents the sense of professionalism of their employers.

Why Should You Digitize Your Logo from A Professional Embroidery Digitizer?

Embroidery digitizing is not something you learn in school. Learning to digitize is in fact equivalent to learning a new skill. The learning process is often lonely, exhausting and laborious. The process requires self-learning by reading a lot online and watching tutorials. This is the reason many people who start enthusiastically give up soon.

Embroidery digitizing is learning a software and memorizing all the options and their combinations. The software comes loaded with a variety of tools each serving a purpose. Based on the client’s needs and the logo structure, combining various tools help achieve the goal. Similarly, there are different software to choose from and they all help digitize your logo.

If you have a logo you want to digitize, you can either do it yourself or get professional services. In either case, it depends how experienced the digitizer is. If you are a well-seasoned embroidery digitizer, doing it on your PC will be a piece of cake. But, if you are thinking to learn to digitize just for the sake of your own logo, it is not recommended.

There are two obvious reasons for not doing it yourself if you have to start from scratch. The first reason is the cost factor. To digitize, you will need a modern PC which costs hundreds of dollars. After you buy it, you again have to invest by buying an embroidery digitizing software. Getting a licensed version will again cost hundreds of dollars because free embroidery digitizing software versions are time limited and locked important features.

Digitize Your Logo

Learn How to Digitize Your Logo

The second reason that one should not consider digitizing a logo themselves is learning. After spending all that cash on necessary hardware and software, you have to learn to digitize. You can buy the products at the market but cannot buy skill. Embroidery digitizing is not done on auto pilot but each and every step is applied manually.

Now begins the learning process which can take months or even years. It depends how deep do you wish to learn. To give you a bird’s eye view of the process, let us discuss briefly. When you have installed the software, run it and open a new file.

You will need a sample image to practice upon so choose any image with the least elements. You can either download one from the internet or choose from your saved images. Since it is a practice session you can choose any image you like. Once finalized, import it in the software and let it appear in your opened file.

Remember that once you start digitizing, you are actually creating a digital footprint. The embroidery machines will follow the same path hence, every move must be calculated. The best way to do it is by starting at the borders and then proceed towards the inner design.

Starting at the borders benefit in two ways. It secures the fabric in one place and helps avoid long stitches. The embroidery digitizer has to ensure that the stitches are of perfect length. If elongated, the threads will fall loosely resulting a bad sew out. If the stitches are too tightly digitized, they will form a cluster resulting in needle breaks during production.

How to Find A Trusted Embroidery Digitizer for The Best Results?

When you want to digitize your logo for embroidery, finding the best digitizer is a piece of cake. The internet is the best medium to bridge the gap between you and global talent. You can search for companies online using a search engine of your choice. The result will reveal links to all the service providers.

New customers get confused. They find it difficult to choose the best team of digitizers from all the choices put forth. Returning customers are aware of the fact that Absolute Digitizing is the most trusted company online. You get the most competitive rates, high quality digitized files and quickest turnaround time.

Once the search engine displays the results it has fetched for you against your query, click on a few links. You will be redirected to the embroidery digitizer’s website. Explore it to learn about their services and what other customers say about them. Get in touch with a few of them inquiring about their services and rates.

Send them an email asking about their services and describe your requirements too. Check the responses you get. The most important thing to consider when choosing an embroidery digitizer is to ensure they understand your requirements. Since you are not a digitizer yourself, any mistake in the file will create a deadlock during embroidery.

Ask for their portfolio which is essential to understand the skill of their team. After gathering information from all the companies you considered, finalize the one that suits your need and budget. We are hopeful it will be us because we are eager to work on your logo and amaze you with our skills. Connect with us and let’s digitize your logo.