Are you looking for ways to make your kids clothes more interesting? Kids love to wear their favorite cartoon characters or a person they adore such as their mom or dad. Make their clothes lovable by embroidering their favorite image with the digitize image for embroidery file. Get your digitized file from the experts to use on your embroidery machine. 

Getting a digitized file from Absolute Digitizing gives you peace of mind. You may obtain a high quality embroidery digitized file for as low as $10 within the least possible time. To start your ordering process, request a free quote by sharing your image. Once you receive the details, you may place your order for our digitizers to initiate the digitizing process. 

If you have any information to pass on, let us know via the live chat or send us an email. You may use it to communicate with our team. Discuss your project in detail to get a digitized file that fulfills your requirements. Once it is complete, we will email you the file and you may use it as per your desire. 

We are an agency specializing in embroidery digitizing for over 20 years. Our team comprises of professionals with many years of experience. Our aim is to provide our customers with error free files to ensure flawless embroidery. If you are looking for the perfect quality embroidery digitized files within a budget, you can count on us. 

Need your files within a short notice? Let us know about it and we will speed up the process to deliver the file. Speeding up work does compromise quality because we always do a quality check before delivery. Therefore, a rush order only minimizes delivery time and you also get the quality you expect from a professional. 

How To Digitize Image for Embroidery? 

Embroidery machines require a specific file format to initiate the sew out. The machines are unable to work with regular image files such as JPG or PNG. To them, they are unsupported formats and you cannot get the machine to embroider a design with them. To get the desired result, JPG or PNG files are manually processed and converted into machine readable files. 

The process looks easy but as a matter of fact, it requires exceptional digitizing skills and knowledge. If you have ever watched a digitizer at work, or the video of a digitizer. Your first thought would definitely be, it is nothing more than tracing the image. It is what appears to the sight but in fact the entire process is a calculated one and strategic. 

Every act has a purpose and it defines the outcome of the embroidery sew out. Digitizers, the professionals who digitize image for embroidery, use a special software to digitize. It empowers them with multiple tools which are helpful in the digitizing process. There are numerous digitizing software available today. You read about our preferences in the FAQ page to understand why we use it. 

An embroidery digitizing software can only run on a PC. There are no mobile apps or online websites that can help you do it. Although you may come across some mobile and online apps that claim to do digitize. It is best to avoid them because they prove to be nothing more than a waste of time and money. 

The software requires a lot of computing power and thus cannot function on a mobile device. Digitizers are required to work on high end PCs to produce high quality files. Outdated PCs usually fail to run the latest version of the software. 

Digitize Image for Embroidery

What Types of Images Can Be Digitized? 

People mostly think that embroidery digitizing in restricted to business logos only. As a matter of fact, you can digitize any image for embroidery. It can be your family phot, a scenery, a celebrity, an animal, flower or your own custom created design. There are no restrictions and you are free to get creative with it. All you need is an experienced digitizer. 

You can also do it yourself, but first, you will need to learn to digitize image for embroidery. If you are willing to learn it, you must have the proper hardware and a licensed software as well. An image cannot be perfectly digitized on the free version because most advanced features are locked. You will need them to digitize image for embroidery. 

If you already own a PC, make sure it can run modern software without a problem. If it is outdated, get a new one. Then choose a software to practice upon and develop your digitizing skills. Every digitizer has their own method and they may use a different software. There is no harm in it and you too should check a few before finalizing. 

Download the free versions and explore everything in detail. Most trial versions come with full accessibility but only a number of days. After that, the time runs out and the features are locked. If you are comfortable with any one, buy a license to use it to practice embroidery digitizing. Software licenses are not cheap so be sure to invest in the correct one. 

Finally, it is time to start practicing. We recommend to choose a simple design in the beginning to avoid getting stuck right away. Read our previous blogs to find tips on how to create a file for embroidery at home. Watch online videos too. 

The Best Way to Digitize Image for Embroidery 

Most people decide to learn digitizing to save the professional’s fee. If you are thinking on the same lines, consider the following: 

  • The learning process is not cheap as you have to invest a lot of money in procuring the hardware. 
  • Digitizing software does not come pre-installed in any PC. You will have to buy it separately which will cost you further. 
  • The digitizing software does not work automatically. It is operated by a human who has practiced a lot. 
  • One does become a digitizer overnight. Most professionals have spent years practicing and are still perfecting their skills 
  • It only costs as low as $10 to get a high quality embroidery digitized file. 

Getting a file for your embroidery need is cheaper than you think. There is no need to go through the agony of creating a file and then rectify mistakes as well. Why would you try to reinvent the wheel when it can be bought within a budget. Get the professionals to work for you for as low as $10 while you focus on what you do best. 

Finding the right digitizer is easy. Simply search for digitize image for embroidery on your preferred search engine. A list of every digitizer in your area will appear on your screen. The list contains numerous links to websites, click on our link to reach our website. Once you are here, you can connect with us via our live chat module. 

Place your order with us and our team will ensure that your error free file reaches you within time. We have a dedicated QA team to hunt for errors. If even a single problem is found, the file is sent back for rectification. Hence, you get a file that embroiders perfectly.