Digitally printing your special image on T-shirt, mug, mousepad or any other item is possible now. You now have a wider choice to customize anything of your choice. There is no need to be stuck with only the stock options. Customize everything around you the way you want it without any limitations. Convert bitmap to vector and allow yourself the freedom to use for any kind of printing. Do you know vector images can also be digitally printed on cakes? That is correct, with your vector image you can order a unique cake for every event. Your wedding cake can now have you and your loved one’s picture on it. Think outside the box!

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Studies reveal that people are more attached to the things which preserve a memory. Now your T-shirt does not have to be boring. Have pictures of your vacations on the T-shirt the next time you go outside in wearing one. It will certainly draw eyeballs and you will remember the sweet memories every time you see it. Obviously, you will tend to like it more than any other clothing in your wardrobe. Why? Because it has a special meaning that no other piece of clothing can possess unless you have more than one personalized and printed clothing item that you are equally fond of.

Why Convert Bitmap to Vector Only?

Why do I need to convert bitmap to vector image and what is vectorization? This is a question asked by many people who are told to go for a conversion. We will try to elaborate this question as best as possible. Let’s start with the bitmap.

Bitmap Image

Any picture taken by a camera, downloaded from internet or scanned is in bitmap format. You don’t have control over it because it is the default image saving format in devices. A bitmap is actually a format that allows the device to store images in the form of rectangular blocks. These rectangular blocks are so tightly attached to each other that you don’t normally see them. If you open a picture on your computer, try to resize it to a much larger image, what do you see now? Instead of a picture you now see pixels in different colors. This is called pixelation and normally happens when you try to rescale a bitmap image.

During printing, images are needed to be rescaled to fit within the dimensions of the given object. When your printer tries to adjust bitmaps in the set dimensions, the image pixelates. The outcome is a blurry image that has lost all its charm and crispiness. Certainly, no one likes to see a pixelated image because you can hardly understand it. Thus, it becomes necessary to  convert bitmap to vector. While your picture looks very good on a screen, it will not be the same after printing on the T-shirt, Jacket or any other item of your choice.

Vector Image

You probably have heard of the term vectors in your mathematics class. If you are not a huge fan of the subject, it would have certainly bored you to death. But now you know that it is not utterly useless because in real life it is being used. Vectors are basically mathematical formulas and they can have values as small as a micro granule. Or, you can stretch them to become large than life. There are no limits with vectors. Using this particular concept, the conversion of images work in the printing industry.

Graphic designers are the magicians who convert bitmap to vector these days. Using special software, every image is converted from jpg to vector. Usually, the software used is Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw but you don’t have to stick to them. There is a plethora of software available that can be used for the purpose of creating vectors. The software is complex to use because of all the possibilities you are offered. Although the user interface is very charming, but when you start using it, you need to learn a lot. You will require to invest a lot of training to be able to use it as per your need.

It can take months or even years before you can call yourself a master. Professional graphic designers undergo years of training before working for clients. To convert bitmap to vector, one needs to have an excellent grip on commands. Also, do not rule out the idea of using the mouse perfectly. It is true that using the mouse during such jobs plays an important role. Some professionals also use laser pen to make graphics. Working with perfection requires to have the latest hardware at your disposal. Professionals spend a lot of fortune on hardware and on up to date software.

How to Get Vector Art Services

Everyone is not a graphic designer. Only some exceptionally skilled individuals become the perfect ones in this niche. For work needed occasionally, it is not preferred to start learning the software. Why spend months training on a single tool and knowing there are dozens more. A single design cannot wait to be completed in months. The best option is to hire the services of an expert. Better, get the work done from a team because that way you get even better quality. The internet will be your way finder in this task and get you to the best vector art services provider.

When you search for “convert bitmap to vector”, a lot of links will appear on your screen. Those links can take you to individuals and companies also. If you are thinking a company costs too much, compare the prices. You do not have to pay for inquiry. Share your design with as many companies and individuals as you like. You will notice that graphic design companies today are already offering down to earth prices. Choose the company that suits your budget and understands your needs. Or, you can get a free vector conversion quote directly from Absolute Digitizing. Yes, that’s correct we are a professional graphic design company. Share your designs with us and let’s begin on your project right away!