Absolute Digitizing is widely known for having the best digitizers for embroidery in the industry. Our business journey spans over 20 years. We are actively engaged in creating high quality embroidery digitized files for customers from all over the globe.

If you need a business logo, artwork or any image digitalized for your upcoming embroidery project, look no further. We are committed to quality and professionalism whilst keeping our prices competitive. You get a flawless left chest digitized file for as low as $10.

Most people are concerned about the time because they have already been delayed due to various reasons. You can be assured that we have the capacity to deliver within the shortest time possible. We have a special mechanism cater to rush orders without compromising on quality.

If you are in a rush, do let us know in advance. Our experts will ensure that your file is prioritized. You can mention it during the time you place an order with us. Or you may also send us an email or instruct via live chat.

If you are a returning customer, you are already aware of our professionalism. But if you are a new customer and have any doubts about our digitizing services, delivery time or prices ,feel free to talk to us through the communication methods available on our website.

We encourage our customers to request a free quote before placing their order. It takes only a minute to describe your requirements and helps remove every ambiguity. Having relayed all the information to us, you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything.

The Importance of Working with The Best Digitizers for Embroidery

Over the past few years, many businesses have started offering services online just like the digitizing industry. It resulted in a huge price hike for online services making it impossible for many to work with professionals. As a result, a new market of freelancers emerged.

Their USP consisted of nothing else than a reduced price as compared to agencies. Therefore, most people opted to work with them for the sake of saving money. It may be beneficial to work with freelancers for many digital tasks but not embroidery digitizing.

The reasons to avoid freelancers and work with the best digitizers for embroidery are numerous. Addressing the main concern first, the price. In terms of the fee, working with an agency and a freelancer costs the same. Absolute Digitizing prepares flawless files for embroidery for as low as $10.

The second reason to avoid freelancers is quality. Individuals who have worked on a file cannot identify their mistakes because they have already performed their best. A minor mistake in the file can cause chaos during production and this is why we have a QA team.

Every digitized file is sent for a rigorous QA before being sent to you (the customer). We ensure that the files are free from all errors and will produce the highest quality. Therefore, you get a file that does not waste your time, money and precious resources.

The third reason is reliability. Supposedly, the individual has fallen sick or encountered a problem that refraining him to work. Your file is getting delayed and not only that, a huge pile of work is accumulating. Now either, you will not get the file at all, or the file will be a mess created in haste.

Best Digitizers for Embroidery

I Am Not Ready to Outsource My Files Can I Digitize Them Myself?

Digitizing files for the embroidery machines is a sophisticated task and requires a lot of skill. It is not something you learn at school and therefore to become a master digitizer, you have to learn it the hard way.

Even the best digitizers for embroidery actively working in the industry have not had it easy. Only the highly self motivated persons have been able to get a grip of it. So, if you are planning to learn the skill, say good bye to social life.

Digitizing for embroidery is not cheap because you will need a high end PC. Outdated PCs are too slow to run the advanced versions of the digitizing software. If your PC is not the latest, you will need to upgrade it. Buying a new PC will cost you hundreds of dollars.

Now comes the task to purchase a licensed digitizing software which can also cost hundreds of dollars. After spending a wad of cash on hardware and the software. It is time to start the agonizing task of isolating yourself and practice for hours.

Yes, it is correct that the software does not run on auto pilot. The software is entirely manual and you have to prepare the file yourself. If you think that owning the software will make you a digitizer, then you are wrong.

Professional digitizers have spent years of training and they still spend time on learning new tricks. We do not doubt your learning ability. But to digitize your first error free file, practice for a couple of months.

The practical solution to get one or a couple of designs digitized is to outsource it to the experts. You will be amazed how easy and affordable it is to work with us. Let’s connect now and amaze you!

Finding The Best Digitizers for Embroidery

We live in the modern age where internet is abundantly available. If you are looking for product, service or place, there is nothing better than to search online. You can use your mobile phone or a PC to search online.

Using a browser and a search engine of your choice, look for best digitizers for embroidery online. Entering the phrase will reveal a list of all the service providers. From the list, you can click on the link that leads to our website.

Once you have landed on our website, you can establish a connection with us. Use the live chat module or send us an email. In any case, you will get connected with one of our expert digitizers.

Our expert digitizers handle all customer queries in order to provide the best information and answer correctly. Hence, you can ask our experts all the questions you have to receive the best guidance. You can entrust us with your designs and receive files that are worth keeping a lifetime.