Wilcom Hatch Embroidery Software is targeted at those who are brand new to embroidery or very experienced users who want to get really creative.

Designed for the home/hobby market, it has quickly been adopted by many home businesses, those in the ‘prosumer’ space.

Hatch pricing starts at $149 for the Basic level and goes up to the top Digitizing level for $1,099 or ($99/month).

The most popular choices are:

Hatch Embroidery Customizer aimed to those who want to focus on lettering or monogramming and this is just $199 and includes 60 professionally digitized fonts.

Hatch Embroidery Digitizer aimed at those who want all the creative digitizing tools and it includes 86 professionally digitized fonts.

The stand-out reasons why people are fast moving to Hatch Embroidery is:

  • it is truly the easiest to use embroidery software available today
  • it incorporates the quality of Wilcom’s professional quality software mastered over 39 years
  • it is supported by an incredible customer care team who really care about each user. Click on free at the last line (end of this blog) to download
  • it has an array of incredible videos, a detailed online user guide and an army of active Facebook groups to answer all questions

Are you excited to try Hatch with unlimited use of all the amazing features for free? Yes you have heard it right! No Credit Card needed, No Dongle needed. it is Absolutely Free.

You need to read the whole blog for instructions to download it for free.