When you are planning for an advertising campaign, you need to look for vector online services. You need vector images instead of raster images for crisp and clear visuals. You may already have all the images designed according to your campaign, but they won’t do well with printing. Raster images have limited scalability.

Are you looking for billboard advertising? Or printing on T-shirts, caps and other promotional items? When you try adjusting low resolution images for unusual sizes, they are bound to pixelate. Due to low scalability, the images will burst into many small boxes known as pixels. Thus, comes the issue losing clarity and getting blurry images.

A lot of people who had never been asked before to get vectorization are confused. It is true you spend money to have the raster images created. Now the printing agency asks to bring another format and it is frustrating. To understand the logic behind getting vector online, let us take a deeper look.

Raster Images

Images taken by a camera, scanner or downloads from the internet are mostly in jpg format. It is the first revelation that such images are raster. The file format tells us a lot about where they can be used and to what extent. When printing on the standard A4 paper, such pictures can perform well because they do not require modification.

Anything beyond or below the original size of the image is known as rescaling or resizing. Raster images are also known as bitmap images. The name comes from their formation of pixels which are rectangular in shape holding a number of bits. The bits contain information such as color codes and as they combine, you see a certain color in a pixel.

When they are rescaled, they lose the ability to blend within each other after a certain limit. The loss of bonding separates every pixel and the image simply gets distorted. This is the negative effect one faces when using such images for advertising purpose. Below image is an example of how pixels burst to lose their clarity and beauty.

raster to vectorThe business logo that you want to use along with the prints during the campaign also needs to be converted. Unless every single element on the page becomes a vector, the purpose of conversion will not be complete.

Vector Images

Built upon the principles of mathematics, these 2D images have values in accordance with the X and Y axis. Vectors are nothing like scanned or camera images captured through a lens. They are manually created on a special software that requires a lot of skill and expertise to operate.

The people who convert raster to vector for you are known as a graphic designers. Having spent years training and building skills suited to perform the task, they can convert any image to vector art. Every pixel is manually marked and replaced by a mathematical value which is understood by the software. There are no automatic shortcuts because to obtain perfection, every element must be separately marked.

After completion, the file is normally saved in SVG or EPS format. It will not change the nature of the content inside and can be accessed anytime. Now it is completely resizable to any extent required and becomes perfect for any advertising campaign. If worked upon by an expert, you won’t see any change in colors too.

Print or Web? What Are its Uses?

It is natural to be curious about the extent of use of something you spend money on. When you buy vector online services you pay the graphic designer for his efforts. Thus, you should be able to use the file in places you wish to. We stand by your side on this notion and to ease your concerns, the file is completely reusable.

It depends upon the content inside, if it is event-specific then you might not want to use it afterward. But the conversion of your business logo makes it immortal. Use it without any hesitation to print on paper, apparel, caps and even on the web. No matter how much you resize it, there will be zero loss in quality and the result will be spot on.

Thus, every penny you spend on vector art services is worth it. In most cases, you can also request the source file to make minor edits. Be careful, only try to amend it if you are equally knowledgeable about the software and your actions. We recommend to make a copy of it first and work on the fresh copy. In case you don’t get the desired results, your actual picture, the one you aid for remains intact.

How to Get Vectors Online?

When searching for a reliable graphic designer, the internet is your best guide. The popular search engines will present a variety of links to websites that offer such services. You are free to have a look at them and choose the one that appeals to you. To get the best quote and delivery time, always tell about your requirements in detail.

At Absolute Digitizing, we pay attention to every detail given by our customers. It is one of our secrets to success. If you are in a rush, do not forget to mention it. Your order will be put in the high priority list and will be worked upon instantly. You can expect the awesome delivery in your inbox before the time runs out!

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