When you plan an advertising campaign, the challenges pounce on you from every corner. One of them is getting to know the right place for vector embroidery. Normally, business owners have their logo only in the form of a vector file. It becomes a problem when someone or especially the embroiderer asks for a JPG or PNG file.

Vector files are accessed through Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw software and in its absence, it can be a problem. Normally, not everyone has the software because it is not free and costs a considerable amount to purchase. Even most embroidery digitizers, who create embroidery machine files do not possess the software.

Absolute Digitizing is a company offering professional embroidery digitization service. Our main aim is to provide high quality embroidery digitized files to our customers. To achieve the best quality, we only use licensed vector embroidery software. Besides that, our prices are highly competitive and our customers can get left chest digitization for as low as $10.

We have over 20 years of professional experience and today our team comprises of the best digitizers. Over the years we have worked with commercial embroiderers, fashion designers and home embroiderers. The experience gained benefits our customers who receive error free files every time they place an order. If you have a vector file to get converted for embroidery, request a free quote now.

What is Vector Embroidery?

When working digitally, you have to choose between two types of image files. One is vector and the other one is the raster file which is used the most. A raster file usually has the file extension JPG, JPEG, TIFF and more. On the other hand, a vector file is commonly distinguished by the file extension SVG, EPS, AI, PDF and more.

Both vector and raster have their own purposes and they are widely used for graphic purposes. A common example of a raster image file is our camera clicked image file. You will notice the image remains clear and intact until a certain zoom in or out. It has a limit based upon its image quality but eventually it bursts into pixels i.e. small boxes.

However, vector files are not automatically generated images or camera clicks. They are purposedly created by a graphic designer using a special software. They have the ability to remain intact and do not pixelate. Even if zoomed in or out 1000%, the image will never burst into small boxes and will not lose quality.

Business logos are usually created in vector format allowing it the ability to be used for commercial activity. A vector logo can be easily used to print on as minute surface a needle. It can also be used to get a print on a billboard or even a submarine. No matter how big or small it gets scaled to, vector image will always retain its quality.

A vector image is also suitable to be forwarded for the purpose of embroidery digitalization. The digitizer will use the vector image to convert it to his desired image file before converting for embroidery. How to prepare an embroidery digitized file is the decision of the digitizer.

Vector Embroidery

How to Vector Embroidery for The Machines?

An image can be vector or raster, it does not pose any threat to digitizing for embroidery. It can be a challenge for the novice digitizer, but professionals handle them easily. If you are curious about it, you can also give embroidery digitizing a try. We suggest you to use a free embroidery digitizing software first because a licensed version costs a lot.

Seeing a digitizer at work makes it look an easy task. However, the process is lengthy and requires high level of skill. You cannot apply the same techniques on every design because they are all different from one another. Being different from each other introduces the digitizer to different types of challenges.

Skilled professional embroidery digitizers handle vector embroidery based on their knowledge and experience. Besides that, the licensed software also provides appropriate tools to handle the challenges. Some designs with letters can be problematic during the digitization process. That is when digitizers need to use more than one software to bring out the best quality in a file.

Once you become familiar with the use of the software, the next thing to be careful about is the fabric. Fabrics react differently under the needle depending on their thickness and material. Thin fabrics require an underlay during the sew out while thick fabrics can hold the threads on their own. The digitizer has to understand the fabric and manage the push and pull compensation as well.

Novice digitizers have a hard time managing the push and pull compensation. If the settings are incorrect, the entire sew out process will be a huge disaster. The file will not be useful and a new one will be required. It will result in waste of time, money and resources.

Finding the Right Company for Your Embroidery Digitization

Today, almost every company has an online presence and it is a huge benefit for the customer. By searching online for vector embroidery, a list of all the service providers will be revealed. Customers can choose any company that they think will fulfill their requirements. It is worthy to mention here that not all embroidery service providers will cater the vector file.

To avoid trouble, it is best to contact the company before placing an order. It can be done by sending them an email or using the live chat option if they have one. Absolute Digitizing has both email and live chat facility so customers can quickly contact them. You can inquire about the services provided along with the delivery time and prices. Customers can also ask for previous work to determine the quality provided. It is essential to know the quality a company provides and if it suits your requirements. In case a company does not meet your expectations, you can simply connect with another. There is no harm in being picky about the services as it is better than to be disappointed about it later. We are professionals in providing embroidery files from vector images. Contact us now and lets begin on making your desired file right away.