No matter what either you are running a business or an individual, you need vector art converter when you are going to rescale any design. It is a common practice that when you want to get a picture on a mug, t-shirt, or on the glass, you need to avail the vector conversion services. Same is the case with businesses, they will require the services when they are trying to place their logo or a specific design on any product for marketing. Irrespective of the condition, the image you generally see are raster images. For your information, the image you download from the internet, scan images, and others you get online all are raster by default. The raster file is having limited scalability due to which they can’t be used for printing in variable sizes.

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Talking specifically regarding the embroidery digitizing, companies receive query related to vector conversion. But most of the people are not having proper knowledge about them. Majority of the customers are not able to recognize the difference between raster and vector file by looking at the extension. For your information, the bitmap image (raster) extension is JPG, TIFF, PNG or BMP in most of the cases. In the case of a vector file, the extension is SVG, EPS, AI, and CDR mostly. Keep one thing clear in your mind that vector artwork files are not ordinary file, you need specific software like Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw to open them. However, you can easily view the raster images in your computer without using any additional software.

What is Vector Artwork Converter?

A large percentage of people are not having vector software installed on their computer. Such software is designed for commercial purposes and handling them is not an easy task. Keep one thing clear that graphic designers use them for creating or tracing stunning artwork for the clients. In addition to this, if you are not a graphic designer, then you might not have heard about the software as mentioned above to get vector artwork. The vector is needed for special purposes like advertising and printing. The process behind the conversion of raster to vector is a pure skill that a person has to learn.

Raster Images Conversion to Vectors

For starting the vector artwork converter procedure, you need to open the raster artwork in software like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. After opening it, once you will zoom it, you will see that the edges of the picture will become jagged. Due to this, you have to convert raster to vector. The jagged edges will not allow you to use the image without editing it.

Moving on, the majority of the people after reading the term “conversion” assume that it is a simple method of just saving the picture in a new format. The process of conversion is actually the tracing of the original image using specific tools within the software to get an entirely new version. As you will use the vector image, you will notice that the edges will remain smooth and curved no matter how much you zoom in or zoom out. There will be no pixelation issue and you will get a perfect vector for your use. In addition to this, with conversion, you can also adjust the faded colors in your image.

No Sticky Background in Vectors

Other than extremely accurate and highly scalable, you can easily drag vectors from one picture to another. A jpg image will be having a white or color background. But as it is a flat image so it is stuck to its background. No matter what, how much you try to avoid, there is no way of detaching it without any set of special tools. But remember vector files are not like that. They are having an independent background unless you add it on purpose. As vector is not having a background, so you can add them to any product you want either it is a cap, shirts, or billboard. You don’t have to worry about the annoying background.

Is This a Drag and Drop Process?

It is one of the frequently asked questions, can you convert a design into vector artwork by simply dragging it in the software? Well, the answer is no. The conversion process is not an automatic process as mentioned above as well. The designer has to manually trace the given image. According to his skills and complexity of the design, he will use the automation tools in the software. To make an image ready for use depending on your need, the expert has to tweak it manually.

Planning to learn Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw? Before you learn it, remember that vector conversion requires a proper skill. You can’t learn the things in one night. You have to spend a good amount of time and lot of practice to learn things. Furthermore, you don’t have to convert the image into a vector again and again. After converting it one time, you can use it for lifetime. If you are not having enough knowledge, then it is better to outsource the work to a professional vector art services provider like Absolute Digitizing.

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