Machine embroidery has revolutionized the world allowing the task to be completed in minutes that would otherwise require days. The machines of today are fast, efficient and able to embroider any design you want on any fabric of choice. But, to achieve perfection, embroiderers are required to possess a high quality digitized file prepared by the USA digitizing experts.

Embroidery machines differ in functionality from the regular sewing machines and every other household machine. Modern embroidery machines are equipped with a software that allows embroiderers to control its functions. But it does not allow them to completely program the embroidery procedure, thus, limiting their control over the design. To gain control over the design and the machine’s movements, a file is programmed externally.

The externally programmed file is known as a machine embroidery file which is digitally created within a special software. It is known as an embroidery digitizing software and is available to purchase from various developers serving different purposes. The person who uses and programs these files professionally is known as an embroidery digitizer. He sometimes finishes the design within a single software or may use multiple software to achieve perfection.

Every design is unique; therefore, the digitizer must possess multiple skills to handle the diverse challenges every day. Most professionals have spent years practicing and honing their skills. After spending a long time on self improvement, they are now able to create files that meet client expectations. The ability to match machine functionality and customer requirements is rare and only a few are able to do it.

Therefore, being a customer, it is mandatory that you verify the ability of your digitizer before outsourcing the task. Novice digitizers can create problems resulting in a waste of time, money and resources.

Everything You Need to Know About USA Digitizing

It has become the norm for customers to search for the cheapest service provider. This is why a lot of customers hire embroidery digitizers in China or India. Outsourcing your digitizing tasks to the under developed countries does not ensure that you are getting a huge discount. They are charging their customers the same price as USA digitizing because it is already cheap.

Our prices are highly competitive and you get a left chest logo digitized file for as low as $10 only. We are a professional embroidery digitizing agency in the USA with experience of more than 20 years. Working with us ensures you get the best quality at a price that easily fits in your budget. Certainly, working with an agency in the USA is far better than with an individual, miles away in another country.

You may wonder why we emphasize on working within the USA than outsource to some offshore digitizer. There are a number of reasons you must consider when choosing your service provider irrespective of the location.

1.       Working with an agency does not jeopardize your project. They have a team of experts rather than just one person. Even if someone calls in sick or fails to show up at the office, another person will take charge. Every file gets delivered to their respective owners without fail.

2.       Just like every online service, embroidery digitizing from an agency is considered to be expensive. We understand the fact that no one is willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a single. Unlike the other industries, our prices are extremely competitive. Get your digitalized file for as low as $10. Do not worry about the quality, we are as touchy about it as you.

USA Digitizing

Is It Necessary to Outsource Embroidery Digitizing?

This is a common question asked by almost everyone who is new to the world of embroidery through machines. At first, a majority of people are reluctant to hire professionals because they are unaware of the affordability. Without a doubt, online services cost a fortune and the quote they get makes them uneasy.

Spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on something that does not exist physically makes you question your choice. Thinking the same for embroidery digitizing, people plan to learn to digitize logo and save money. Little do they know that it does not turn out the way they think.

Digitizing for embroidery requires the digitizer to have the latest hardware and up to date software. One drawback pertaining the software is, it can only run on a modern PC. There are no apps that can digitize for embroidery and if you see an app that claims to do it. Do not bother wasting your time on it because it will turn out be misleading.

So, if your PC is not the latest, you will have to upgrade it or buy a new one. In both the cases you will end up spending hundreds of dollars. The next thing you need to invest in is the software. Purchase a licensed version which in fact is equally expensive. The free versions are not worth it because they are either time limited or have locked functions. Without total control you cannot digitize.

After spending a small fortune on the necessary purchases, you need to invest your time to learn to digitize. If you thought that after all that investment the software will start preparing files on its own, you are mistaken. There is no such thing as USA digitizing on auto pilot. It is totally a manual process.

The Right Way To Get USA Digitizing

The art of digitalizing files for the embroidery machines is not something you learn in school. Unfortunately, there are no proper institutes where you can learn everything in detail. Digitizers are professionals who are self taught and have spent years practicing and experimenting on their own. If you are keen to learn digitizing, consider reading our previous blogs where we covered the process in detail.

Digitizing is a sophisticated task and requires the highest level of skills. Every digitizer must ensure that they do not make even a single mistake. It is their job to adjust machine settings during the file preparation accordingly. Even the first step is about adjusting the push and pull compensation.

Hence, a USA digitizing expert not only knows how to operate the software but has vast knowledge about the fabrics. Furthermore, they must also understand the mechanism of the machines and how they handle the different types of fabrics. In a nutshell, digitizing is not easy as it seems. You can easily get demotivated and end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Let the experts handle the task while you focus on your specialty. Let’s start our professional bond today when you request a free quote. We are sure you will be amazed by the price because our charges are highly competitive. We are sure we will fit in your budget easily.