The process of digitizing for embroidery requires knowledge and skills to achieve desired results. Modern digitizing software is sophisticated, detailed and very easy to use but, it still contains the digital landmines even experts can trip over. Digitizing even the simplest art can have a variety of possibilities. To achieve the best results every function needs to be properly assigned. Even some of the best USA digitizers have made mistakes only because of a decimal wrongly placed. In the haste to get a design out of the computer and into the embroidery machine, a slight misstep can cause chaos in production. It is understandable that the designs are always needed in a jiffy, but quality work requires proper attention to details.

Various software packages follow different paths to reach the same endpoint. In some cases, an option that’s upsetting in one software might be ‘OK’ with another. I am well versed with a variety of embroidery digitizing software such as the Melco Design Shop, Embird, Wilcom and Pulse Digitizing. I understand the fact that they all are fantastic, but each has a slight variation in settings. Novice digitizers do not have enough experience to understand it, and they make mistakes while applying new settings. As a result, the entire design is flawed, and when you ask for rectification, it can’t be done because they are clueless about their mistakes. Trying to make rectifications does not yield satisfactory results. Some experts have also made such mistakes when trying a new software. Looking at the very similar cockpit, it seems harmless to try the same old tricks, but its not.

Digitizing errors come in five primary categories. Let’s have a look at them.


Every software has a settings panel where one can make changes to design elements such as the underlay settings to top stitch density and everything in between. Applying even a minor change to these settings can have a huge impact on design quality. Getting each setting accurate is the most important thing.

Tweaking with some settings for self learning is good, but it should not be experimented on any client’s work unless you are completely aware of the after effects. Expert digitizers are already aware of the importance of delivering high quality work to their clients. Professional projects are not handed over to trainees until the company finds them capable of handling the job.

Using Tools the Wrong Way

To understand this point more specifically, let’s consider the underlay settings. Commercial grade embroidery digitizing software comes with a built in setting that allows to ‘auto apply’ underlay stitches. The underlay comes in various types where each of them has their own subset of settings.

As in the case of top density settings, one can input custom values for a common walk stitch underlay. Setting the stitch count is similar to adjusting the density. The only difference here is, the smaller the number, the closer will be the needle points. In the case of density it is opposite. When you reduce numbers in density, the needle points are pushed further away. Thus, stitch counts are reduced.

Getting the underlay stitch points too close can cause the thread to constantly break during production. It can also make the fabric clustered causing the needle to penetrate with force. The extra force required to penetrate can also break the needle too much.

USA DigitizingThese types of mistakes are costly for the embroiderer. Such errors are commonly found in the work of novices. It is a reason why the search for USA Digitizers with greater experience is common among embroiderers seeking quality work. Sometimes when the deadline is quickly approaching, there is no time for a test run. So, it is important for the beginners to perfect their skills before committing for anything professional.

Wrongly Placed Stitches

To perform proper embroidery digitizing, one needs to be an expert. A minor mistake in the placement of stitches can ruin a design. If you’ve taken a wrong start, note that the entire process will proceed in the wrong way until the end. Not only will it cause the embroiderer a run for his money, but the digitizer can lose his reputation too.

It must be noted that embroidery digitising is a real profession and not some shortcut to make easy money at the expense of others. To avoid any bad experiences, embroiderers are also urged to be careful when choosing a locally based USA digitizer. It is always preferred to work with proper digitizing agencies rather than individuals.

It may cost a bit more when working with an agency but quality can be assured. You can’t do much about an individual who has caused you great loss, but with a company, the process is reliable. Companies don’t indulge in cheap activities hence the chances of getting bad quality are minimized.

We’ve already discussed the pros and cons of working with individuals over companies in our blog Embroidery Digitising Professionals

Auto Tools Abuse

Auto tools are wonderful, they save a ton of time for digitizers but when used unnecessarily, the design is ruined. Software cannot judge the intricacies of a design perfectly. It can mix up the dimensions, and when used without care, the output is undesirable. To use it or not, depends on the judgment of the digitizer who’s working on the design and decides what will work best.

Auto Digitizing USA Digitizers

If you look at the above design, the cat on the left is the work of automatic digitizing while the one on the right is the work of a human. You can notice the difference in quality and decide if working autopilot is really worth it. Some novice local USA digitizers who do not have perfect skills use auto tools a lot. It is certainly not a good practice to go full auto.

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