Mother’s Day is approaching and all of us are looking for a gift which is unique yet meaningful. If you are in search of a gift which is not run of the mill marketing gimmick, then custom embroidery and custom printing on apparel or relic goods is the right choice. These gift items could be useful, unique and personalized at the same time.

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Instead of going for popular gift vouchers, cards and hampers, these gifts will have a touch of your personal story and association with them. You can turn your cherished memory, a holiday shot, an exciting moment that you shared with your mom which has been etched on your memory or simply your mother’s favorite character, into a gift.

This personalized gift will express how much you love and care for her. It will also make her feel special in a most cool way that you know her choice and you celebrate the memories you share with her.

Now, let’s see how you can do it in a simple way and that too in no time. Let’s start with custom embroidery. For this elegant idea as a Mother’s Day gift, you will need the services of custom embroidery digitizing company and an embroiderer. It is an economical way of creating your personalized gift item.

You can find some remarkable ideas on your customized embroidered gifts to commemorate a Mother’s Day as follows:

Customized embroidered T-shirt:

Mother’s day gift doesn’t have to be a predictable item like jewelry piece but you can use your creativity and turn your imagination into a special gift. There is nothing like creating a statement T-shirt for your mom.

It could be the coolest gift ever. You can get custom embroidery digitizing of any of her favorite character, be it Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie or Dr. Gregory House, of a popular American television series “House” or someone else. It will genuinely portray your affectionate feeling and let her know how much you still know about her.

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absolute digitizingYou can get these embroidery designs done on a T-shirt of color of her choice. The options are not limited to a celebrity artwork but rather more diverse. The custom embroidery digitizing can be done for a picture of her partner or her favorite child. You could also flatter her by choosing a picture of hers which you love and get it embroidered. Her Pet’s picture embroidered on a T-Shirt will make an amazing gift item. However, digitizing a photo especially of animals is a very intricate job and requires a lot of expertise. This should only be done by a custom embroidery digitizing firm who specializes in punching real animal photos.

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You may download an image or design related to Mother’s Day theme. Many of these popular images can be found on royalty free designs websites. Then, all you have to do is just pay for the custom embroidery digitizing and its sewing.

Another cheaper option is to buy an already digitized design from some renowned Embroidery Designs Store. Some online stores even offer Free Embroidery Designs to download which will be your best bet in this scenario as you would be only paying for the embroidery services on that.
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Custom Embroidery for Hand bags, cushion covers, bed covers, blouse and tops:

If you want to go for safer and mellowed down options according to the choice of your mother, then custom embroidered pillow and cushion covers is a nice option. There are many options to choose from; like name initials, motifs, motivational or funny quotes.

Custom embroidery digitizing can be done for anything you fancy. If your mom is into home-decor then this is the perfect gift to give a new and personalized look to the home or work space.
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Another interesting choice is to get customized embroidery for hand bags. A designer bag shows the money you spent for her but a personalized embroidered bag carries all the love and warmth. It would definitely be her most prized possession which she can boast about in her Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts and also among her friends. It would be her ultimate statement bag.absolute digitizing
Similarly, this customization can be created for a blouse, a top or a skirt.

Custom printing on other goods:

If your mom is not fond of embroidery then you can go for custom printing. Designs and images like the ones mentioned above can be converted in Custom Vector Art which can be used for screen printing, digital printing or direct to garment printing for apparel.

All you need here is to contact a vector art conversion service provider who can convert an image into vector form which is then used for printing purposes. Most of the printing shops will handle both the vector conversion as well as custom printing jobs. These customized designs could adorn garments, mugs, scarves, key chains, Pens, mobile phone covers and literally anything.

The printed image could be a photo sketch of your childhood, your parents’ youth or their grandchildren. It would bring their favorite image into their living rooms, bedrooms, office or anywhere they want. This gift could show them your love and dedication for your parents.

The best part of these customized gifts is the stories behind them and the smile it would bring on your mom’s face which no other commercial gift can bring on this Mother’s Day.