Artistically crafted machine embroidery designs enthrall us all. Don’t they?

But while going in awe for these designs, we seldom think about what goes behind creating this piece of art? What are the techniques used? And even seldom, we take out a moment out to appreciate the excellence of minds and hands that went above and beyond to create the very marvel.

One such important mention that we would like to make today is a British embroidery designer, Alice Archer.  Not only she is creating impeccable designs, but the way she has taken them to ramps also deserve a profound applaud.

alice archer is a high-end machine embroidery designer

Taking a glance at Alice’s life and work speaks volumes about her passion for embroidery. And that goes on to include all sorts of it. Hand embroidery, digital machine embroidery, Irish embroidered influences; you name it and she has done it.

The British embroidery designer recently presented her work at London Fashion Week which was lauded warmly by the audiences. Prior to this, she has displayed her work at various prestigious high-end fashion shows all across the globe.

The discerning factor which distinguishes her from other designers, and the reason she is being featured on our blog, is the intricacy and understanding of art that she takes to the ramps. This is the reason that despite being on the expensive list, her attires have resonated with the audience. She has been worn and endorsed by the likes of Pippa Midelton and Sean Combs. Other celebrity mentions who have worn Alice in the past include P Diddy, Suzy Menkes, Mrs B, Susie Lau and Pandora Syke.

It seems that natural talent is not the only thing that explains the excellence that peeks through her machine embroidery designs. In fact, there are years of grinding, gradually mastering the craft, and eventually creating the magic that we witness today. The 32-year-old has been surrounded by embroidery all through her life. In one way, or another, she has been involved with embroidered designs.

But before we see what went into curating the art that she now creates and the techniques she now employs, let us unroll few of her enthralling machine embroidery designs which were done on the basis of embroidery digitizing.

alice archer design at london fashion week

alice archer embroidered design

floral embroidered patterns by alice archer

 Upbringing And Inspirations:

Alice grew up at Christian conference center which was run by her father in Surrey countryside. She was introduced to embroidery at a very early age. While completing her studies at Goldsmiths, Royal College of Art and the University of London, she worked at the artist Tracey Emin. Alice worked there for eight years. There she first professionally learned to design and master different techniques of hand and machine embroidery. She is also well versed in the field of embroidery digitizing and embroidery punching.

Later, she assisted the fashion designer Dries Van Noten with his designs. It was not until 2014, that Alice decided to go independent. She launched her own label and since then, there is no looking back for her.

Work And Techniques:

alice archer embroidered pieces at london fashion week

Alice creates most of her work in a basement studio where she is mostly aided by a full-time assistant. She is known for her intricacy with hand and machine embroidery designs. Her work exhibits inspirations from hand, machine, and Irish embroidery patterns.

The intense embellishments make her work suitable for evening wear. This also explains higher prices for her pieces. Though, designed in her basement the dresses are prepared in Italy, where high-quality materials are used to render a fascinating finish.

alice archer

Alice herself uses a logo digitizing software to digitize her designs. The intricacy involved is immense, and placing every stitch manually takes a fair bit of time. She herself admits that her single design can typically take a week. With

The dazzling nature of her designs comes from combining multiple influences in an intricate manner, and still inducing elusiveness and grandeur. It’s rare and really difficult terrain for any designer to maneuver. As far as Alice is considered, she seems to have adapted to crests and troughs. This is what she has been doing. This is what she loves, does and will hopefully, continue to captivate us.

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