The fact that the art of embroidery is older than 30,000 BC was shared with you recently. Countless millennia later, it has evolved into a vibrant modern day trend within the global avenue of contemporary fashion. Only a few seasons ago, wearing embroidered patches would have been totally weird. As we all know fashion trends are unpredictable, it’s not only okay, but embroidered patchesf are now trendy. Following the trail, from high-end stores and getting celebrity endorsed, embroidered patches have now made their way to an average Joe.

As we often say, embroidery can be done on almost any wearing accessory. Shoes, bags, bumpers, you name it and someone has already tried their hands on it. How can swimwear be spared then? Yes, you guessed it, it’s already there. But today we are specifically looking at embroidered swimsuit cover-ups.  Is the beach calling your name? We are not surprised, it is the middle of summer! There is nothing quite like a bright embroidered swimsuit cover-up on a warm summer day.


Why Are Embroidered Swimsuit Cover-ups Awesome?

Embroidered swimsuit cover-ups not only look great, they are adept with a multitude of effective and useful purposes. Want to know how? Read on!

Sun-kissed, not Sunburnt, please!

embroidered swimsuit coverups

Now, we love the sun-kissed skin but let’s not give this term a whole new meaning. As a garment, it is meant to veil the adorned from the sun and decrease any exposure from detrimental UV rays. You may find yourself with an unwelcoming wrinkle or two. Not just that, baring your skin to the sun for too long can cause early aging, age spots and cause skin cancer. Hence, protecting yourself from the sun is essential. And what better way to do that than with a fashionable embroidered cover-up? Have the fun by being stylish and responsible at the same time!

Warm Up Your Body:

Embroidered swimsuit cover-ups

Sure, we all do a few jumping jacks, high knees or squats to increase our heart rate and “warm up” before an exercise session. However, here we are referring to what happens after swimming! Embroidered cover ups are a great way to let the sea and pool lovers increase their body temperature when they come out after a swim.

Shopping Time:

Everyone will not have the time to rush home or back to their hotel after a relaxing day out by the sea (especially if on vacation) and change from a swimsuit to mall-friendly apparel. We have a solution! You guessed it-embroidered swimsuit cover-ups! They can serve as casual attire whilst you go shopping, or are enjoying a drink after a day out at the sea or eating at a restaurant. Transform your embroidered swimsuit into a delightful outfit. Add a chunky necklace or two and you are ready for your beach trip. You can pack light for your day out as there is no need for a change of clothes.

On Again? Off Again:

embroidered coverups

Embroidered swimsuit cover-ups are designed to be of ease and convenience for the wearer. Their unique selling proposition is that they are easy to slip on or off. They may be elasticized or have tying ribbons to facilitate a quick, easy removal. If you are in love with zippers, then it may be hard to come by a swimsuit cover-up! After all, they tend to rust if exposed to water on a regular basis. Materials such as jersey knit are common for creating such garments due to their natural flexibility. When selecting a swimsuit coverup, ensure that it can be washed in a machine so as to save you the hassle of doing it by hand.

Types of Embroidered Swimsuit Cover Ups

Sarong Swimsuit Cover-up:

embroidered sarong coverup

One fabric, multiple styles! What if we tell you that you can own one large piece of cloth and it can become whatever you want it to be? Be it a dress, a long skirt, a short or long strapless dress, halter dress or a one shoulder piece, the sarong is our dream embroidered cover up! Test the depths of your imagination on how to use it best! It can even serve as a substitute for your beach towel and be placed on top of the sand at your favorite local or private beach. Its possibilities are truly endless!

Cardigan Style Cover ups

Cardigan Style Cover ups

Endowed with an open front, these beach cover-ups can be long or short in length. Depends on your preference after all! They are made from lighter material than conventional cardigan sweaters and wrap your body in comfort. The sleeves can be of any style (short or long) and this cover up is great for a stroll around the beach.What is our recommendation? Get a neutral color to match all your swimsuits!

Tunic Beach Cover Ups

Tunic Beach Cover Ups

Have a color comfortable T-shirt that you refuse to let go off? Tunic beach cover ups will win your affection in a similar way. Almost like a large T-shirt, this loose fitting cloth usually comes with short sleeves. There is a rich embroidered collection of such cover ups available in sundry designs, patterns, and shades. Take your pick! Note that it may have a deep neck that may reveal the top of your swimsuit.

Tips for Selecting Embroidered Swimsuit Cover Ups

Material: The saying goes that beauty is the pain. We say beauty is comfort! When selecting an embroidered swimsuit cover up, pay close attention to the fabric that is appealing to your eye. Is the neckline matching your taste? Long sleeves tickle your senses or short ones? Is the cover up fabric endurable? There are a lot of factors to take into account when considering the material so make sure you select the one that matches your taste.

Choice of Style: If you like to go out to eat at a restaurant after a swim or watch a movie, then maybe an embroidered cover up that conceals your bathing suit, is the one for you. If you like to get some sun, then go with a sarong or tunic one where you can maximize tanning exposure whilst stay protected.

Match your Swimwear: Hey, we do believe in mixing and contrasting patterns, however, don’t recommend a crude clash. Review the swimwear you have at home and try to match or contrast tasteful shades in your cover up choice. As stated above, neutral shades are our favorite as they go with everything.

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