Advertising is the key to business growth. There’s no better way to advertise than to use your logo and increase your brand’s awareness. “A picture speaks a thousand words” and your business’ picture is your ‘logo’. You probably have noticed that brands such as D&G, McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, Samsung, etc. never miss a chance to place their logo on their products and their staff uniforms. You need to do the same and starting with your staff uniform is not a bad idea. To begin with, you’ll need an embroiderer and a digitizer who can provide quick digitizing.

Your embroiderer can also arrange a digitizer but if you are curious about it, the process actually begins with digitizing. Why don’t embroiderers just take a design and begin work on it? Actually standard PCs used by us are different than the computers used in embroidery machines. They have a language of their own and accept files in their specific language formats.

The logo file you have is in standard PC format such as JPG, PNG, JPEG, etc. Embroidery machines do not recognize this format, they have formats of their own i.e. DST, EXP, PES, and so on. To get the embroidery machines working, it is important to have standard PC files converted or digitized to embroidery machine files. Hence, the logo must be sent to a digitizer before commencing the embroidery process. He will then convert the standard logo file into a format which will be readable by the embroidery machine.

Digitizing Can Last for a Lifetime

The process of digitizing for embroidery can be best termed as manually tracing the entire design. Yes, that’s correct it is manual labor that requires the use of software with specific tools. Many digitizers use a variety of software for digitizing. It is only a matter of personal choice and familiarity with the software as almost every professional digitizing software offers the same perks and functions.

If you are keen to learn how it is done, you should read our blog How to Digitize For Embroidery. It is all about practice and understanding the basics. Normally, those who are related to the embroidery business, or have a plethora of designs to digitize, learn it. If you are not related to the digitizing industry but need quick digitizing done only once, you probably won’t have the urge to learn it.

Quick Digitizing

When you decide to teach yourself a skill, you will need to invest time and stay focused on it. Embroidery digitizing also requires learning and lots of practice. You can’t get skillful enough to digitize your logo overnight. But, you can get high quality quick digitizing services within a few hours at an affordable price.

You don’t need to digitize the same design every time you need embroidery done. The digitized file can be saved for a lifetime. Whenever you need embroidery done again, give your embroiderer the digitized file and get the same excellent result, even a decade later.

Choose Your Digitizer with Care – Never Compromise Quality

The art of transforming any artwork or a logo into a digital stitch format with the help of a software, is known as embroidery digitising.

An embroidery machine can only read a special type of file, i.e. the file created after transforming with the help of digitizing software. Since both files (provided by the customer and converted by a digitizer), are digital files, you don’t need to carry them physically.

The internet is bliss, you just need to email your logo’s image to begin the work. Since it is a service that you are purchasing, every embroidery digitizing service will have its own prices. When you start searching online, you’ll encounter experts as well as novices. It is an understood fact, those with many years of experience and expertise can charge a bit more. But, they can provide you with the best results.

Logo Digitizing Embroidery

This is where you, as a customer, need to be careful when selecting a digitizer. Many inexperienced individuals claiming to be experts will agree to provide quick digitizing at very cheap rates. Always do your research before agreeing to someone because he/she seems unbelievably cheap. Such people won’t be striving to offer you quality, but they will only apply unreliable shortcuts to earn their meager amounts. Avoid such people at all costs.

Truth be told, when you talk to a few professional digitizers, you will notice there isn’t a huge difference in charges. It is because professionals are aware of the work they have to deliver and the intricacies involved. Embroidery machines can only follow the path provided to them through the digitized files. Do not compromise on quality because the outcome can be troublesome. The quality of the output depends on the quality of the digitized files.

Get Quick Digitizing From the Best Team of USA

Absolute Digitizing houses a team of professional digitizers with almost 2 decades of experience. We have worked over hundreds of thousands of projects and have delivered custom embroidery digitising with amazing quality. We understand how to digitize for embroidery with perfection within the shortest time. Our work is commended by the embroiderers and customers alike because of our dedication and commitment to quality.

Working in a highly competitive industry, we understand our limitations. Thus, we never overcharge nor do we change our commitments. We stick to deadlines strictly and our skilled digitizers are completely capable to handle your project with professionalism. We can digitize your logo or any design of your choice for left chest, jacket back, and caps for only $1 / 1000 stitches. Left Chest and cap logos are done at $10 per design. Get a quote here.

If you are in need of quick digitizing do let us know when placing your order and we will deliver it in the shortest possible time. Our working style ensures you get enhanced details, no thread breakage, sharp and clear images without any material wastage. Working successfully in the industry since 1999, we have earned our position through hard work and the ability to meet deadlines.

We also convert image to vectors and our prices are unbelievably low. We are a team of multifaceted professionals comprising of embroidery digitizers, designers, IT experts and artists. The quality we set up in our work speaks for itself and it is the only reason we have been able to keep our heads high with pride. We look forward to serving you and prove why we are the best in the industry.