Fashion and embroidery go hand in hand. When decorating a dress not only for the looks and elegance but also to make it unique, embroidery does the magic. Today, embroidery digitizing makes the task simple and efficient. In the past, embroiderers relied on quality punch digitizing for machine embroidery. It was the first step towards modernism but the results were not that great.

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The word punch in digitizing comes from the use of punch tapes to digitize. Earlier, when embroidery machines were not equipped with a computer, punch tapes were used. A punch tape is a long strip of paper used to store and transfer data. Data gets stored by punching holes in rows and columns according to the binary system. Machines equipped with punch hole readers are able to read information from the punch tapes and work accordingly.

Machines have made it easy for embroiderers to embroider on large scale. It not only helped reduce cost but also cater massive orders enabling brands to grow and expand. Hand embroidery has always been expensive, slow and unreliable. It relies on the skill of the hand embroiderer and it was getting difficult to find experts. The need to convert to machines became imminent and like every other industry, it was time to upgrade.

Quality Punch Digitizing vs Modern Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is not a new concept but was introduced as early as 1964. At first computers were not affordable and machine embroidery was done using punch tapes. They were the first digitized embroidery files enabling commercial embroidery machines to create patterns automatically. Embroiderers provided embroidery on large scale in a short time but was still out of reach of small and medium businesses.

Creating a punch tape is time consuming and unreliable. One small error means to throw away the entire tape and start over a new one. Paper tapes were not commonly available and too expensive to be wasted. Thus, an error escalated the cost of quality punch digitizing. Overall, the cost of getting commercial embroidery was out of reach of small and medium businesses.

Today, modern embroidery digitizing is affordable, reliable and needs a lot less time to complete. Professionals who digitize for embroidery machines are known as embroidery digitizers. Thanks to modern technology, getting a digitized file is easy and affordable. This is the reason embroidery digitizing not only serves the fashion industry, but also plays a significant role in advertising industry.

Now computers and embroidery machines are compact and affordable. Today, professional embroidery digitizers not only create files for the textile industries but also for small businesses and home embroiderers. Small businesses can get their logo digitized and embroidered on their staff uniform or giveaways at a very competitive price. Embroidery digitizing is within easy reach for an individual or a business at a cost that is affordable.

Quality Punch Digitizing

How is Quality Punch Digitizing Done Today?

Even though most of us can afford a computer and an embroidery digitizing software at home, it does not mean everyone can do quality punch digitizing. It looks easy but on the contrary, it is a sophisticated process that requires a lot of knowledge and skill. Learning to digitize needs a lot of patience as it is time challenging, consuming and laborious. But still, it does not hurt to have knowledge about the process even if you are not doing it yourself.

To digitize a logo or a design you need an embroidery digitizing software. There are many different types available varying in functionality and price. It is your choice to choose which ever suits your requirements. After the software is purchased and installed, the digitizing process can begin. Any design needed to digitize is imported in the software. The first thing a digitizer does is remove all unwanted elements from the design imported.

Next comes the setting for the underlay or any stabilizer used for embroidery. There are a lot of intricacies when adjusting the setting. The push and pull compensation need to be perfect so that the fabric is not damaged during the sew out. Now after the initial settings are applied, comes the task of mapping the needle points. The best way to digitize is to start from the outside and move towards the inside of the design.

The embroidery machine follows the same path devised by the digitizer. It is important for the digitizer to do everything in the correct order from start to finish. Digitizing the borders first provides stability to the design and fabric. Once the outline is set, the inside of the design will prove little or no resistance during the sew out.

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Commercial or noncommercial, embroidery machines are equipped with a software allowing it to read the digitized file. Whenever a new design is required, a digitized file is loaded into the machine. Not every machine owner is a digitizer but getting a suitable file is not a problem now. There are many digitizing companies worldwide offering the services.

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